Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Happy Birthday, Tracy!

Let's go save Jason!
In this episode Patrick says his final goodbye to Robin, Silas finds Nina's room empty and Sonny takes a shot at AJ!

Here's What Happened - 

Dr. Obrecht storms into Anna's office to discuss what happened with Faison. Dr. O shows her the WSB file on Faison that she got from Victor. Anna wonders who gave that file to her, but Obrecht won't say. Then she demands to know what Anna and Robert really did with Faison. Dr. O threatens to snap Anna like a twig if she doesn't tell her what happened. Anna dares Obrecht to give her a reason to defend herself. Then she tells Dr. O that they moved Faison to a private facility. Dr. Obrecht doesn't believe it, tears up and says that Anna killed him. Anna replies, "So what if I did?" Then Anna toys with Dr. O and refuses to give her a final answer. Anna rants about how Faison deserves to die for all that he did to her and Robin. At the end, Dr. Obrecht says she takes comfort that Robin is now lost to Anna forever just like Faison is to her. Then she storms out. After, Anna breaks down and knocks all the stuff off her desk in anger.

Victor arrives at the Drake's to take Robin out of town. Patrick isn't happy to see him and accuses Victor of tricking Robin into aiding the Cassadine's. Victor says it doesn't matter what Patrick thinks, only what Robin does. Robin says that she will go with him, but she needs to talk to Emma first. Robin steps out of the room and Patrick threatens Victor that he will kill him if anything happens to her. Later, Patrick and Robin say their final tearful goodbye and she leaves. After, Patrick has memories of their history together. At the end, Victor takes Robin to the same hospital where Silas's wife is supposed to be.

Silas tries to enter Nina's room, but is stopped by the hospital administrator. Silas won't be denied, so he pushes his way past her and bursts into Nina's room. However, once inside he finds the room empty. Sam walks in and they search the room against the administrator's wishes. Silas asks her if Nina died. The admin replies that he should contact Nina's family for further information. Then she calls the hospital security guards to escort them out. Silas tries to get closure on Nina and asks again if she's dead. The administrator won't answer and threatens to call the police. Sam takes control and decides they should leave to avoid further trouble and they walk out. At the end, Victor introduces Robin to the hospital administrator and shows her "Jason" in a cryogenic chamber. Although we don't get to see his face.

Shawn and Sonny discuss his conversation with Michael about AJ in Sonny's office. Shawn tells him that he saw AJ go to Ava's place and they wonder what for. Sonny decides to go to Ava's apartment to see what's going on. Meanwhile, Michael goes to the Q's and sees that Monica has hung Heather's "Egg Salad" painting on the wall. Monica tells him that Leslie Webber gave it to her. Michael breaks it to Monica that Heather painted it. Monica realizes that Leslie tricked and says, "Well, happy birthday Tracy!" Then Michael tells her about the attempt on AJ's life. Michael assures her that Sonny didn't try to hurt him, but Monica has her doubts. Monica tells Michael it's not his problem, it's between AJ and Sonny. They agree that they don't think AJ really killed Connie, but Sonny won't be able to see it that way.

Ava is ready to shoot AJ at her place and informs him that it's the end of the line. Ava explains that she killed Connie, because she learned that Derek Wells was really Julian. AJ begs Ava to put the gun down. Ava says she's sorry, because she likes AJ, but this about self preservation. She tries to shoot him, but AJ grabs her, they wrestle and he manages to grab a hold of Ava's neck. AJ pins her the wall and screams at her for all the problems she caused him. Unbeknownst to AJ, Sonny walks in and sees him strangling Ava. Sonny flashes to seeing AJ choke Connie last summer and points his gun at AJ. He screams at AJ to take his hands off her. AJ tries to explain, but Sonny fires a shot off despite AJ's plea for him to listen. AJ falls down, presumably dead with a bullet in the chest.

End of show!

Pretty good show today, I thought. Do you think we're headed for a Jason recast? Is AJ really dead?

Have a great night!

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