Monday, March 31, 2014

AJ's Dead

Missed Opportunities!
Monday's Recap - 

Nik knocks on Elizabeth's door, while Dr. O holds Liz and baby Ben hostage inside with a gun. Dr. Obrecht takes Ben and tells Liz to let Nik in, but warns her not to try anything. Nikolas walks in and apologizes to Liz. She says she accepts his apology and hurries him out the door. Then Dr. Obrecht makes a noise and Nik suspects someone else is there. He assumes it's Ric. Liz tries to alert Nik of the trouble she's in, but Nikolas walks out anyway.

Sam has a plan to take Ava down and shares it with Nathan and Silas at the hospital. Sam suggests they have Julian tell Ava that Mr. Nakamura is really alive. Later Nathan goes to the PCPD and gets a visit from his mother, Madeline. Nathan tells her that he's starting to think Ava could be a suspect in Nina's murder. 

Luke goes to see Julian at Ava's art gallery. Luke wants to sell drugs in Port Charles and tries a sample of the product he's interested in. Luke also wants Julian to sample some, but Julian is uncomfortable. Then Sam walks in. Luke claims he's there to buy art work for Tracy's birthday, but also flirts with Sam. After when they're alone, Sam asks Julian help set Ava up and Julian says okay.

Tracy tells Kiki that Luke said she hit on him in the hospital chapel. Kiki gets insulted and breaks it to Tracy that Luke was making passes at her. Tracy calls Kiki a slut and a liar. Then Silas shows up and tells Tracy to get lost. Silas tells Kiki about Nina's death and says a prayer for Nina in the chapel. Later, Luke comes to the hospital and Tracy asks him about what Kiki said. Luke calls Kiki a "little bitch" and says she's a liar.

AJ goes into cardiac arrest at the hospital. Monica performs CPR, but AJ flat-lines. Carly and Michael stand by, but after awhile Monica pronounces AJ dead. Michael has a melt down so Carly walks him outside. She tells him that AJ woke and told her something. She lies and says AJ wanted her to tell Michael that he loved him. Later Kiki finds Monica in tears in the hallway and Monica tells her that AJ's dead. Inside AJ's room, Michael promises AJ that he'll get revenge on whoever did this to him.

Ava and Sonny continue discussing AJ's condition in the hospital hallway. He tells Ava about how Monica told him off and asks Ava how he can live with himself for hurting Michael. Ava says AJ had it coming, because he murdered Connie. However Sonny is choking on guilt and can't be consoled. Then Carly walks up to them and informs them that AJ's dead. Carly asks to speak with Sonny alone. Ava leaves and then Carly tells Sonny that AJ told her that he shot him before he died!

End of show!

I guess that's it for Sean Kanan, unless we get some flashbacks at some point. Are you sad that AJ's dead?

P.S. Tomorrow is General Hospital's 51st anniversary. Apparently Sarah Brown and Tamara Braun will be making special appearances. Read about it here --> Carly Craze

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Friday, March 28, 2014

Sonny Shot Me!

What did you say?
In this episode Nathan tries to think, Sam and Nikolas have a cousin pow wow and poor AJ starts to flat line again!

Today's Recap - 

Sonny and Olivia argue at his house. Olivia thinks Sonny isn't focusing hard enough on Dante and Ben compared to the attention he's giving Michael. She blames the AJ situation, but they quickly make peace and Sonny says he's going to the hospital to check on Michael. Later, Sonny runs into Monica at the hospital and she lays into him. Monica says if she didn't know better, she'd think Sonny was the one who shot AJ. Then Monica orders Sonny to leave the hospital.

Sam goes to visit Nikolas at Windermere and he tells her about Lulu being Ben's real mom. He also says that he called off his engagement to Britt. Nik thinks he made a fool of himself and he feels badly for the way he treated Elizabeth. Sam advises him to apologize to Liz. Then they talk about the Nina Clay situation and Nik advises Sam to be careful with Silas.

Ava tells Silas at the hospital that she's making progress with Kiki. Ava also insists that she had nothing to do with what happened to Nina. Then Nathan walks up to them. He tells Silas that he found a patient who can confirm Silas was speaking with him at the time of Nina's overdose. Ava excuses herself and Silas insists that Nathan look deeper into Ava's background. Nathan finally admits that there could be another suspect. Later Sam walks up to them and says she has an idea of how to bring Ava down.

Britt answers her cell phone from the interrogation room at the PCPD when Dr. Obrecht calls. Dante listens in anxiously. Britt tries to get her mother to reveal her whereabouts. Right then Lulu bursts in screaming about her son and Dr. O hears her. She tells Britt she will talk to her when she's truly alone and hangs up. After Britt tries to apologize to Lulu, but Lulu isn't interested and berates her. 

At Liz's place, we see that Dr. Obrecht is there with a gun pointed at her. Cameron and Aiden are at school, so Dr. O makes Liz take care of Ben. Dr. Obrecht tells Liz that until Britt is released, she's not going anywhere. At the end, Nikolas comes knocking on Liz's door.

Kiki finds Michael in the hospital chapel stewing in guilt over AJ's condition. Michael recounts the ugly history between Carly, Sonny and AJ and he says that if AJ dies it will be his fault. Then they talk about the possible reasons for AJ being at Ava's place when he was shot. Michael starts to get suspicious of Ava.

AJ wakes up in his hospital room with Carly standing over him. He mumbles that he has to tell her something. Carly ignores him and goes for help, but AJ implores her to listen first. Carly says okay and he finally manages to whisper, "Sonny shot me." AJ continues to say that Sonny shot him, because of Ava. Nearby Sonny finds Ava in the hospital hallway and they discuss AJ again. Ava says the best thing for everyone would be if AJ never wakes up from his coma. At the end, Monica and Michael come to AJ's room and see Carly trying to talk to him. She tells them that he woke up, but then AJ starts to flat line again. 

End of show!

Enjoy Monday's Preview Below!

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Slut De Jour!

Got my duds at the car wash!
Today's Recap -

Dante and Lulu anxiously wait for news on Ben's whereabouts at Windermere. Britt, Nikolas and the police stand nearby. They gang up on Britt and demand that she tell them where Dr. O is. Britt says she doesn't know so Dante arrests her. Nikolas refuses to help her and Dante takes her away. Later Nik and Lulu discuss their mutual guilt over mistakes they've made. Lulu thinks this is payback for her abortion and Nikolas blames himself for trusting Britt. At the end, Nikolas holds Britt's engagement ring and thinks about when he asked her to marry him.

Nathan tells Anna that Nina Clay is dead at the PCPD. Anna sees that it bothers him a bit too much and asks to know his true connection to the case. Nathan is about to tell her when Dante brings Britt in for questioning. Later in the interrogation room, Dante tells Britt to call Dr. Obrecht and leave a message. After some time passes, Britt's cell phone rings back with, "Mother" on the caller ID. Outside, Nathan looks at a picture of Nina woefully. Then Madeline calls him and Nathan scolds her for waiting so long to tell him Nina was dead. At the end, Nathan receives some information on Silas.

