Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Pineapple Pizza

Nice to see you!
In this episode Julian explains why he's homophobic, Franco fights to stay alive and Connie comes to visit AJ!

Here's What Happened - 

Sam and Silas talk about the "Nina" situation at his place. He explains to Sam that he loved Nina and never cared about her wealth. Silas also shares that Nina's parents never liked him and that she paid for his education. Later Sam gets pizza for them to share and Silas teases her for liking pineapple on her pizza. She forces him to try it and that leads to them having sex. After they eat pizza nude (covered by sheets of course, but yuck!) in bed. Sam speculates that Nathan might have a connection to Nina. Silas still thinks Ava is framing him and they decide to go to NYC to further investigate. At the end, they have sex again.

Alexis finds Julian on her porch. He tells her about his issue with Lucas. Alexis thinks he wants to make a move on her, but Julian assures her it's not the case. She lets him inside and they have a drink. Julian says that he's not happy that Lucas is gay. Alexis advises him to accept his son for who he is and asks why it bothers him. Julian explains that he was raised by a hard intolerant father. Alexis tells him to forget the past so he can have a relationship with his son. At the end, he thanks Alexis for her advice and leaves.

Sonny sees AJ at Crimson with Ava. Sonny isn't pleased so Ava says AJ came looking for a job. AJ confirms that it's true and he and Sonny have a mild argument. Ava tells AJ to leave and after she and Sonny discuss her decision to switch sides. Ava explains that her and Julian weren't raised together and she's not as loyal to him as Sonny thinks. Sonny questions how Julian used Morgan and Ava says she hated that. She asks Sonny to give her a chance to prove herself. She promises to deliver Julian. Sonny says he'll believe it when he sees it. At the end, Ava tells Sonny that AJ brought up Connie and doesn't seem remorseful about her death.

Over at the cemetery, AJ goes to Connie's grave and talks to it. He says he wishes he could talk to her and then suddenly she appears. AJ asks if he killed her or if Ava did. Connie runs through the his theories about Ava with him, but never confirms who killed her. AJ pleads with her to just tell him the truth. Connie tells him she's not a ghost, just a figment of his imagination. She advises him to remember on his own and then fades away.

Michael finds Morgan in Sonny's old office. Morgan tells Michael about Ava switching to Sonny's team. Michael questions Ava's motives. Later they start talking about Kiki's loyalty toward Franco. Then Bobby calls Michael to tell him that Carly was found. The news makes Michael and Morgan hug in relief and then they rush off to the hospital.

Carly and Franco are taken to General Hospital together. The doctors expect Carly to make a full recovery. Bobby and Lucas come to visit her. Carly tells them how Franco saved her. Nearby, Franco is in bad shape and passes out from blood loss. He starts to crush and the doctor's work furiously to save him. Lucas checks in on Franco and then returns to tell Carly the news. Michael and Morgan are there and Lucas tells them that the doctor's stabilized Franco for now. At the end, Lucas and Bobby have a moment alone and he tells her about his run-in with Julian. Then Franco is rushed into emergency surgery!

End of show!

I feel like Silas and Sam have no chemistry. When he was McBain they did, but now something is just so off. What do you think?

Have a great night!

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  1. I agree about Silas and Sam. Silas comes off about as deep as a puddle. I preferred him as McBain or even the vampire to Silas!!!

    I think Sam and Patrick make a much better couple,personally. I think the development of their friendship in the last year proves they have chemistry.


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