Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Ben's Mine!

He's Not Your Baby!
In this episode Julian and Alexis give into passion, Liz gets rejected by Nikolas and Britt finally admits the truth about Ben!

Today's Recap - 

Luke finds Tracy and Sonny talking at Windermere. Sonny asks to speak with Luke in private and once alone, Sonny tells Luke he thinks Ric is working with Julian. He also tells Luke he senses that someone is after him for personal reasons. Luke advises Sonny to take Ric out. Sonny says he can't do that until he's sure that Ric is guilty.

Lulu crashes Nik's big toast with the news of Ben being her child. Dr. Obrecht takes Ben out of the room while Dante and Nik try to sort things out. Most of the party goers decide to leave, while Lulu tells Dante that she has proof. Lulu insists that Britt stole their embryos with Brad's help. Lucas looks at Brad with concern. Nik looks to Britt for an explanation. Britt says Lulu is hysterical and clearly lying.

Sam and Silas head to his apartment for some private time and find that his apartment has been trashed. Silas calls the police as Sam investigates with her gun in hand. They find Nathan lurking inside. Sam accuses him of ransacking the place. Nathan says he found the apartment like this and claims he only wants justice for Nina. Silas says he thinks he knows of someone else who would do this.

Julian takes Alexis home to an empty house. He's pleased to have alone time with her, but Alexis decides to come clean about her motive in taking him as her date. She asks if Julian knew Ric before. Julian tells Alexis to go to hell seductively. They get to talking about his Derek Wells ruse and he says he hated lying to her. Julian also asks why Alexis keeps pushing him away while moving in closer to her. Alexis gives in and starts to kiss him, but then pulls back again. Julian says he's tired of playing games and is going to leave. Alexis decides she's ready, nervously runs up to him and they start to take each other's clothes off.

In Ben's nursery, Liz tells Ric that she anticipates negative fallout from Lulu finding out that Ben's her child. Ric speculates that Liz is hoping Nik will come back to her after learning about Britt's lie. Then Dr. Obrecht walks in with Ben and Liz shows her Britt's letter. She says Dr. O and Britt are going down. Liz storms down to the party with Ric following her. Meanwhile, Dr. O talks to Ben in the nursery and says she can fix the situation.

Down in the living room, Liz bursts into the party while holding the letter in her hand gleefully. Britt asks Nik not to read it, but he takes it anyway. Nikolas gets angry with Elizabeth for enjoying this so much, but Liz insists she was trying to do the right thing. Nik's not interested and kicks her out. Ric takes Liz home, while Dante asks Britt for the truth. Britt gets choked up, but finally admits that Ben is Lulu's baby. Dante and Lulu are incredibly relieved to hear her admit it.

At the end, Ric tells Liz at her place that she should let Nik go once and for all. Back at Windermere, Dante rips into Britt for everything she put them through. Lulu tells him that they need to go get their son so they take off to get Ben. Britt freaks out, but Nikolas holds her back. Britt pleads with him to let her go, but Nik says he's not her baby anymore. Meanwhile, Dante and Lulu find Ben's nursery empty.

End of show!

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  1. I was glad that Nik told Elizabeth off. I hate them as a couple and she was acting a little too happy about the whole thing.

  2. I like Liz and Nikolas as a couple. They were ruined when they first started because of Lucky which really was a teenage romance between Liz and Lucky. I think bringing back Jonathan Jackson as Lucky was a mistake he didn't fit the part he still looks like a teenager whereas Liz and Nik look and act like grown ups. I think Nik and Liz share a deep connection stemming from friendship and the loss of Emily. These two people truly care about one another and have always been there for each other. I don't think Nikolas can forgive Britta for her deception. If Britt had come to him at the beginning and told him the truth I think Nik would have forgiven her but she deceived him and everyone else and stole his sister's baby. I think that Tyler Christopher and Emme Rylan were terrific in this episode. They both should be nominated for Emmys. This has been one of GH's best scenes and they were done to perfection by Tyler and Emme.


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