Sam and Silas clean up his apartment when Madeline knocks on the door. Madeline calls Sam Silas's, "Slut De Jour!" She also assures Silas that she didn't ransack his place. Silas pushes to know what happened to Nina and Madeline finally admits that she's dead. Silas gets choked up. Madeline doesn't buy his pain (neither did I) and baits him into an argument over Nina's will. To prove he doesn't care about the money, Silas impulsively signs the release on Nina's inheritance. Madeline still doesn't change her mind about Silas so he tells her to get out. After Silas grieves and shares his memories of Nina with Sam.

Carly wants to talk to Sonny about AJ at the Metro Court, but Olivia interrupts with news of Ben's kidnapping. Carly warns Sonny that they'll finish their AJ chat another time. Later Sonny takes Olivia to Windermere. Sonny tells Lulu he put his people on it. At the end, Olivia talks to Lulu alone. She tries to assure her that Ben will be found and she'll get the family she's always wanted. 

Ava lurks outside of AJ's room at the hospital. Kiki sees her and asks that she doing there. Ava claims she came to check on her and Michael. She pretends to feel guilty because AJ was shot in her house. Ava also assures Kiki that she's not framing Silas. Kiki says she believes her and they hug. Later Carly shows up and her and Ava get into a fight. Inside AJ's room, his finger moves. At the end, Ava calls Sonny and tells him AJ will probably never wake up. Meanwhile, Carly talks to AJ in his room and tells him that she hates him. She recounts all of the things he's done to upset her and also says that she thinks Sonny shot him. Right then, AJ opens his eyes and looks right at Carly!

End of show!

Enough with the Nina Clay nonsense!

Do you think Nikolas will forgive Britt?

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P.S. In case you missed it, enjoy scenes from yesterday's show here --> GH 03/26/14

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

It's All Your Fault

No Official Recap today, I'll be back tomorrow! :) Here's a summary of the show from ABC.

Dante and Lulu are appalled by Dr. Obrecht's latest scheme involving Ben. While Britt tries to plead her case, an enraged Nikolas condemns her behavior. Lucas has hard questions for Brad about his part in Britt's cover-up. Ric attempts to woo Elizabeth. Nathan learns disturbing news about Nina.

Enjoy Liz, Ric & Nik's scenes from today below!

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Ben's Mine!

He's Not Your Baby!
In this episode Julian and Alexis give into passion, Liz gets rejected by Nikolas and Britt finally admits the truth about Ben!

Today's Recap - 

Luke finds Tracy and Sonny talking at Windermere. Sonny asks to speak with Luke in private and once alone, Sonny tells Luke he thinks Ric is working with Julian. He also tells Luke he senses that someone is after him for personal reasons. Luke advises Sonny to take Ric out. Sonny says he can't do that until he's sure that Ric is guilty.

Lulu crashes Nik's big toast with the news of Ben being her child. Dr. Obrecht takes Ben out of the room while Dante and Nik try to sort things out. Most of the party goers decide to leave, while Lulu tells Dante that she has proof. Lulu insists that Britt stole their embryos with Brad's help. Lucas looks at Brad with concern. Nik looks to Britt for an explanation. Britt says Lulu is hysterical and clearly lying.

Sam and Silas head to his apartment for some private time and find that his apartment has been trashed. Silas calls the police as Sam investigates with her gun in hand. They find Nathan lurking inside. Sam accuses him of ransacking the place. Nathan says he found the apartment like this and claims he only wants justice for Nina. Silas says he thinks he knows of someone else who would do this.

Julian takes Alexis home to an empty house. He's pleased to have alone time with her, but Alexis decides to come clean about her motive in taking him as her date. She asks if Julian knew Ric before. Julian tells Alexis to go to hell seductively. They get to talking about his Derek Wells ruse and he says he hated lying to her. Julian also asks why Alexis keeps pushing him away while moving in closer to her. Alexis gives in and starts to kiss him, but then pulls back again. Julian says he's tired of playing games and is going to leave. Alexis decides she's ready, nervously runs up to him and they start to take each other's clothes off.

In Ben's nursery, Liz tells Ric that she anticipates negative fallout from Lulu finding out that Ben's her child. Ric speculates that Liz is hoping Nik will come back to her after learning about Britt's lie. Then Dr. Obrecht walks in with Ben and Liz shows her Britt's letter. She says Dr. O and Britt are going down. Liz storms down to the party with Ric following her. Meanwhile, Dr. O talks to Ben in the nursery and says she can fix the situation.

Down in the living room, Liz bursts into the party while holding the letter in her hand gleefully. Britt asks Nik not to read it, but he takes it anyway. Nikolas gets angry with Elizabeth for enjoying this so much, but Liz insists she was trying to do the right thing. Nik's not interested and kicks her out. Ric takes Liz home, while Dante asks Britt for the truth. Britt gets choked up, but finally admits that Ben is Lulu's baby. Dante and Lulu are incredibly relieved to hear her admit it.

At the end, Ric tells Liz at her place that she should let Nik go once and for all. Back at Windermere, Dante rips into Britt for everything she put them through. Lulu tells him that they need to go get their son so they take off to get Ben. Britt freaks out, but Nikolas holds her back. Britt pleads with him to let her go, but Nik says he's not her baby anymore. Meanwhile, Dante and Lulu find Ben's nursery empty.

End of show!

Enjoy the preview for tomorrow below!

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Course Correction

I'm in charge!
In today's show Dr. Obrecht gets lethal, Luke and Julian almost get caught conspiring and Lulu finally learns the truth about Ben! 

Monday's Recap -

Julian meets "Luke" in the barn at Windermere. Luke makes it clear that Julian works for him. He complains that Julian isn't working hard enough to take Sonny down. Luke also says that he needs controlling interest in ELQ and that's why he proposed to Tracy. Then Luke explains that their plan needs a course correction. Later Tracy walks in and asks what's going on. Luke says he came there to smoke a cigar and Julian crashed his party. Luke also claims he was warning Julian to do right by Lucas. Tracy buys it and Luke tells her to go back to the house to warm up. At the end, we see that Spencer was hiding in the barn and heard everything.

Alexis walks in on Ric talking to Cameron. Ric sees that she's surprised and asks who she expected to see him with. Alexis tells him Julian. Ric assures her that he is only Julian's lawyer. They end up bickering and Ric asks what she thinks if going on. Right then Sonny shows up. Sonny tells Ric that everything he did in the past still lingers and they get into an argument. Ric insists that he wants the bad blood between them to end and he's only Julian's attorney. Later Alexis and Sonny talk alone. Alexis believes Ric is telling the truth, but Sonny isn't so sure. At the end, Tracy finds Sonny alone and calls him a charismatic thug with dimples. She also mentions that she saw Julian with Luke in the stables.

