Friday, March 14, 2014

Mother In Law From Hell!

Donna Mills debuted today!
Donna looks fabulous! Read here ---> Meet Madeline

Friday's Recap - 

Donna Mills struts into Silas's office at GH and says, "Hello Silas!" They exchange snarky banter and it becomes apparent that she's Nina's mother, Madeline. Silas refers to her as the,"Mother in law from hell!" Madeline wants Silas to sign a release on Nina's money. Silas says he won't unless she tells him where Nina is. Madeline refuses, so he tosses the papers in her face. She confidently says that he'll sign sooner or later and walks out. 

Sonny tells Shawn at Kelly's that he feels guilty for lying to Michael. He shares that seeing Michael in pain was very difficult. Sonny starts thinking about AJ's last words, which were that he didn't kill Connie. Shawn says AJ probably just said anything to save himself and he's certain AJ's guilty. Shawn and Sonny say their appreciative of each other's friendship and hug. At the end, an unknown woman arrives at Kelly's who knows Shawn. 

Patrick tells Monica and Michael that he'll discuss AJ's case in the privacy of his office at GH. Once their all alone, Patrick explains that AJ's options are limited. Patrick says there is a risky surgery he could try. Monica tells Michael that it's up to him to decide, because AJ made him his medical proxy. Later Patrick is alone in his office and he looks angrily at a picture of Robin.

Nearby Tracy briefly excuses herself, which leaves Luke and Kiki alone at the Nurse's station. Luke insists that Kiki join him for coffee and grabs her arm. Morgan sees it and comes to her rescue. Morgan takes Kiki aside and she tells him that Luke hit on her and grabbed her ass. Morgan says that he'll deal with Luke for her, so he goes up to Luke and tells him to back off. Luke calls Morgan a punk and asks what he's going to do about it. 

Tracy finds Kevin at the hospital and thanks him for helping ease her concerns about Luke. She tells him not to bother looking into what happened at Miscavige. Kevin says that he did already. Kevin says Scott told him that at one point Luke was dragged out of their cell and he heard the guards say, "It's time!" Tracy says she wants to let it go and assumes Luke is fine. Right then Tracy sees Morgan and Luke in a heated conversation and asks what's going on. Morgan decides to take the high road and tells her that he just wanted to congratulate them on their engagement.

Ava slips into AJ's room at the hospital. She spends some time talking about her various misdeeds in an attempt to explain why she needs to kill him. Ava slowly puts on gloves and then squeezes his oxygen tubes. Then somehow AJ instinctively grabs her hand and it sets off the nurse's alarm. Ava sneaks out right before the hospital staff arrive. At the end, the nurse's tell Monica and Michael that AJ's alarm was triggered but he's okay. Michael goes into AJ's room and asks AJ what he should do. 

Sam goes to visit a shirtless Nathan at his apartment. He tells her that he was working on his abs. Sam sarcastically offers to hold his feet and then warns him to back off Silas. She asks why he won't investigate Ava. Nathan says she needs more evidence on Ava. Sam brings up Nina being missing and it's apparent to her that Nathan already knew that. She asks him to tell her where Nina is, but all Nathan can say is that Silas tried to kill Nina. Sam storms out and goes to Silas's office. She tells him that she thinks Nathan has a secret. At the end, Madeline goes to see Nathan. 

End of Show!

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