Friday, February 28, 2014

World's Best Grandpa

Who me?
In today's show Robin says goodbye to Anna, Britt worries about Liz and AJ remember's that he's innocent afterall!

Here's What Happened - 

Anna and Dante head over to the Quartermaine's to talk to AJ about the hit man who tried to kill him. They collect the gun that Luke found and try to get details. Then Anna gets called away and after AJ tells Dante that Sonny is the one who took a hit out on him. Dante jumps on AJ about Connie's death in response. AJ demands that Dante question Sonny. Later, AJ drinks alone and finally remembers that he didn't kill Connie. He recalls walking out of Crimson while Connie was still alive. AJ realizes that Ava must of killed Connie, not him.

Robin and Liz chat at the hospital about Liz's feelings for Nikolas. Liz tells her that Nik is marrying Britt anyway. Then Robin tells Liz that she's leaving Port Charles tonight. Liz is surprised, but Robin assures her that she's leaving for a good reason. Liz says she trusts Robin, but she'll miss her. Then Anna shows up upset with Robin for not telling her that she's leaving town. Liz gives them privacy and after Robin eludes to a mysterious yet important reason for her to leave. Anna asks if she is being threatened, but Robin says no she's doing what she believes in. At the end, they hug and says their goodbye. We get a flashback of when Anna reunited with Robin when she was little. Robin says it's not goodbye, it's see you later.

Britt, Ben and Nikolas have lunch at Kelly's together. Nik asks if Britt would like to have an engagement party at Windermere. She says yes, but worries that she'll have no friends or family to invite. Nikolas answers that his friends are her friends. Britt asks if that means, Elizabeth and asks why Liz stopped by yesterday. Then Elizabeth walks into Kelly's. Britt asks Liz what she came to talk to Nik about. Nik jumps in and says Liz came to congratulate them on their engagement. At the end, Britt takes Ben home to Windermere and runs into Lulu on the way. Nik and Liz chat about her confession of love. Nik tells her that she's he's best friend and not to sweat it. 

Nathan crashes the party at Ryan's pub in NYC. He informs Delia, Sam and Silas that it looks like Mr. Nakamura killed himself by over dosing on pills. Nathan thinks Silas killed Nakamura like he did his wife, Nina. Silas, Delia and Sam all insist that Nathan should look into Ava. Nathan isn't convinced and questions why Silas never visited Nina. Silas says because he was banned by her family. At the end, Silas asks Sam if she believes in him and she says yes. Then Silas says he needs to find a way to see Nina.

Lulu goes to visit Sonny at his office. They talk about baby Ben turning out to be Dante's kid. She gives Sonny a mug that says, "World's Best Grandpa" on it. Sonny asks Lulu how she's dealing with everything. Lulu admits it's awkward for her, but she's happy for everyone else. Sonny tells her that Ben will need her and he hopes she will learn to love him like he's her own. Lulu answers that she already does. Then Dante comes to see Sonny and asks Lulu to give them privacy. Lulu steps out and after Dante asks Sonny if he knows anything about a hit ordered on AJ. Sonny denies it. He says he'd like to hurt AJ, but it wasn't him.

Carlos fills Ava in on the botched hit he did on AJ at her apartment. He tells her that Luke took his gun. Ava isn't happy and worries that something could be traced back to her. Ava makes Carlos a martini and says AJ has to go. Carlos says he'll go back tonight, but Ava tells him to wait because she needs another alibi. Carlos leaves and later, AJ knocks on Ava's door!

End of show!

It was a bit of a filler episode for a Friday if you ask me. Could Robin's exit drag out any longer?

Enjoy Monday's Preview Below!

Have a great weekend!

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