Liz finds Lulu alone in Ben's nursery. She shows her Britt's letter and says she has proof that Britt knew Dante was Ben's father all along. Liz also explains that the letter says Lulu is Ben's mother. Lulu is in denial and says she knows that's not true. Liz insists that Lulu read the letter. After Lulu realizes that Ben really is her son and she's overjoyed. She thanks Liz for telling her and says she going to go get her son.

Dr. Obrecht threatens to cut out Brad's tongue on the parapet. She uses Helena's blade and says that Helena taught her everything she knows. Brad is terrified and promises to keep his mouth shut. Dr. O doesn't back down and threatens to push him off like Katherine Bell. She says that at the time she gave Helena the medicine to save Katherine, that is until she was pushed again and this time to her death. Then Dr. O shoves Brad off! Later Dr. O finds Brad alive in a pile of hay. She says she knew his odds to live were good and that she hopes she made her point.

Dante searches the party looking for Britt. When he finds her with Ben he wants to discuss Lulu. Dante says that Lulu is struggling with being around Ben. Britt is confused, because she saw Lulu with Ben and Tracy in the nursery. Nearby, Tracy tells Lucas that Lulu wasn't looking for him and Dr. Obrecht was probably lying to him. Lucas decides to go back to the parapet to check on Brad. At the end, Lucas finds Brad in the hay with Dr. O standing over him. He asks if everything is okay. Brad decides to lie and claims that he had vertigo and tripped.

At the party, a tipsy Sam and Silas tell Nikolas how great they think the barn is. Nikolas is distracted and says that he was wondering where Elizabeth went. They briefly talk about Liz bringing Ric as her date. Sam says that she wouldn't wish Ric on anyone. Later Nikolas is ready to make his big toast and gathers Britt and Ben. He rounds up the guests and begins his toast to Britt. As he's wrapping up, Lulu storms in and demands that Britt get her hands off her son!

End of show!

Good show today! Luke's voice seemed different to me, how about you? 

P.S. Michael Fairman has a sneak peak of the Nik & Britt fallout this week. See here --- > Aftermath

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Friday, March 21, 2014

This Letter Will Change Everything

In this episode the engagement party continues at Windermere, Liz debates telling Nikolas the truth and Julian meets up with his mystery partner!

Here's What Happened - 

Sam fills Silas in on the details of her past with Ric at the party. They decide to take some whiskey and discuss it in private. They head to the barn and Sam explains how she and Ric came to have sex back in the day. She also informs him that Ric is Sonny's half brother and they hate each other. Bringing up the past makes Sam feel remorse over her actions. Silas eases her by saying he can't judge, because he slept with Ava. Later they decide to return to the party.

Sonny and Alexis discuss a way for her to get the truth out of Julian about his relationship with Ric. Later Alexis saddles up to Julian and asks what he was discussing with Ric. Julian claims they were talking about Lucas. Alexis takes it a step further and "accidentally" spills a drink on him and his phone. She holds his phone for him while he tries to clean his shirt. Julian decides to take his phone with him to the men's room. After Alexis runs to tell Sonny that she saw a text message from someone asking Julian to meet them. She assumes this person must be somewhere on Spoon Island and decides to go searching.

Tracy tells Lucas how her confidence in Luke is booming. Nearby, Nikolas is shocked at Luke for referring to Britt as a hot piece of ass. Luke basically tells him to chill out and when Nik takes offense, Luke calls him, "Prince Prick!" It leads to an argument and Nikolas kicks Luke out. Tracy sees Luke walk out and decides to go looking for him. Later Nikolas finds Britt and says he wants to make a toast with her and Ben at his side. Britt says that she'll go get Ben from the nursery. 

Olivia tells Dante that Lulu also thinks Ben looks like her. Dante thinks it just wishful thinking on everyone's part. Dante goes on to say, "This sucks!" He thinks it's not fair that Lulu feels she needs to hide her feelings. Meanwhile upstairs, Lulu takes some private time with Ben. She wonders out loud how it is that he looks like her. Tracy walks in looking for Luke and asks what going on. Lulu tells her how hard it is for her that Britt is Ben's mom and she isn't. She says that maybe it's payback for the abortion she had years ago, but Tracy insists that's not true. Then Britt walks in and is shocked to see them. Tracy says they were looking for Luke and decided to check on Ben. Britt quickly takes Ben into her arms and takes him downs stairs to the party. 

Brad tells Britt he might not be able to live with their lie. Later Britt tells Dr. O about Brad's guilt. Meanwhile, Lucas and Brad take a private moment on the balcony. Brad confesses that Britt and he are partners in crime. Brad explains how he was the one who told Lulu that baby Connie wasn't really her child. Brad is about to confess about Lulu being Ben's mom when Dr. Obrecht interrupts them. She tells Lucas that Lulu is looking for him. Lucas gives Dr. Obrecht some attitude and then takes off looking for Lulu. 

Cameron introduces Ric to his girlfriend Emma, which upsets Spencer terribly and he runs off. Sonny notices and goes after him. Spencer tears up and tells Sonny that Cameron stole Emma from him. He explains how the acted when he learned the egg broke. Sonny tells Cameron that he might have pushed Emma away by being mean to Cameron. Then Emma and Cameron walk past them and Spencer decides he's not in a party mood. At the end, Sonny tells Nikolas that Spencer is a good kid.

Liz reads the letter Britt wrote to Lulu on the back of Cameron's origami heart and discovers the truth about Ben. Ric finds Liz alone reading and tells her about Emma choosing Cameron. Liz is distracted and tells him that the letter she's reading will change everything. Ric reads the letter while Liz rants about how awful Britt is. Ric suggests that Liz tell Lulu before Nikolas, so Liz takes off to find her. 

At the end, Alexis finds Ric talking with Cameron instead of Julian like she thought. Liz finds Lulu in Ben's nursery and tells her that there is something she needs to reveal. Once alone, Dr. Obrecht threatens Brad on the balcony. Down at the barn, Julian goes looking for the person who sent him a text and meets up with a creepy looking Luke!

End of Show!

I really think Luke is Anthony Z. I've heard this rumor around the web and it seems more and more plausible now. Plus Anthony was also married to Tracy and AZ was very rude to women. What do you think?

Enjoy Monday's Preview Below!

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Nice Night for a Party

Nice ass!
In today's show everyone starts to arrive at Windermere looking terrific for the engagement party. Plus Luke continues his pervy behavior and Liz reads Britt's letter!

Thursday's Recap - 

Britt gets Ben ready for the party and flashes on her lies to Lulu and Nik about Ben's real mother. Awhile later Nikolas come to check on them and is blown away by how beautiful she looks. Nearby, Spencer is all dressed up for the party at and greets Emma when she comes to the door by saying, "You look scrumptious!" Nikolas leaves them alone to enjoy some appetizers and then Emma tells Spencer about the egg breaking. Spencer gets very upset, which makes Emma feel bad.

