Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Mrs. Partridge Comes to Town

Shirley Jones Guest Stars. Read Here - > Shirley Jones on GH
In this episode we learn that Victor and Dr. Obrecht share a romantic past, Dante finds Heather's bloody note and Liz realizes who baby Ben's father really is! 

Today's Show - 

Lulu and Lucas goes to see Dante at the PCPD to discuss Franco. Lucas is upset about Carly and questions Dante's police work. Lucas storms off in anger and calls Brad for support. Lucas asks Brad to meet him for a drink, but Brad turns him down. Back in the station, Lulu notices that Dante's allergies are bothering him. Then Lucas returns and apologizes to Dante for snapping at him. He offers to go to the hospital to pick up allergy cream to make up for it.

Brad brings Felix a rose at the hospital in honor of their first date. They go in for a kiss, but Sabrina interrupts them. Felix asks Brad if they can have a drink later. Brad says yes and then leaves to give Felix and Sabrina privacy. Once alone, Sabrina tells Felix that she confessed to Patrick. Nearby Lucas arrives at the hospital and runs into Brad. They chat about Felix and Lucas makes it clear that he's available if Brad changes his mind. Later, Felix cancels his date with Brad to help Sabrina instead. At the end, Brad and Lucas decide to get a drink afterall.  

Nikolas goes to the hospital to see Elizabeth and asks Liz to give Britt a chance. Then they get to talking about Britt's baby and Nik tells her that Brad isn't Ben's father. He explains how Britt took sperm from the lab. Liz is outraged and questions what Nik is thinking. Later, Liz offers to help fill a prescription for Ben's allergy. Then Lucas brings Liz Dante's prescription for allergy cream as well. Liz compares allergy prescriptions and realizes that baby Ben is Dante and Lulu's child!

Carly tries furiously to free herself in the catacombs. Nearby, Heather runs into Victor Cassadine. Heather claims to be a servant and quickly scurries away. She heads over to where Carly is and unbeknownst to her, Carly did manage to free herself. Carly pretends to be tied up while Heather torments her with a knife. Then Carly kicks her and they start wrestling. She knocks Heather out with a glass bottle. Carly assumes she's unconscious, but then Heather pops up again. They start wrestling again and bang into the beam supports. Suddenly the ceiling caves in and Carly gets buried under the rubble.

Britt notices the catacomb door is open at Windermere when she's cleaning up toys. Then Dr. Obrecht walks in and startles her. She asks if Dr. O knows anything about the catacomb door being open, but she denies it. Then Dr. Obrecht asks if she can move into Windermere and threatens to reveal the baby secret if Britt doesn't allow it. Later, Victor strolls in and introduces himself. It's apparent that Victor and Dr. O know each other. Britt offers to get them tea and once alone, Victor tells Dr. O that the only thing he needs is her. At the end, Nikolas comes home and asks Victor what he's doing in Port Charles. After seeing Victor, Dr. O decides not to move into Windermere. 

Over at the Drake's, Patrick tells Robin that Sabrina's baby is his afterall. Patrick tries to explain Sabrina's reasoning and says he didn't want this. Then Patrick sees the picture of Jason that Victor left her. Robin lies and says that she was just thinking/praying for Jason. At the end, Robin and Patrick discuss what they're going to tell Emma about Sabrina's baby.

Franco reads Heather's bloody note and freaks out at the realization that she's still alive in the cemetery. Then he runs into Mrs. McClain aka Shirley Jones and she asks what's he's doing there. Franco claims to be a grave digger, but she doesn't buy it. Shirley heads off to the PCPD and tells Dante that she saw Franco at the cemetery. Dante heads over there immediately, but doesn't find Franco. However, he does find Heather's bloody note.

End of show!

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