Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Orphans and Interlopers

Could these ladies perform at the Nurse's Ball this year? Let's hope so!
Today's Show -

Kevin promises that he'll help Lucy with this year's Nurse's Ball at the hospital. He even offers to resurrect Norma & Eve for the event. They run into Franco and Kevin escorts him into one of the exams rooms to talk privately. They squash any awkwardness over Kevin having him arrested. Later, Franco tells Kevin and Lucy that he thinks Scott might have gone missing. Lucy takes off to look for him and at the end, Franco tells Kevin that Lucy has more then a casual interest in Scott. 

Robin leaves messages for Patrick on his cell phone from their house when Liz drops by. Liz wants to talk about Nikolas and Britt. Robin asks if Liz is still in love with Nik. Liz answers that yes she is still in love with him. Robin advises her to tell Nikolas about her feelings and take the chance that he still feels the same. Later, Liz decides to head over to Windermere.

Patrick listens to Robin's voice messages at the hospital. Lucy approaches him to discuss Nurse's Ball plans and asks where Robin is. Patrick tells her that Robin won't be at the ball this year either. Lucy starts to ramble and attempts to give him marriage advice, assuming that Robin is upset over Sabrina being pregnant. Later, Patrick returns home and tells Robin that he wants to get Anna involved in the Cassadine/Jason situation. 

Tracy drops by Lulu's place to rant about Luke being missing. They get into a conversation about how baby Ben came to be Dante's kid. Tracy tells her that growing up a Q means putting up with a cavalcade of orphans and interlopers and if she could deal with that, Lulu can deal with Britt being Ben's mother. Lulu agrees and says she also excited about having Ben in their lives.

Dante goes to see Sonny at his new office to tell him about the Ben situation. He gives Sonny the details on how Britt got pregnant. Dante says he's worried about Lulu and says he wishes Lulu was Ben's mother. Sonny advises him that Lulu will come around and to be happy about the baby.

Anna questions Heather at the PCPD about where Luke is. Heather won't reveal anything so Anna teases her by eating a BLT from Kelly's in front of her. Anna hopes the temptation of the BLT will make Heather want to open up. Her guess is right and Heather confesses all to have a taste of the BLT. At the end, Tracy and Lucy come to talk to Anna about finding Luke and Scott.

Britt and Nik tell Spencer that they're getting married at Windermere and he does a little happy dance. Later, Spencer is anxious to start planning the wedding and says it will be cool to have a mom since he never had one before. Then Britt and Nik discuss Dante and how he'll react. Nikolas suggests that Britt take Ben to visit with Dante and discuss shared custody. Britt agrees and decides to take Ben to see Dante.

End of show!

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