Ric arrives to pick Elizabeth at her place for the engagement party and brings her a rose. Ric says, "Nice night for a party." Then he notices the origami heart that Cam made for Emma on the table. He notices the writing on the back and shows Liz. Cameron runs in and grabs it before they can read it. Then Ric suggests they take Cam with them. Ric also strongly hints at a reconciliation with Liz.

The Davis girls are all dressed up for Nikolas's party at their house. Julian comes to pick Alexis up, which surprises Sam. Later Silas and TJ arrive to take Molly and Sam to the party as well. All of them head off to get the launch to Windermere together and run into Liz, Ric and Cameron there. Everyone arrives at Windermere together and Nik is surprised that Alexis brought Julian as a date. When Ric, Liz and Cameron walk in, Cam runs to give Emma the origami heart. Emma likes it, but Spencer gets jealous and stomps Cameron's heart into a ball on the ground.

Dante and Lulu wait for the launch on the docks. Sonny and Olivia join them and everyone looks fabulous. A little later, Tracy and Luke also meet up with them on the docks. The launch finally arrives and they all get on board. Later when they arrive, Luke gushes to Britt about how beautiful she is. Then Britt takes Dante, Olivia and Sonny to see Ben. Olivia notes that Ben looks a bit like Lulu. At the end, Olivia and Lulu get to chatting and Lulu agrees that Ben looks like her.

Brad and Lucas arrive at Windermere for the party. Lucas mentions to Brad how upset Lulu has been since learning that Dante and Britt have a kid. The subject makes Brad uncomfortable, but then Dr. Obrecht walks up to them. Lucas quickly makes an excuse to leave them alone and goes to talk to Lulu. Meanwhile, Dr. O sternly warns Brad to keep his mouth shut about baby Ben. Later Dr. Obrecht warns Britt that she needs to keep an eye on Brad and his big mouth. Nearby, Julian and Lucas spend a little time together.

At the end, Emma doesn't like Spencer's rudeness and refuses to go to the party with him. She decides to hang out with Cameron instead. Silas notices tension between Sam and Ric so Sam tells him about them sleeping together in the past. Sonny and Alexis wonder about the relationship between Ric and Julian. Luke makes a toast with Nikolas in private and Nikolas thanks him for coming. Luke refers to Britt as a, "Hot piece of ass," which makes poor Nikolas nearly choke on his drink. Lulu sneaks upstairs to get a peak at baby Ben. Plus Liz finds Cameron's origami heart smashed up. She picks it up and finally starts to read the writing on the back.
End of show!

P.S. In case you missed yesterday's show, you can see it here ---> GH 03/19/14

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Ulterior Motive

Wanna keep a secret? Don't ever write it down!
Quick Recap - 

Alexis invites Julian to Nik's engagement party at her place. He wonders if she has an ulterior motive. Alexis says she'll take Ric instead. That quickly changes Julian's mind and he agrees to be her date. 

TJ tells his mother at Kelly's that he's not going home with her, because of Molly. Molly walks in and gets to meet Jordan. Shawn changes Jordan's mind and she decides to move to PC instead.

Luke corners Kiki at GH and rudely hits on her again. Tracy sees them talking and asks Luke what's going on. When their alone, Luke lies to Tracy and says Kiki has been hitting on him.

Patrick tells Morgan, Tracy. Monica and Michael at GH that AJ went into a coma during surgery. Monica and Michael are devastated. Monica accuses Patrick of messing up the surgery and Michael thinks he made a horrible mistake by authorizing it. 

Ava pushes for Sonny to finish AJ off at her art gallery. Morgan sees them talking. Ava covers and says they were discussing Ric's association with Julian. Then Morgan tells them that AJ's in a coma and it doesn't look good.

Britt tries to burn the fake letter she wrote to Lulu at Windermere, but Lulu interrupts her. Britt lies and says she was going to burn junk mail. At the end, she finally lights it up, tosses it into the fireplace and feels confident she can put all this behind her. 

Patrick tells Liz that he thinks AJ is in coma, because of him at the Nurse's station. Liz tries to assure him that's probably not the case, but Patrick thinks he's been distracted because of Robin.

Cameron uses Britt's office at GH to make an origami heart for Emma while he waits for Liz. He uses one of the Nurse's Ball flyers that Britt had tried to write her letter to Lulu on. At the end, he gives the finished heart to Liz and asks her to deliver it to Emma at the party.

End of show!

Have a great night!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

You Look Like You've Seen a Ghost!

Are you sure Britt's the right woman?
In this episode Ric lends a hand to Elizabeth, Britt is overcome with feelings of guilt and Nikolas gets a surprise visitor at Windermere!

Here's What Happened - 

Liz and Felix discuss Nik and Britt's engagement party at the Nurse's station. Brad walks up to them and says hi. Felix is cold to him so Brad slinks off. Liz asks what happened between them. Felix tells her about Brad sleeping with another guy and says he realizes that he pushed Brad away for months. It reminds Liz of her situation with Nikolas. Later, Liz gets a call from Cameron's school telling her that he's missing. 

Britt has bad dreams at Windermere about Lulu knowing she is Ben's mother. Nik asks her what's wrong. Britt replies that she's nervous about their party so Nikolas shows her a dress that he had delivered for her to wear. Britt is delighted, thanks him and then leaves for work. After Nik sees Emily's ghost in his bedroom. Emily wears her wedding dress and tells him that she came to visit before the party. Emily asks if he loves Britt. Nikolas says that he does and Emily wonders where that leaves Liz. Nikolas says that Liz made her choice. Emily asks if he's certain that he's marrying the right woman. Nikolas admits that he still loves Liz, but says it's in the past now. Emily asks if the same is true with her. Nik answers that it's not possible and says her love was the best thing that ever happened to him. However, he goes on to say that he loves Britt and she's his future. Nikolas gets choked up and promises Emily he'll take care of himself. Then Emily kisses him goodbye and fades away.

Over at the hospital, Brad and Britt get to talking about her big party. Britt says she doesn't deserve any of it. They go into one of the exam rooms to talk privately and Brad sees a flyer for the Nurse's Ball. Britt says that last year's ball is when her life started to spiral. She shares her guilt over keeping Ben from Lulu and wonders about telling Nikolas the truth. Brad thinks it's an awful idea and could get them both arrested. He offers another suggestion and tells Britt to write down all her feelings in an attempt to forgive herself. Britt decides to pen a letter to Lulu, that she never plans to show her, explaining what happened with the embryos.

Lulu overhears a couple at Kelly's talking about having a baby and gets choked up. Then Lucas comes to meet her and they discuss Julian. Lucas says he wants to have Julian meet Brad. Later Lulu shares her dreams about Ben being her son with Lucas. She tells him that she feels so close to Ben, but knows it's not healthy. At the end, Lucas goes to the hospital to ask Brad out for dinner. Brad suggests they go to Britt's engagement party together instead.

