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Valentine's Day - GH Style!

Love is in the air...sort of!
In this episode we get horny teens, bitch fights and over zealous cougar's for V-Day, but the most romantic part was definitely Nikolas talking about his love for Britt! 

Today's Show - 

Anna finds Duke at her doorway with a dozen roses. Anna accepts the flowers, but is still angry about him working for Sonny. Duke tries again to explain why he's choosing to work for Sonny and tells Anna that he's not going to give her up. He says that he'll quit working for Sonny once Julian is out of the picture. Anna wonders how long that will take and Duke says he thinks their war will end soon. Anna tells him that she loves him, but she's not sure she can keep doing this. Duke says that if they were truly over he wouldn't even been sitting with her now. Duke suggests that maybe she should get out of police work. Anna says she's not in it for the money and her ethics mean a lot to her. Duke says if Faison couldn't break them up, this shouldn't either. He asks Anna to stick it out with him. She agrees and says that she can't turn him away and they kiss.

TJ and Molly exchange Valentine's candy and make out at her place. TJ is ready to take things to the next level and peels off his shirt, but Molly panics and tells him to stop. They start to talk about sex and what he did with Taylor. TJ says it was nothing like what he feels for Molly, but it's okay if Molly wants to wait. However, Molly says she doesn't want to wait. She tells TJ that she loves him and she's ready. At the end, they decide plan a special night together that's both romantic and safe.

Ava brings Sonny and Morgan a flash drive full of Julian's confidential files at his new office. Sonny tells Ava that he'll keep in touch with her and then asks to speak with Morgan alone. Once alone, he tells Morgan that for the time being he still needs to treat Ava as the enemy. Morgan isn't happy, but reluctantly agrees. Then he walks out of the office and sees that he received a text from Ava asking him to meet her in a hotel room. He responds that he can't and then runs into Olivia on her way off the elevator. Olivia walks into Sonny's office and they chat about the file's Ava got from Julian's computer. 

Later, Olivia and Sonny have a romantic dinner alone in his office. She tells him that she wishes they could have some quiet time together without mob wars. Sonny promises her it's almost over and says she's his rock. Then he pulls out a jewelry box and it's a gold chain with a clear pearl on it? I honestly wasn't sure what the stone was, does anyone know? Meanwhile, Morgan heads over to Ava's room afterall. Ava is ready for sex the moment she sees Morgan and seduces him into staying with her. She tells Morgan she loves him and they shouldn't wait so they end up getting it on.

Lulu finds one of Connie's baby shoes under her bed. She shows Dante and they share a moment of grief over not having a baby. Then Nikolas and Spencer stop by to bring Valentine's day gifts to them. Spencer gives Dante Yankee tickets and Lulu a lovely silver tennis bracelet. Spencer mentions Nikolas buying a ring for Britt. Lulu asks if it's for what she thinks and Nik tells her about his plans to propose to Britt. He talks about what Britt means to him and all the things he's grown to love about her. Lulu says it will take her awhile to be fond of Britt. Nik asks if she'll offer her blessing at least. Lulu brings up Emily and Nik tears up thinking about her. However, he says that he's ready to move forward with Britt. Hearing that makes Lulu happy so she offers her blessing and hugs Nik.

At Windermere, Liz arrives to speak with Britt. She returns Ben's hairbrush and tells Britt about how she managed to get DNA that proves Dante is Ben's father. Britt asks what Liz wants now that she knows this information. Liz tells Britt that she wants to tell Dante the truth. Britt accuses her of doing this to sabotage her relationship with Nikolas. Britt brings up the ugly history with Liz, Lucky and Nik and she calls Liz a whore. Liz responds by slapping her across the face. Britt dares Liz to try it again so Liz slaps her again. However, Britt being a foot taller than Liz immediately slaps her back and squeezes Liz's wrist into submission. Liz doesn't give up though. She charges at Britt and knocks Britt down. Then Liz runs off telling Britt she's going straight to Dante's place. 

At the end, Liz shows up at Dante and Lulu's door. Back at Windermere Britt tells Ben how much she loves him and frets about what she's going to do. Nikolas returns and sees that she's upset. He asks what's wrong and Brit replies that she has something to tell him.

End of Show!

Enjoy the preview for Monday's show below!

Have a great weekend and enjoy Valentine's Day!

P.S If you missed Thursday's show you can view it here -  02/13/14 GH - Full Episode

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  1. Ava and Morgan are just gross! Please end this relationship already and send Morgan off to college!!!


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