Monday, March 24, 2014

Course Correction

I'm in charge!
In today's show Dr. Obrecht gets lethal, Luke and Julian almost get caught conspiring and Lulu finally learns the truth about Ben! 

Monday's Recap -

Julian meets "Luke" in the barn at Windermere. Luke makes it clear that Julian works for him. He complains that Julian isn't working hard enough to take Sonny down. Luke also says that he needs controlling interest in ELQ and that's why he proposed to Tracy. Then Luke explains that their plan needs a course correction. Later Tracy walks in and asks what's going on. Luke says he came there to smoke a cigar and Julian crashed his party. Luke also claims he was warning Julian to do right by Lucas. Tracy buys it and Luke tells her to go back to the house to warm up. At the end, we see that Spencer was hiding in the barn and heard everything.

Alexis walks in on Ric talking to Cameron. Ric sees that she's surprised and asks who she expected to see him with. Alexis tells him Julian. Ric assures her that he is only Julian's lawyer. They end up bickering and Ric asks what she thinks if going on. Right then Sonny shows up. Sonny tells Ric that everything he did in the past still lingers and they get into an argument. Ric insists that he wants the bad blood between them to end and he's only Julian's attorney. Later Alexis and Sonny talk alone. Alexis believes Ric is telling the truth, but Sonny isn't so sure. At the end, Tracy finds Sonny alone and calls him a charismatic thug with dimples. She also mentions that she saw Julian with Luke in the stables.

Liz finds Lulu alone in Ben's nursery. She shows her Britt's letter and says she has proof that Britt knew Dante was Ben's father all along. Liz also explains that the letter says Lulu is Ben's mother. Lulu is in denial and says she knows that's not true. Liz insists that Lulu read the letter. After Lulu realizes that Ben really is her son and she's overjoyed. She thanks Liz for telling her and says she going to go get her son.

Dr. Obrecht threatens to cut out Brad's tongue on the parapet. She uses Helena's blade and says that Helena taught her everything she knows. Brad is terrified and promises to keep his mouth shut. Dr. O doesn't back down and threatens to push him off like Katherine Bell. She says that at the time she gave Helena the medicine to save Katherine, that is until she was pushed again and this time to her death. Then Dr. O shoves Brad off! Later Dr. O finds Brad alive in a pile of hay. She says she knew his odds to live were good and that she hopes she made her point.

Dante searches the party looking for Britt. When he finds her with Ben he wants to discuss Lulu. Dante says that Lulu is struggling with being around Ben. Britt is confused, because she saw Lulu with Ben and Tracy in the nursery. Nearby, Tracy tells Lucas that Lulu wasn't looking for him and Dr. Obrecht was probably lying to him. Lucas decides to go back to the parapet to check on Brad. At the end, Lucas finds Brad in the hay with Dr. O standing over him. He asks if everything is okay. Brad decides to lie and claims that he had vertigo and tripped.

At the party, a tipsy Sam and Silas tell Nikolas how great they think the barn is. Nikolas is distracted and says that he was wondering where Elizabeth went. They briefly talk about Liz bringing Ric as her date. Sam says that she wouldn't wish Ric on anyone. Later Nikolas is ready to make his big toast and gathers Britt and Ben. He rounds up the guests and begins his toast to Britt. As he's wrapping up, Lulu storms in and demands that Britt get her hands off her son!

End of show!

Good show today! Luke's voice seemed different to me, how about you? 

P.S. Michael Fairman has a sneak peak of the Nik & Britt fallout this week. See here --- > Aftermath

Have a great night!

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