Wednesday, February 26, 2014

We're Gonna Make It

Delia's Crystal Palace
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Carly visits Franco's hospital room on her new crutches at GH. They talk about Michael's anger toward him. Franco is understanding about Michael's feelings. He tells Carly he doesn't want to create problems in her family. Carly assures Franco nothing will come between them. She says, "We're gonna make it!" At the end, Franco reminds Carly that she told him she loved him when he was shot. He tells her that he loves her too and promises to be the man she needs.

A shirtless Nathan gets a visit from Kiki at his place. She says she was inquiring about the sublet, but isn't interested now that she knows he's the renter. Nathan uses the visit to probe Kiki about Silas and tells her to read the file he has on Silas. After she reads through it Kiki says it doesn't change a thing. Then she lets it slip that Silas is in New York. After Kiki leaves, Nathan calls in a favor to have Silas tracked.

Sam and Silas hope to prove Ava is setting Silas up in their NYC hotel room. They discuss their plan with Delia and use the private time to fool around. Meanwhile, Ava goes to visit Delia at Ryan's pub nearby. Delia is shocked to see her and leaves a message for Sam to call off their plan. Later, Ava reminisces with Delia about a business she wanted to start years ago called, Delia's Crystal Palace. Delia tries to rush her out, which makes Ava suspicious. Then Sam walks in, but Ava's back is to her so she doesn't see Sam. 

Carlos calls Ava from outside the Quartermaine mansion as he waits to kill AJ. She tells him to make it look like a robbery gone bad. Inside, Michael goes to visit AJ and they talk about Kiki and AJ's drinking. Ava tells Carlos to wait until Michael leaves to kill AJ. Meanwhile, Michael reminds AJ that Ava helped take care of him the night Connie was killed. AJ tells Michael he loves him and Michael heads out.

Sonny goes to Kelly's to discuss Barrett Enterprises with Shawn. TJ interrupts and tells them about Julian's threat/request for him to tell the police about the warehouse shooting. Sonny tells TJ not to worry, because he's going to take care of it. Later when Shawn and TJ are alone, TJ tells Shawn about what happened with Alexis and Molly at the hotel. Shawn says he'll talk to Alexis and smooth things over. 

Julian goes to Alexis's place to check on her after Molly's attempt to have hotel sex. Alexis tells him about Ric's surprise visit. Julian gets a funny look on his face at the mention of Ric's name, but doesn't reveal it to Alexis. Later, Julian flirts with Alexis and she asks him to babysit Danny for her while she steps out. At the end, Shawn stops by and isn't pleased to see Julian answer Alexis's door.

Ric gets a visit from Olivia in his Metro Court hotel room. Olivia recounts Ric's many past offenses and implies he's in town to make trouble. Then Olivia remembers her conversation with Sonny about Julian's money man. She quickly excuses herself and calls Sonny to tell him. At the end, Sonny comes over to Ric's hotel room and let's himself in.

End of show!

If you missed yesterday's show you can view it here --> GH 02/25/14

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