Monday, March 31, 2014

AJ's Dead

Missed Opportunities!
Monday's Recap - 

Nik knocks on Elizabeth's door, while Dr. O holds Liz and baby Ben hostage inside with a gun. Dr. Obrecht takes Ben and tells Liz to let Nik in, but warns her not to try anything. Nikolas walks in and apologizes to Liz. She says she accepts his apology and hurries him out the door. Then Dr. Obrecht makes a noise and Nik suspects someone else is there. He assumes it's Ric. Liz tries to alert Nik of the trouble she's in, but Nikolas walks out anyway.

Sam has a plan to take Ava down and shares it with Nathan and Silas at the hospital. Sam suggests they have Julian tell Ava that Mr. Nakamura is really alive. Later Nathan goes to the PCPD and gets a visit from his mother, Madeline. Nathan tells her that he's starting to think Ava could be a suspect in Nina's murder. 

Luke goes to see Julian at Ava's art gallery. Luke wants to sell drugs in Port Charles and tries a sample of the product he's interested in. Luke also wants Julian to sample some, but Julian is uncomfortable. Then Sam walks in. Luke claims he's there to buy art work for Tracy's birthday, but also flirts with Sam. After when they're alone, Sam asks Julian help set Ava up and Julian says okay.

Tracy tells Kiki that Luke said she hit on him in the hospital chapel. Kiki gets insulted and breaks it to Tracy that Luke was making passes at her. Tracy calls Kiki a slut and a liar. Then Silas shows up and tells Tracy to get lost. Silas tells Kiki about Nina's death and says a prayer for Nina in the chapel. Later, Luke comes to the hospital and Tracy asks him about what Kiki said. Luke calls Kiki a "little bitch" and says she's a liar.

AJ goes into cardiac arrest at the hospital. Monica performs CPR, but AJ flat-lines. Carly and Michael stand by, but after awhile Monica pronounces AJ dead. Michael has a melt down so Carly walks him outside. She tells him that AJ woke and told her something. She lies and says AJ wanted her to tell Michael that he loved him. Later Kiki finds Monica in tears in the hallway and Monica tells her that AJ's dead. Inside AJ's room, Michael promises AJ that he'll get revenge on whoever did this to him.

Ava and Sonny continue discussing AJ's condition in the hospital hallway. He tells Ava about how Monica told him off and asks Ava how he can live with himself for hurting Michael. Ava says AJ had it coming, because he murdered Connie. However Sonny is choking on guilt and can't be consoled. Then Carly walks up to them and informs them that AJ's dead. Carly asks to speak with Sonny alone. Ava leaves and then Carly tells Sonny that AJ told her that he shot him before he died!

End of show!

I guess that's it for Sean Kanan, unless we get some flashbacks at some point. Are you sad that AJ's dead?

P.S. Tomorrow is General Hospital's 51st anniversary. Apparently Sarah Brown and Tamara Braun will be making special appearances. Read about it here --> Carly Craze

Have a great night!

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