Ric and Julian discuss their "partnership" at Ava's art gallery. Ava sees them and Ric introduces himself to her. Julian informs Ava that he wants Ric to replace Diane as their attorney for the gallery. Ava is suspicious and thinks Julian chose Ric because he's Sonny's brother. Ric decides to leave and once alone, Ava asks Julian if Ric is bank rolling him. Julian asks why she thinks he has a backer and reminds her about snooping on his computer. Ava says she deserves to know the truth, but Julian says he answers to no one. Meanwhile, Ric heads over to Kelly's and finds Cameron sitting alone on the bench outside. Ric calls Liz to tell her where Cam is and then takes Cameron inside to eat fries. Cameron tells Ric that he's upset about Emma liking Spencer and not him. Then Liz walks in and sees them together. Ric tells Cam that you have to fight for the people you love, which is a clear attempt to send a message to Elizabeth.

Alexis gets a visit from Sonny at her place. He tells Alexis about Michael's medical problems with AJ. Alexis senses something else is bothering him and asks if there is anything else Sonny wants to tell her. Sonny says there isn't, reminds her that he has an alibi for the night AJ was shot and changes the subject. He mentions his suspicions about Ric funding Julian's operation. Alexis doesn't buy it, but Sonny thinks she might be blind because of her feelings for Julian. Alexis swears that's not the case. Sonny suggests that she exploit Julian's feelings for her to learn if Ric is working with him. He also suggests that she take Julian to Nikolas's party. Alexis decides to try it and calls Julian.  End of Show!

Tyler (Nik) seemed genuinely teary at the end with Natalia (Emily). I wonder if those scenes hit home, because of their past real life romance. Maybe just wishful thinking on my part...I was a Nik & Emily fan!

Enjoy the preview for tomorrow below!

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Monday, March 17, 2014

Obsessed Little Puppy

Panic attacks aren't my bag, baby!
Today's Show - 

Michael holds AJ's hand and asks him to offer a sign of what to do at GH. Then Sonny walks in and Michael tells him about AJ giving him medical proxy power. Sonny says it's not fair that Michael has to make that choice, so Michael asks him what he thinks he should do. Sonny advises Michael to follow his gut instinct. Hearing that Michael steps out to make his decision. Sonny stays behind and makes scathing comments to a comatose AJ. He calls AJ scum and says he wants AJ to die. Sonny says he's the better father for Michael.

Molly and TJ want to take things to the bedroom at Alexis's house. However Alexis walks in and foils their plans. Molly gets defensive when Alexis starts to freak out. She tells Alexis she can't stop them and they'll have sex sooner or later. Alexis gives in and says they can go to Molly's room to have sex if they want to. Molly and TJ feel it's a little too weird and TJ makes a quick exit. After, Molly realizes Alexis purposely pretended to condone them having sex to turn them off. Alexis tells her if having sex with TJ is what Molly wants, she won't stop her. However, she does warn Molly about the danger of TJ's connection to the mob via Shawn. 

Shawn gets a surprise visitor at Kelly's. She turns out to be TJ's mother and she wants to take him home. She tells Shawn that he put TJ in the middle of a mob war. Shawn snaps at her and reminds her about the reason she asked him to take TJ in the first place. We don't learn what her secret is, but she blames Shawn for getting her husband Tommy killed. Shawn is sorry for what happened, but wonders if TJ is really better off with her. Then TJ walks in and sees his mother. They hug as Shawn looks on with disapproval. 

Sam tells Silas in his office at GH that she thinks Nathan has a secret. Silas says Nathan is an obsessed little puppy. Then he tells Sam about his visit from Madeline and the papers she brought for him to sign regarding releasing Nina's money. Silas grows frustrated with them constantly worrying about Nathan and Nina. He tells Sam that he just wants her and they start making out. Silas locks his office door and they have sex on his desk.

Donna Mills (Madeline) goes to see Nathan at his apartment. He's pleasantly shocked to see her and she says, "Is that anyway to greet your mother?" They talk about Nina and Madeline expresses her confusion about Nathan choosing to be a cop. Nathan says he wants to get justice for Nina and Silas has no idea he's Nina's brother, James Reeve. Madeline applies some pressure on him to get the job done and says she'll be staying at the Metro Court for the time being. At the end, Madeline gives Nathan a picture of Nina and they vow to make Silas pay.

Patrick breaks Robin's picture in anger in his office at GH. Liz walks in and they get to talking about Robin's choice to leave Port Charles. Patrick starts to break down and tells Liz about breaking Emma's Faberge egg. He feels like he can't handle everything on his own. Liz says she knows how it feels to be left alone and offers to listen any time he needs her. Later, Michael comes to speak with Patrick. He tells Patrick and Liz that he wants to try surgery for AJ. After, Liz asks Patrick if he truly ready to perform surgery. Patrick gets annoyed and answers that he is. At the end, Michael tells Sonny that he wants to have the surgery for AJ. Michael is emotionally torn and prays it's the right thing to do. 

End of show!

I liked TJ's mom, what did you think?

P.S. It looks like AJ (Sean Kanan) is off GH for real. Read about it here; looks bitter on both sides --> AJ OUT !!!!! 

In my opinion, I don't blame SK. The relish story was beyond silly, they never really developed his love with Liz and then he nearly disappeared from our screens for the entire fall. Connie's murder was dropped for months and really was Ava all along, like we all didn't know that right!?! 

So do I think Frank & Ron have improved GH since the days of Guza...absolutely! However, their trick seems to be starting strong and then dragging things along until fans don't even care if we get to the finish line. Shall we count the list of returned favorites whose character's left smelling like shit? Let me see...there was Brenda, Frisco, Robin and now AJ. 

Don't get me wrong. On a whole, I think GH is much improved from where it was in 2012. I just wish plots were wrapped up in a reasonable time frame and that there were fewer newbies on the canvas. Why aren't Mac and Felicia on more? We see so little of Duke and Anna; will anyone care if they break up? Why do we need Carlos at all? And don't even get me started on how awful of a character Silas is and how dumb it was to make Todd become Franco. I know that Prospect Place started this, but seriously why did we need Franco back? I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think the vampire stuff would have been more fun then this Silas/Nina/Nathan nonsense. Yes Nathan is a hottie, but his acting...not so good!

Okay enough venting!!!

Have a great night!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Mother In Law From Hell!

Donna Mills debuted today!
Donna looks fabulous! Read here ---> Meet Madeline

Friday's Recap - 

Donna Mills struts into Silas's office at GH and says, "Hello Silas!" They exchange snarky banter and it becomes apparent that she's Nina's mother, Madeline. Silas refers to her as the,"Mother in law from hell!" Madeline wants Silas to sign a release on Nina's money. Silas says he won't unless she tells him where Nina is. Madeline refuses, so he tosses the papers in her face. She confidently says that he'll sign sooner or later and walks out. 

