Thursday, February 6, 2014

What's So Great About You?

Love this behind the scene photo!
In this episode Michael scolds Kiki, Lulu and Dante get a little closer and Liz plays DNA baby detective!

Today's Show - 

Victor discusses Robin over the phone with a mysterious person at Windermere. Spencer overhears him and introduces himself. Victor says that he's his great uncle so Spencer asks what's so great about him. Victor gives him a special Faberge Egg. In the living room, Britt and Nik discuss Ben's rash. Nikolas mentions that he had Elizabeth fill Ben's prescription. Then Victor and Spencer join them and show off the Faberge Egg. Victor gets a text that Robin is alone and he's heads off. Later, Nikolas looks through a Cassadine photo album and Britt shows him a baby hairbrush Victor gave her for Ben.

Robin wonders if Jason could really be alive at her place. Patrick approaches her and asks her if she's doing okay with the Sabrina situation. Robin says it's overwhelming. Then Patrick takes Emma to school and Robin thinks about Jason again. Later Victor arrives with his henchmen to provide her with proof. He plays a DVD of Jason that we don't get to see. Victor tells her that if she agrees to help him, she'll need to leave Port Charles and her family. Robin asks what she could say to justify leaving. Victor encourages her to use whatever family drama she can. Outside, Spencer has his driver bring him to Emma's house and he's sees Robin talking with Victor through the window.

Dante finds Lulu asleep on a bench at the PCPD. They talk about Carly and Franco's whereabouts. Dante tells Lulu about the bloody note. Then the crime lab tells Dante that they found blonde hair on the note. Later, Lulu and Dante talk a little about losing Connie, but agree that they still have each other. In the interrogation room, Michael comes to visit Kiki. At first Michael is calm, but then he gets very angry at her for aiding Franco. He accuses her of turning her back on him. Kiki tells Michael that she thinks Heather is behind what happened to Carly.

Felix calls Brad to apologize for blowing off their date at the hospital. Meanwhile, Brad wakes up in bed with Lucas. They can't resist their passion and go at it again. After, Brad feels guilty and hurries off to work. Lucas stays in bed and takes a selfie, which he later sends to Brad. Over at the cemetery, Julian and Carlos have a chat about kids. Carlos tells Julian about Sabrina telling Patrick the truth about her baby. Then Julian starts talking about Lucas. While they're talking, Lucas stumbles upon them. Carlos excuses himself and Lucas says he is there to visit Tony Jones, his real father. Julian hopes they can get to know other and asks Lucas about his interests. He also asks if Lucas has a girlfriend. 

Over at the hospital, Patrick runs into Sabrina. She feels a little wobbly and he notes it's probably because of the baby. Then Sabrina tells him that she told Carlos he won't be raising her child. Patrick tells her that he told Robin the truth. Nearby, Liz continues to have suspicions about Ben. Felix sees her with the same allergy cream for Dante and Ben, so Liz shares her suspicions. Liz tells him that she wants to run a DNA test on Ben. Later, she heads to Windermere to drop off Ben's prescription and pretends to make amends with Britt. However, she actually takes Ben's new hairbrush. 

At the end, Dante brings some police lab work to Brad and Felix manages to get a hold of Dante's water bottle. Michael asks Kiki to explain why she thinks Franco is being framed and she refuses. At the cemetery, Lucas tells Julian that he's gay. Over at the PCPD, Dante and Lulu decide to go home together. At the hospital, Felix and Liz have enough to run a DNA test on Ben.

End of show!

Enjoy the preview for tomorrow's show below!

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  1. Love the picture of Victor and Spencer. At least out of all the crazy Cassadines Victor has the most dignity and at least tries to act half way like a decent person. Really like them showing Spencer and Victor and little Spencer not being manipulated by Victor but just the opposite. That little kid is a true Cassadine with a little of Nik in him.


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