Tuesday, March 4, 2014

GH March 2014 News, Rumors & Spoilers

According to General Hospital Happenings, here's what coming up this month! 

Some News

Looks Like The Dillon Quartermaine Rumors Are True!
General Hospital has a casting call out for a male, "Caucasian, late twenties. Handsome, sexy, dynamic. Rich, privileged, charming bad boy.” The character is said to be a contract role.

Donna Mills' first air date on GH is March 14th.

Kirsten Storms (Maxie) returns to taping GH the week of March 3rd.

A Few Rumors

Is Rafe taking a turn to the dark side?

Alexis and Julian may soon end up making love.

Nik begins to have some doubts about Britt, but he witnesses a moment that plants him firmly on Britt's side.

Nik and Britt's engagement party will pack a punch...but not quite enough of one...yet.

When Maxie returns, she may not be alone. This character is expected to be a comical.

Carly learns from Patrick the real reason that Robin left town.

Who is the source behind Ric's stream of money?

Julian and Ric discuss Ava's betrayal and make plans.

Julian expresses regrets about hurting Sam (re:Jason?). 

Ric tells Julian they made the right move, that Sam and Danny are better off with Silas than Jason.

Ric learns from Liz about what has been going on in PC, including AJ's trial for Connie's murder and the initials, "AJ" drawn in blood. Ric puts the pieces together and blackmails Ava. 
Ric orders Ava to create a fake paper trail for Sonny and Shawn to trace back to the Jacks family. 

Luke offers his insights into Jerry and Julian's connection. 

Sonny asks Carly for a favor.

A jealous Franco worries over Carly's lingering feelings for her ex-husband, Jasper Jacks.

Victor delivers disturbing news of Faison's disappearance to Dr. Obrecht.

Luke warns Patrick that Victor despises Robert. He advises Patrick to steer his family clear of him and all Cassadines. Victor intercepts Patrick's frantic message to Robert and leaves Patrick with a warning.

Sonny receives a phone call from... Johnny Z.

The Spoilers

Luke's odd behavior continues.

Port Charles residents are shocked over who's been implicated in a recent shooting.

Elizabeth is stunned as A.J. arrives in the emergency room in critical condition.

Ric wants Molly to live with him.

According to SID, AJ's life hanging in the balance will have far-reaching consequences and involves characters beyond AJ and Ava. If AJ lives, the shooter will be furious. Although it is unclear exactly how at this point, Ric is going to factor into the story. Clues will point in the wrong direction which ends up leading to new elements. AJ will know who shot him but may not be in any condition to reveal the info to the police. The outcome will change the lives of major characters in Port Charles in a big way. 

Carlos finds himself torn between loyalties.

Duke is asked to be an alibi, but the lie could cost him Anna.

Morgan is questioned.

Sam talks to Nathan about a possible new suspect.

Finola Hughes and Ian Buchanan in coordinating duds at a fan event in February.

Are you looking forward to this month on GH?


  1. Can't wait for some Jason, Teresa, and Brooklyn scenes together.I love Patrick, Sabrina and Emma together!...Missing Sabrina and Patrick on my screen!

  2. Can't stand Patrick and Sabrina! It's like putting together a high school junior with a graduate student, absolutely nothing in common. Patrick belongs with Robin period. They should have written the scripts so that Robin knew where she was going and could be in contact with Patrick and Emma and on occasions visit with them. It should have been one of Robin's conditions with Victor. This could have all been done off screen thereby giving the illusion that Robin was still around. Robin challenges Patrick she doesn't coddle him like Sabrina does. Patrick needs an equal to challenge him not a mommy to coddle and stroke his ego.


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