Sonny tells Shawn at Kelly's that he feels guilty for lying to Michael. He shares that seeing Michael in pain was very difficult. Sonny starts thinking about AJ's last words, which were that he didn't kill Connie. Shawn says AJ probably just said anything to save himself and he's certain AJ's guilty. Shawn and Sonny say their appreciative of each other's friendship and hug. At the end, an unknown woman arrives at Kelly's who knows Shawn. 

Patrick tells Monica and Michael that he'll discuss AJ's case in the privacy of his office at GH. Once their all alone, Patrick explains that AJ's options are limited. Patrick says there is a risky surgery he could try. Monica tells Michael that it's up to him to decide, because AJ made him his medical proxy. Later Patrick is alone in his office and he looks angrily at a picture of Robin.

Nearby Tracy briefly excuses herself, which leaves Luke and Kiki alone at the Nurse's station. Luke insists that Kiki join him for coffee and grabs her arm. Morgan sees it and comes to her rescue. Morgan takes Kiki aside and she tells him that Luke hit on her and grabbed her ass. Morgan says that he'll deal with Luke for her, so he goes up to Luke and tells him to back off. Luke calls Morgan a punk and asks what he's going to do about it. 

Tracy finds Kevin at the hospital and thanks him for helping ease her concerns about Luke. She tells him not to bother looking into what happened at Miscavige. Kevin says that he did already. Kevin says Scott told him that at one point Luke was dragged out of their cell and he heard the guards say, "It's time!" Tracy says she wants to let it go and assumes Luke is fine. Right then Tracy sees Morgan and Luke in a heated conversation and asks what's going on. Morgan decides to take the high road and tells her that he just wanted to congratulate them on their engagement.

Ava slips into AJ's room at the hospital. She spends some time talking about her various misdeeds in an attempt to explain why she needs to kill him. Ava slowly puts on gloves and then squeezes his oxygen tubes. Then somehow AJ instinctively grabs her hand and it sets off the nurse's alarm. Ava sneaks out right before the hospital staff arrive. At the end, the nurse's tell Monica and Michael that AJ's alarm was triggered but he's okay. Michael goes into AJ's room and asks AJ what he should do. 

Sam goes to visit a shirtless Nathan at his apartment. He tells her that he was working on his abs. Sam sarcastically offers to hold his feet and then warns him to back off Silas. She asks why he won't investigate Ava. Nathan says she needs more evidence on Ava. Sam brings up Nina being missing and it's apparent to her that Nathan already knew that. She asks him to tell her where Nina is, but all Nathan can say is that Silas tried to kill Nina. Sam storms out and goes to Silas's office. She tells him that she thinks Nathan has a secret. At the end, Madeline goes to see Nathan. 

End of Show!

Enjoy Monday's Preview Below!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Bad Egg

I don't know anything!
In this episode Luke is downright gross to Kiki, Carlos lies to Sabrina, plus Ava sneaks into AJ's hospital room!

Today's Show - 

Tracy tries to explain to Luke at GH why she needs to be there for Monica since AJ was shot. She also insists that he apologize to Monica for being so rude to her. Nearby Monica, Kiki and Michael stand vigil in AJ's room. Sabrina is also in the room performing her nursing duties. Michael asks her why Patrick isn't there checking on AJ. Sabrina explains that Robin left town and he's distracted. Sabrina steps out and talks with Luke and Tracy in the hallway. Luke makes a comment to Tracy about Sabrina being hot, but not with the bun in the oven. Tracy mentions the previous attempt on AJ's life at the Q's to Sabrina and she connects it to Carlos.

Later Monica emerges from AJ's room and Luke apologizes to her. Tracy is very pleased with him. Monica is touched, but quickly heads off to find Patrick. Tracy steps away to visit AJ and shortly after, Kiki steps out of AJ's room. Luke approaches her. He makes Kiki uncomfortable and goes in for a hug. Then he touches her butt, which completely freaks Kiki out. Tracy returns and Kiki quickly heads back into AJ's room. At the end, Monica finally finds Patrick to consult on AJ's situation. Everyone converges in AJ's room and Luke luridly stares at Kiki.

Sabrina finds Carlos in one of the exam rooms and asks him directly if he shot AJ. She demands that he tell her the truth. Carlos makes a joke and brushes her off. Sabrina says she can't help him or let him near her baby if he had anything to do with this. Carlos swears on the baby's life that he's innocent. Sabrina agrees to take his stitches out, but doesn't seem convinced.

At Windermere, Nikolas and Britt discuss their engagement party over breakfast. They start to make out when Spencer bursts in and says Ben is missing. Nikolas explains to an exasperated Spencer that the nanny is feeding him. Then Spencer talks about Emma ignoring him and says his heart is broken. Nikolas tells him that Robin left town so Emma is probably sad. Meanwhile, Lulu dreams that she's Ben's mom at her apartment. She wakes up abruptly and Dante asks what's wrong. She tells him everything's okay and they have some morning loving. After she tells Dante that she's going to Windermere to help Nik and Britt plan their engagement party.

Patrick, Emma and Anna have breakfast at Kelly's. Emma says she misses her mom and asks why she hasn't called since leaving. Patrick sports a five o'clock shadow and cops an attitude with Anna when she offers to help him with Emma. Patrick says they need Robin and she's gone. Anna presses him about the real reasons Robin left. Patrick won't give her an answer so Anna leaves for work. After Emma shows Patrick the Faberge egg Spencer gave her from his uncle Victor. Patrick gets angry and demands that she give him the egg, because Victor is a bad man. Emma won't release it so Patrick takes it and smashes it on the floor. Emma starts crying. Patrick realizes what he did and apologizes. He tells her that he made a mistake. At the end, Spencer arrives at Kelly's with his driver and asks Emma to be his date to Nik's engagement party.

Later Lulu arrives at Windermere and shares her dream with Nikolas. Nikolas tells her it's natural for her to wish that she was Ben's mother, especially with Dante being Ben's father. Britt overhears them talking and seems to feel guilty. She walks in and tells Lulu's it's okay if she wants to check on Ben. Then Britt makes an excuse to head off to the hospital and leaves Nik and Lulu to plan the party alone.

Carlos and Ava chat on the phone about AJ. Morgan shows up at Ava's and she quickly gets off the phone. Morgan asks Ava if she shot AJ. Ava swears that she didn't pull the trigger and Morgan accepts her answer. Then Morgan brings up Anna and her determination to get the Jerome's. A short while later, Anna and Dante knock on the door. Ava opens it and they ask if she knows anything about the attempt on AJ's life at the Quartermaine's previously. Ava says she knows nothing and hastily shuts the door. At the end, Anna and Dante go to Kelly's and talk about what to do next. Unbeknownst to them, Carlos is eavesdropping nearby. Over at the hospital, Ava goes into AJ's room when he's all alone.

End of Show!

Good episode today. If AJ really dies, I'm going to be so pissed off! We don't need another wasted veteran return!

Have a great night!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Who's Worse: AJ or Ric?

