Monday, February 10, 2014

I'm in!

Windermere or Wyndermere?
Quick Recap - 

Nikolas hires a handyman to investigate the noises in the catacombs. The handyman finds Heather about to stab Carly. He tries to help her, but Heather stabs him for his trouble. After, Carly stalls for time by pointing out holes in Heather's murder plans.

Spencer asks Victor why he was at Emma's house and Victor tells him never to repeat that. Later Victor, Nikolas, Britt, Ben and Spencer all go to the park together. While there, Victor reads all about Heather and Franco in the newspaper.

Nathan goes to discuss Silas with Scotty at his hotel room while Franco is there. He doesn't see Franco, but shortly after the police order a search of the hotel. Scotty decides to escort Franco out of the building and Franco heads over to the park.

Emma and Cameron play in the park, while Robin and Liz chat nearby. Then TJ and Molly run into Robin while babysitting Danny and Robin finally meets Jason's son. Meanwhile, Spencer meets up with Emma and Cameron and they end up revealing to Victor and then later Franco about seeing Heather on Spoon Island.

AJ recalls seeing Ava the night Connie was murdered at the park. He runs into Liz and tells her about his memory. However Liz thinks he's been drinking and Nik warns AJ to leave her alone. After Britt and Liz have a moment alone and Britt accuse's Liz of stealing Ben's hairbrush.

Ava goes to visit Morgan at Sonny's new office and they discuss their relationship. Morgan suggests that she join Sonny's side so they can be together. Ava reluctantly agrees and Morgan goes to get Sonny to tell him. After, AJ strolls in and finds Ava alone.

At the end, Robin tells Victor, "I'm in!" after meeting little Danny. Scotty goes to the mental institution to see Heather and finds Luke! Over on Spoon Island, Franco finally gets to Carly in the catacombs!

End of show!

Enjoy today's episode below!

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  1. Absolutely love the Cassadines. Love little Spencer with Great Uncle Victor I think those scenes are hilarious. That little Spencer can black mail with the best of them. Love Spencer with Emma. Definitely don't like her with Cameron that kid is so wimpy and Emma is a little spit fire like her Mom she definitely belongs with Spencer, those two make a cute little couple/team. Plus the fact that Robin and Nikolas are good friends. To put Emma with Cameron is too creepy being that there are a lot of family relations in that pairing. Think the kids are a welcome distraction from the dopey adults.


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