Thursday, March 13, 2014

Bad Egg

I don't know anything!
In this episode Luke is downright gross to Kiki, Carlos lies to Sabrina, plus Ava sneaks into AJ's hospital room!

Today's Show - 

Tracy tries to explain to Luke at GH why she needs to be there for Monica since AJ was shot. She also insists that he apologize to Monica for being so rude to her. Nearby Monica, Kiki and Michael stand vigil in AJ's room. Sabrina is also in the room performing her nursing duties. Michael asks her why Patrick isn't there checking on AJ. Sabrina explains that Robin left town and he's distracted. Sabrina steps out and talks with Luke and Tracy in the hallway. Luke makes a comment to Tracy about Sabrina being hot, but not with the bun in the oven. Tracy mentions the previous attempt on AJ's life at the Q's to Sabrina and she connects it to Carlos.

Later Monica emerges from AJ's room and Luke apologizes to her. Tracy is very pleased with him. Monica is touched, but quickly heads off to find Patrick. Tracy steps away to visit AJ and shortly after, Kiki steps out of AJ's room. Luke approaches her. He makes Kiki uncomfortable and goes in for a hug. Then he touches her butt, which completely freaks Kiki out. Tracy returns and Kiki quickly heads back into AJ's room. At the end, Monica finally finds Patrick to consult on AJ's situation. Everyone converges in AJ's room and Luke luridly stares at Kiki.

Sabrina finds Carlos in one of the exam rooms and asks him directly if he shot AJ. She demands that he tell her the truth. Carlos makes a joke and brushes her off. Sabrina says she can't help him or let him near her baby if he had anything to do with this. Carlos swears on the baby's life that he's innocent. Sabrina agrees to take his stitches out, but doesn't seem convinced.

At Windermere, Nikolas and Britt discuss their engagement party over breakfast. They start to make out when Spencer bursts in and says Ben is missing. Nikolas explains to an exasperated Spencer that the nanny is feeding him. Then Spencer talks about Emma ignoring him and says his heart is broken. Nikolas tells him that Robin left town so Emma is probably sad. Meanwhile, Lulu dreams that she's Ben's mom at her apartment. She wakes up abruptly and Dante asks what's wrong. She tells him everything's okay and they have some morning loving. After she tells Dante that she's going to Windermere to help Nik and Britt plan their engagement party.

Patrick, Emma and Anna have breakfast at Kelly's. Emma says she misses her mom and asks why she hasn't called since leaving. Patrick sports a five o'clock shadow and cops an attitude with Anna when she offers to help him with Emma. Patrick says they need Robin and she's gone. Anna presses him about the real reasons Robin left. Patrick won't give her an answer so Anna leaves for work. After Emma shows Patrick the Faberge egg Spencer gave her from his uncle Victor. Patrick gets angry and demands that she give him the egg, because Victor is a bad man. Emma won't release it so Patrick takes it and smashes it on the floor. Emma starts crying. Patrick realizes what he did and apologizes. He tells her that he made a mistake. At the end, Spencer arrives at Kelly's with his driver and asks Emma to be his date to Nik's engagement party.

Later Lulu arrives at Windermere and shares her dream with Nikolas. Nikolas tells her it's natural for her to wish that she was Ben's mother, especially with Dante being Ben's father. Britt overhears them talking and seems to feel guilty. She walks in and tells Lulu's it's okay if she wants to check on Ben. Then Britt makes an excuse to head off to the hospital and leaves Nik and Lulu to plan the party alone.

Carlos and Ava chat on the phone about AJ. Morgan shows up at Ava's and she quickly gets off the phone. Morgan asks Ava if she shot AJ. Ava swears that she didn't pull the trigger and Morgan accepts her answer. Then Morgan brings up Anna and her determination to get the Jerome's. A short while later, Anna and Dante knock on the door. Ava opens it and they ask if she knows anything about the attempt on AJ's life at the Quartermaine's previously. Ava says she knows nothing and hastily shuts the door. At the end, Anna and Dante go to Kelly's and talk about what to do next. Unbeknownst to them, Carlos is eavesdropping nearby. Over at the hospital, Ava goes into AJ's room when he's all alone.

End of Show!

Good episode today. If AJ really dies, I'm going to be so pissed off! We don't need another wasted veteran return!

Have a great night!


  1. Patrick is very angry at Robin for leaving them for Jason, again!..On Monday's upcoming show, Patrick tells Liz that he loves Robin, but he really hates her now!

    Hoping Patrick will realize that sometimes love is not enough!..And also hope he gets closer with Sabrina when their baby is born!

  2. Really hope they do not reunite Patrick and Sabrina. That pairing was ridiculous. A virtual teenager with a grown man. Patrick belongs with Robin ....the end! Maybe if we are lucky we will find out that Sabrina's baby is really Carlos'.

    Love little Spencer and his intense crush on Emma. Those two are a good pairing for the future. Would love to see Robin's daughter and Nikolas' son together just feels right. Emma definitely does not belong with Cameron. Send him to Josslyn Jax.

    I personally like the little kids on screen occasionally it breaks up all the drama and idiocy of the adults. But they should make little Spencer have more and better manners he is after all Nikolas' son and they should make Cameron a little less wimpy but I guess you can expect that being he is Liz's son so I guess it should stay that way. And definitely we need more Prince Nikolas on our screens.


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