Monday, February 3, 2014

Restore the Cassadines

WSB good, DVX Bad!
In this episode Baby Ben and Dante have identical allergies, Heather searches for her knife and Victor invokes Jason to gain control over Robin!

Today's Show - 

Kiki tells Franco in the interrogation room that she saw Heather at the mental institute. Franco says that can't be, because he killed Heather. She can't believe what she's hearing. However after getting more details, Kiki wonders if Heather could still be alive. She says that they need to tell Dante everything, but Franco stops her and says no way. Instead Franco purposes that she help him escape by way of a paper clip on the floor.

Nathan brings Dante coffee at the PCPD to apologize for overstepping with Lulu. Dante thanks him and says that they're good. Then they start doing a little work on the Franco case and find a note that Heather left for Franco warning him to stop seeing Carly. Dante explains to Nathan how crazy Heather is and there could be truth to Franco's statement about being framed. Then Dante gets an allergy to the latex gloves in his hand. Nathan steps away and Kiki comes running out of the interrogation room. She rants about how she hates Franco and then faints. Franco uses the distraction to attempt an escape, but Dante sees him and draws his gun. Franco makes a run for it saying he has to help Carly, so Dante fires at him.

Patrick leaves a voice message for Robin at the hospital. Then Britt walks up to him and apologizes for lying to him about being Ben's father. Patrick says he's beyond it and tries to get away. Britt persists and starts talking about how much she loves Ben and how it changed her. Patrick softens up and they end up having a nice conversation. At the end, Patrick says their both in a good place and it's all good now. Then Britt asks if he and Robin are planning on having another baby. Patrick says it's not the right time.

At Windermere, Nikolas returns from the stables and tells Lulu that he didn't find the Chupacabra, but he did find a knife. Lulu holds little Ben and Nikolas mentions that Ben is allergic to latex. Lulu says that Dante is as well. Nikolas also mentions other fruit allergies that Ben has and Lulu notes that Dante has those too. Outside, Heather walks Carly to the Windermere catacombs and ties her to a poll. She realizes that her knife is missing and panics. Heather decides to go look for it and while she's gone, Carly tries to get free. Shortly after, Heather returns without the knife, but says she's going to the house to search more. Heather creeps through the catacombs and sees Nik and Lulu in the living room discussing the knife. Britt walks in from work and Lulu thanks her for advising her to work things out with Dante. Then Nikolas tells Britt about how coincidental it is that Dante and Ben have the same allergies. At the end, Heather tells Carly that she's decided to go to the Metro Court to look for another knife. Carly uses the time alone to furiously rub her restraints against the poll to untie herself.

Liz storms into the exam room where Sabrina is with Emma. She doesn't see Emma and blurts out that Patrick is the father of Sabrina's baby. Emma hears it and asks Sabrina what's going on. Liz jumps in and says she made a mistake and jumped to conclusions. Later Emma shows them information about the Chupacabra on the internet. Sabrina says there is no such thing and the person who told her that was lying. Emma brings up Sabrina's baby again and says if Sabrina was having her daddy's baby, she would love it, because she loves her. At the end, Sabrina decides to tell Patrick that the baby is his afterall.

Over at the Drake's, Victor Cassadine tells Robin that he needs her to help restore the Cassadine family back to it's former glory. He explains that Dr. Obrecht told him where Helena and Stavros were being "stored" in exchange for her freedom and new job. Victor tells Robin that she's the right doctor for the job and the world is no longer black and white. He says, "The WSB good, the DVX bad" is nonsense. He thinks the world needs people like Helena and Stavros. Then Mac knocks on the door. Victor warns Robin not to say anything and then hides. She lets Mac in and he gives her a lucky charm necklace from Robert. Robin thanks him, they have a brief conversation and then Mac leaves. At the end, Victor shows Robin a picture of Jason suggesting that she can bring him back to life! End of show!

Fun show today, minus Heather and the Chupacabra talk.

Have a great night!


  1. Dante & Lulu, reunion of their baby fm Britta, this wk. love her to go down & Heather soon, um bring Patrick & Robin, reunion but bring her bk as well. Love Carlos, to be the father of Sabrina's baby not Patrick please thanks Frisco & Felicia reunion & Spinelli & Maxie bring them bk to gh

  2. Love all the Cassadine's on screen. Don't want them to bring back Starvos, maybe Helena. Definitely want all to find out that Carlos is really the father of Sabrina's baby. Love the kids being included in the storyline it brings a little comedy and a little cuteness to GH something that is lacking. Love seeing the Prince!!!!! Don't think they should use Victor to bring back Cassadine glory. It should be the younger generation like Nikolas, Alexis, Sam etc. Bring back Cassadine glory with honor that means Nikolas being in control and maybe a tad more manipulative and controlling.


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