Friday, February 7, 2014

Next Time, Wooden Stake!

In today's show we learn that Julian is uncomfortable with Lucas's sexuality, AJ remembers more about the night Connie died and Heather saves Carly!?!

Here's What Happened - 

Ava goes to see Kiki in jail. Kiki tells her that she wanted to help Franco and she thinks he's innocent. Kiki also talks about how angry Michael is with her. Then Kiki asks Ava about Morgan breaking up with her. Ava says that Sonny made him do it. Later, Ava offers to hire Diane to help Kiki, but Kiki says she doesn't want her help. Ava gets angry about Kiki's stubbornness and insists that she allow her to help. Kiki finally agrees and thanks Ava for coming to her aid.

Lucas tells Julian that he's gay at the cemetery. Julian is a little surprised, because he assumed Lucas was straight. Lucas asks if he has a problem with that. Julian wonders if maybe Lucas is just going through a phase. Lucas says that Tony taught him about girls, sports and treating people with respect and it's definitely not a phase. Then he tells Julian that DNA or not, he's not his father. Lucas goes to walk off, but Julian asks him to wait. Julian says finding out about having kids is an adjustment. Then Lucas says he has trouble accepting that Julian is a mobster. After Lucas asks him again if he can accept a gay son, but Julian can't bring himself to answer.

AJ takes a drink at the cemetery and starts to remember more about the night Connie was killed. Michael finds him there and they get to talking about Franco. Michael rants to AJ about how Kiki helped Franco, because she thinks Heather is truly responsible for Carly's kidnapping. Later, AJ tells Michael about the memories he's been having. AJ thinks that someone walked off the elevator that night, but he can't remember who it was. Michael tells AJ that he loves him and he thinks it's possible someone else is responsible for Connie's murder. At the end, AJ remembers seeing Ava in the elevator!

Alexis and Sam discuss Silas and Julian at the PCPD. Alexis tells Sam that she thinks Julian will help Silas for her, but then Nathan comes up to them and says he has new evidence. Nathan shows them a copy of Silas's wife's will, which shows that Silas would have inherited everything. Alexis doesn't think there is enough evidence to convict and insists that Nathan get Scotty involved. Later, Ava runs into them after visiting Kiki and they accuse her of giving Nathan Nina's will. Ava strongly denies it and tells Sam that Julian tried to get her to confess. At the end, Alexis ignores a voice message from Julian where he asks for her help.

Morgan helps Sonny move into his new office at Crimson. They discuss Julian and Ava. Sonny asks if Ava has tried to reach out to him. Morgan tells him about how he dumped Ava with a text message. The topic upsets Morgan and he says that Ava is everything to him. Sonny says he understands, because of what happened to Connie. Sonny says the only reason that AJ is breathing is because of Michael. At the end, Sonny tells Morgan that it means a lot that Morgan is with him now. Morgan replies that it means a lot that Sonny took him back into the fold. Then Sonny leaves and Ava comes to see Morgan.

Franco poses as a room service worker at the Metro Court and goes to visit Scotty. He pushes his way into Scott's room and asks for his help. Franco insists that Heather Webber is behind Carly's disappearance. He also shares that he thought he killed Heather, but now it seems she's alive afterall. Franco says next time he'll use a wooden stake to get the job done. Franco mentions the bloody note and pleads with Scotty to help find Carly. At the end, Nathan knocks on Scotty's door while Franco is there.

Heather wakes up under the rubble in the catacombs. She searches for Carly and finds her under pieces of the ceiling. Heather believes Carly is dead. She rants about how Carly needs to die by a knife like the way Franco tried to killed her. Heather decides that she needs to save Carly so she can kill her properly. She starts to perform CPR and screams at Carly to breathe. Then Carly suddenly wakes up gasping for air. Carly asks why Heather saved her, so Heather explains her thinking about stabbing her to death. At the end, Carly screams for help and Heather finally finds her knife!

End of show!

Enjoy today's episode below!

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