Tuesday, February 4, 2014

You're Going to Pay for This!

Stonecold on ice!
In today's episode Julian offers his aid to Silas, Franco finds a haunting note and Victor shares a very interesting story with Robin about Jason!

Here's What Happened - 

Sonny and Olivia have lunch at the Metro Court and discuss Morgan and the Jerome's. Olivia is still convinced that Franco is responsible for what happened to Carly, but Sonny wonders if Julian is behind it. Sonny has to leave to see Shawn, but they share a hot kiss before he exits. Nearby, Heather sits at a table and asks the waiter for a serving knife so she can sample everything on the menu. Later the waiter returns with two cakes and a big knife, which Heather puts in her purse. Then Olivia sees her when Heather tries to leave. Heather scurries away so Olivia decides to head over to the police station and she tells Dante what she saw.

Julian goes to visit Silas in jail. Silas isn't happy to see him and they get into a conversation about Sam. Julian says he's a concerned father and offers to help Silas prove his innocence. Silas tells him that he thinks Ava is framing him. Julian says he will help Silas even if Ava is behind this, but if Silas hurts Sam all bets are off. Then Julian leaves to investigate further. Later, Alexis and Sam discuss Silas at the Metro Court. Sam shares what she learned about Nina's will and tells Alexis that she's starting to doubt Silas's innocence. Alexis asks if Sam truly trusts Silas or not. Then they get to talking about Julian. Alexis starts to tell her about kissing Julian, when he walks up to their table. Julian tells Sam that he will try to help Silas for her. Sam thanks him and then leaves. When their alone, Julian tells Alexis that he can't stop thinking about their kiss. He asks why she's so scared of him. Alexis answers that she's not scared of him, she scared of herself and walks off nervously.

Dante fires at Franco as he tries to flee the police station and hits him in the arm. Nearby, Nathan puts Kiki in the interrogation room and then goes to help Dante with Franco. When Nathan arrives, Franco tries to run disregarding his wound so Dante and Nathan have to chance him. However they loose him and head back to the station. Meanwhile, Franco runs to the cemetery where he believes he buried Heather. He digs and digs until he finds a bloody rag.

Back at the station, Nathan and Dante question Kiki. They believe she helped Franco escape and Dante lectures her on the error of her ways. They plead with her to tell them anything she knows, but Kiki won't budge and asks for a lawyer. Dante gets annoyed so they book her and put her in a holding cell next to Silas. Once alone, Kiki tells Silas that the cops don't believe that Franco has changed so she helped him escape. She also tells Silas that she believes he's innocent as well. Then Sam arrives to see Silas and she asks him to explain Nina's will.

Sabrina comes clean with Patrick at the hospital and tells him that he's her baby's father. She admits that she didn't sleep with Carlos and she lied because she didn't want to come between him and Robin. Patrick is shocked by her lies. Sabrina explains how Carlos inserted himself without her consent and she went along with it. Sabrina tells him that Emma convinced her to come clean. She apologizes and asks for his forgiveness. Patrick says he doesn't know what to think anymore. Then Liz and Emma come up to them and Patrick decides to take Emma home.

Victor shows Robin a picture of Jason at her house and tells her that Jason's body was never recovered. Robin gets upset and asks if Jason is alive. Victor shares with her that Faison planned to have Jason's body taken from the harbor when he shot him. Then Victor claims that Faison took Jason to the clinic in Switzerland. Robin asks why no one found him there when they found her and Duke. Victor answers that by that time Jason had already been taken to the Cassadine lab and frozen with cryogenics. Robin isn't sure if she should believe him or not and demands proof. Victor tells her that he will provide proof in time, but since he knows Patrick and Emma will be home soon it will have to wait. Victor warns her not to tell anyone about this, gives Jason's picture to her and then he leaves.

At the end, Robin talks to Jason photo and wonders what to do. Then Patrick and Emma come home and Patrick tells Robin he has something important to tell her. Over at the cemetery, Franco finds a bloody note mixed with the bloody rags. It reads, "You're going to pay for this!" End of show!

Another fun episode today! Do you think Jason is really alive?

Have a great night!

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  1. Since Steve Burton is on Y&R, I think the only we'd see "Jason" again is if he's recasted or in flashbacks.


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