I'm innocent!
In this episode Liz gets a date for the ball, Dr. Obrecht taps into her emotions and Ava returns to Port Charles!

Here's What Happened - 

Liz and Nik run into each other at Kelly's. She sees the invitation to his engagement party and they discuss AJ's condition. Nik asks Liz if she will come to the engagement party, because he needs at least one musketeer in attendance. However, Liz says she can't come because it's awkward and she doesn't have a date. Suddenly Ric approaches them and offers to be Liz's date. Nikolas isn't happy to see Ric and doesn't like the idea of Liz going with Ric. Ric says it's Liz's decision and asks her if she's up for it. Liz says okay and agrees to bring Ric as her date. Nik says he doesn't know who's worse, AJ or Ric and then walks out. After Ric asks Liz if she only agreed to bring him to stick it to Nik. Liz says maybe and quickly heads back to GH to check on AJ. After Ric orders a coffee from Shawn and Shawn informs him that he works for Sonny. Shawn promises Ric he'll find out everything about him soon.

Britt tells Dr. O that she's marrying Nikolas at the hospital. Britt shows her the ring, but Dr. Obrecht isn't impressed. She warns Britt about the dangers of a broken heart if Nik learns that Lulu is Ben's bio mom. Britt responds by saying Nikolas can never know the truth or she'll lose him. Britt says being loved by Nik is the best thing ever and she's sorry that Dr. O never felt that from Faison. The mention of Faison sobers Dr. Obrecht and she tells Britt that she's afraid something bad happened to her father. Britt tells Obrecht that she still has her and begs her mother to keep Ben's secret. Dr. O has a moment of kindness and says she'll stay quiet. Then Dr. Obrecht says she knows she was a hard mother and cries about how amazing of a woman Britt is. She tells Britt she makes her proud. Britt impulsively hugs Dr. O and it makes her weep. Nikolas walks up to them and sees Dr. O in tears. Dr. Obrecht congratulates Nik and tells him that if he hurts Britt, he'll answer to her. Then Dr. O wishes them well and walks off. Nikolas is in shock and asks what happened. Britt answers that her mother had an emotional break through.

Alexis gets a visit from Julian at her house and he tells her he's been cleared in AJ's shooting. He brings her flowers and thanks her for believing in him. Alexis is touched, but tells him she has to deal with Molly. Julian decides to leave her in peace, but reminds her that they'd be great together on the way out. Later Sam stops by and talks about Silas with Alexis. Sam says she thinks Ava killed Mr. Nakamura and is setting Silas up. Alexis says that means Ava is innocent in shooting AJ, if she was in NYC framing Silas. Sam is shocked to hear AJ was shot. Then Alexis tells Sam that Ric is in town and Molly wants to move in with him.

Carlos waits for Ava at her apartment and startles her when she walks in. Carlos tells her that AJ is hanging on by a thread. Ava swears that she had nothing to do with what happened to him. Carlos informs her that Julian thinks she's responsible. Ava remarks that it's good Julian's in jail, but unfortunately for her Julian walks in at that moment. Julian hints at Ava's guilt, but she says she was NYC. She makes a hasty exit and once alone, Julian asks Carlos if he found out if Ava's guilty or not. Carlos responds that Ava claims to be innocent. At the end, Julian threatens Carlos that it would be better for him to stay loyal.

Over at GH, Michael waits at AJ's bedside with Kiki hoping he'll wake up. Kiki encourages Michael not to give up on AJ so Michael talks to him and holds AJ's hand. He asks for AJ to give him a sign that he can hear him and tells AJ that he loves him. Kiki goes to get coffee and runs into Silas in the hallway. Silas tells Kiki about what happened to Mr. Nakamura in NYC. It appears that someone is watching them from the Nurses's station. Silas tells Kiki he thinks Ava is behind all of this. Then Ava walks up to them. She assures Kiki that she was in NYC visiting her grandmother and not to cause trouble for Silas. At the end, Ava tells Silas she would never hurt him and only wanted him to love her again.

Meanwhile back at AJ's room, Sonny arrives to "support" Michael. Michael tells Sonny that AJ may not wake up. It's music to Sonny's ears, but he tells Michael that he's sorry. Sonny asks if it's true that AJ cleared Julian. Michael answers yes and wonders who really is responsible. Michael tells Sonny that it could be connected to the person who tried to kill AJ at the Q's. Later, Michael tells Sonny that he's grateful for his support and that he loves Sonny very much. Sonny gets choked up and leaves when Kiki returns. At the end, Ava finds Sonny in the hospital and asks what they'll do if AJ survives.

End of Show!

Have a great night!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

AJ's Awake...NOT!?!

I'm not happy about this!
Today's Show - 

Felix and Carly have a chat at GH about Brad. Felix reveals that Lucas ruined his relationship with Brad. Carly informs Felix that Lucas is her gay half brother. She advises Felix to talk to Brad and see if they can work things out. Felix agrees and thanks her for the advice. 

Lucas runs into Brad at Kelly's and they discuss Julian over coffee. Lucas says he doesn't want to get to know Julian now that he shot AJ. Then Brad tells Lucas that Felix dumped him officially, so Lucas asks if that means they have a chance now. At the end, Felix walks into Kelly's just as Lucas is trying to kiss Brad. Felix takes the high road, shakes Lucas's hand and decides to bail out gracefully, although he's visibly upset. 

Ric and Julian chat at the PCPD when Anna interrupts them. She reviews a scathing file on Ric and says she's not releasing Julian anytime soon. Anna tells Ric that if Julian can provide an alibi for the night AJ was shot maybe she'll let him out. 

Alexis is distraught over Molly wanting to live with Ric at their house. They get into an argument and Alexis forbids her from moving in with him. Molly screams, "You suck!" and runs to her room. After Ric shows up and tells Alexis that he'll defend Julian. At the end, Alexis finds that Molly slipped out of the house.

TJ and Shawn about talk about Molly moving in with Ric at Kelly's. Shawn tells TJ that Ric is bad news and not a good choice for Molly to live with. Then Shawn gets called away and leaves TJ to close up at Kelly's. Later, Molly shows up and surprises TJ when he's alone. 

Olivia and Sonny discuss AJ's situation in his office. Olivia says she doesn't feel sorry for AJ, because of what he did to Connie. Shawn shows up and tells them that Ric is representing Julian. Sonny isn't surprised and feels certain Ric is funding Julian's operation.

AJ opens his eyes during a visit with Monica. It gives her and Michael renewed hope. The nurses and doctors come in and tell Monica he's not out of the woods yet. Michael tries to talk to AJ and he manages to say that Julian didn't shoot him. Then poor AJ starts to flat-line. Carly and Anna arrive at AJ's hospital room. Kiki tells Anna that AJ said Julian didn't shoot him. 

At the end, Anna releases Julian afterall. Carly calls Sonny and tells him that AJ woke up and told Michael that Julian isn't the shooter. After speaking with the doctor's, Monica tells Michael that AJ had an aneurysm and is touch and go! 

End of Show!

Have a great night!

P.S. If you missed Monday's show, you can catch up here --> GH 03/10/2014

Monday, March 10, 2014

Chinese Food

Wrap this up!
No official recap today. I'll be back tomorrow!

Today's Highlights - 

Tracy enlists Kevin's help to figure out Luke's odd behavior.

Lucy still can't decide between Scott & Kevin, but Kevin is starting to get suspicious.

Kiki experiences a pervy moment with Luke.

Duke lies to Anna by giving Sonny an alibi for the night AJ was shot. 

AJ opens his eyes during a visit from Monica. 

End of show!

Enjoy today's show below!

Have a great night!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Legendary Slut?

In this episode Luke shows Tracy his mean spirited side, Ric agrees to speak with Julian and Carly reads Sonny like a book!

Today's Show - 

Monica tells Luke and Tracy at the Q's that she's been looking for AJ everywhere. Luke is oddly insensitive, seems to not remember owning a night club in the past and quickly jumps to announce his engagement to Tracy. Monica says that Luke just wants Tracy's money and asks what she's thinking. Luke's gets annoyed and rips into Monica for her history of affairs while married to Alan. He calls her a, "Legendary Slut!" Tracy orders him to back off. Then Michael calls Monica to tell her what happened to AJ. Upon hearing the news, Luke coldly remarks that, "Karma is a bitch!" Monica takes off to the hospital upset. After Tracy is appalled at Luke's rudeness and asks what's wrong with him. Luke shows no remorse or emotion. Tracy can't believe it and wonders if something happened to him at the Miscavige institute.

Michael sits by AJ's bedside at GH, while he lays unconscious after surgery. Liz comes in and Michael asks her if AJ will survive. Liz tells him it's serious, but AJ's a fighter. Then Carly shows up to support Michael and takes him for a break. Liz stays behind to keep AJ company. After Liz rubs AJ's hand and tells him that she's sorry she didn't stand by him before, but she's here now. 

Ric goes to Alexis's house at her behest to discuss Julian. She tells Ric she wants him to be Julian's lawyer. Alexis explains how Julian is being accused of shooting AJ and it leads into a conversation about Ric going to see Liz. Alexis tells him that Liz has been through a lot and maybe he should leave her alone. Ric tells her to butt out. Alexis brings up Julian again and Ric asks why she cares about him so much. Alexis says because he's Sam's father. Ric agrees to speak with Julian as a favor. On his way out, Ric tells her that Molly wants to live with him and quickly takes off. After Alexis leaves a worried message on Molly's phone.

Anna has Morgan brought to the PCPD for questioning in AJ's shooting. Anna hints that she thinks Ava is involved and Morgan is quick to come to Ava's defense. He tells Anna that Ava's in NYC and shows her a text that Ava sent him. Anna's not convinced and asks if Morgan knows of any business connection between AJ and Julian. Morgan says no, so Anna asks if Sonny could be involved. Morgan says he saw Sonny earlier and Sonny said he had nothing to do with it. 

Meanwhile, Sonny thinks of shooting AJ in his office when Shawn walks in. He informs Sonny that Julian is in custody for AJ's shooting. Sonny is happy to hear that and Shawn says they need to work on Sonny's alibi. They decide to call Duke and when he arrives at Sonny's office, Sonny asks him to be his alibi. Sonny says if Duke lies to Anna it means Julian will go down. Then he and Shawn leave Duke to think it over. At the end, Anna shows up at Sonny's office and sees Duke there. She asks him if he knows where Sonny was last night. 

Carlos goes to visit Julian in the slammer. Julian asks Carlos to find out who really shot AJ. Julian says he thinks Ava is involved. Carlos pretends not to know anything and assures him that he'll help out however he can. Julian tells Carlos to smooth talk Ava and find out what she's knows. Carlos says Ava will see through him. Julian tells him to be convincing, because otherwise there will be consequences. At the end, Ric shows up to visit Julian.

In the hospital waiting area, Michael and Carly take a coffee break and talk about what happened with AJ. Carly says she'll help however she can. Michael explains that AJ was found at Ava's and someone tried to kill him at the Q's as well. Later Carly and Liz talk outside of AJ's room and Liz mentions that Ric is in town. Carly isn't happy to hear that and warns Liz to be careful. At the end, Carly watches Michael sit vigil by AJ's bedside and then Sonny shows up. Sonny says he came to check on Michael and much to Sonny's surprise, Carly guesses that he shot AJ.
End of show!

What do you think is wrong with Luke?

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Out of Control Prude

Don't give up, AJ!
Thursday's Recap -

Sonny worries about AJ surviving at his office. Morgan bursts in and asks if Sonny had anything to do with it. Sonny denies it, so Morgan takes off to find Michael. After Sonny makes a mysterious phone call asking for help.

Luke tells Tracy that he wasn't looking for Sonny at the Quartermaine's. Instead he actually bought a ring for her. Luke gets down on one knee and asks Tracy to marry him. After a lot of convincing, Tracy agrees. Luke promises her that this time she won't be sorry!

Shawn and TJ talk about Molly and Alexis's drama at Kelly's. After receiving a call from Sonny, Shawn heads over to his office. When he gets there, Sonny tells him what happened with AJ. Sonny asks Shawn to be his alibi, but Shawn says he can't because too many people saw him at Kelly's. Later, Sonny is most concerned about keeping this secret from Michael.

Alexis and Molly fight about Molly's recent behavior with TJ at their house. Molly calls Alexis an, "Out of control prude!" Molly tells Alexis that her and TJ and are ready for sex and truly love each other.

Anna questions Julian about AJ's shooting at her office. Julian says Anna should look at Ava. He insists he needs a lawyer so he calls Alexis. Later, Alexis arrives and Julian explains what he's being accused of. Alexis says she can't represent him, because of her relationship with Sonny. Instead, she recommends Ric be his lawyer.  

TJ heads over to Molly's place when he knows Alexis isn't there. They talk about their options and Molly suggests that she can live with Ric now, so they can see each other. Later Molly calls Ric and asks to move in with him.

At GH, AJ fights for his life while Michael begs for the doctors to save him. Morgan joins him and they share a brotherly hug. Morgan informs Michael that AJ was shot at Ava's place, but assures him that Ava and Sonny had nothing to do with it. Michael says he wasn't worried about Sonny being involved, because he trusts Sonny.

Nearby Ric asks Liz about her feelings toward AJ. Liz explains how her relationship with AJ evolved and that he was accused of killing Connie. Liz says she's not sure if she thinks AJ is guilty or not. At the end, the doctor's tell Michael, Liz, Morgan and Ric that AJ needs emergency surgery. Michael gets to speak with him briefly before they take him into the operating room. He asks AJ who shot him, but AJ is too weak to answer!

End of show!

Enjoy Friday's Preview Below!

Have a great night!