Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Jason is Alive!

What did you say?
In today's show Dante gets some surprising news, Robin tells Patrick the unfortunate truth and Sonny discovers a secret partner in Julian's organization.

Here's What Happened - 

Patrick insists that Robin tell him the truth about why she's leaving at their house. He thinks all her excuses don't add up and wonders if her HIV is effecting her again. Robin caves and tells him that she's doing this because of Jason. She says, "Jason is alive!" Patrick is shocked and hurt. Robin explains who Victor is and what he wants from her. Patrick says it could be a ruse and can't believe that she's doing this. He also can't believe that she'd leave Emma again. Robin tries to explain her reasoning in wanting to bring Danny's father back to him. Patrick says he doesn't care and accuses her of caring more about Jason than him. Robin says that's not true, but Patrick reminds her of how she ended up in the lab explosion because she needed Jason's protocol 2 years ago. He asks how long she'll be gone this time. Robin tries to explain why it's important for her to save Jason. She assures him that she loves he and Emma very much. Patrick tells her to say no to Victor Cassadine if that's true. However, she won't so he storms out.

At Sonny's office, Sonny asks Shawn if the information Ava delivered was good. They review the files on Sonny's laptop together and they seem legit. Then Sonny stumbles across a file on Jason and realizes that Julian's been tracking his people for a long time. Sonny sees something else that upsets him, but we don't get to see what. He has Shawn summon Ava to come to the office immediately.

In Ava's hotel room, Morgan wonders when they can be together in the open. She tells him as soon as Sonny verifies her flash drive. Meanwhile, Julian thinks about his last conversation with Lucas while having a drink in his hotel room. Ava shows up a awhile later and he asks her what she was doing with his computer. Julian tells her about what Alexis saw, but Ava denies it. Julian accepts her denial, but warns her that he'll kill her if she betrays him. Ava tells him she'd kill him or even his grandson Danny if he hurts her.

Lucas sends Brad a V-day text from the hospital. Morgan shows up, because their both there for Carly. They start talking about Julian and Lucas asks for Morgan's opinion on him. Morgan tells Lucas that Julian is really, really bad news. He tells Lucas about how Julian threatened to killed his family when he tried to quit the business. Later, Morgan asks if Lucas is seeing anyone and says Bobby told him that Lucas is like a Don Juan. Lucas laughs and says there is one person.

Brad discloses his involvement in Britt's baby drama to Felix at his place. Felix gets him a drink and notices Lucas's text on Brad's phone. Felix asks Brad who Lucas is. Brad says he's a non gay friend, but then Felix sees Lucas's topless selfie. Felix says he's not mad, but it's important for them to be upfront. Brad explains that they slept together a few weeks ago when he and Felix were fighting, Felix asks if that was the only time so Brad admits there was a second time more recently. Felix is disappointed and tells Brad to leave. Brad tries to apologize, but Felix tells him he'll see him at work and shuts the door.

Nikolas and Britt arrive at Lulu and Dante's place. Nik is eager to come to Britt's rescue. He blurts out that Dante is Ben's father, despite Liz's attempt to give him a knowing look of caution. Dante is stunned and asks them to explain. Liz jumps in and explains how Britt stole Dante's sperm sample. Dante asks Britt if it's true and she admits it. She explains how her mother talked her into it, but she she didn't know it was Dante's sperm. Liz doesn't believe that Britt didn't know, but Britt and Nik insist it's true. Dante says he wants to see his son. Nikolas suggests that they wait until the morning for Ben's sake and Dante agrees. Then Nik leaves with Britt. After Britt assumes that Nikolas won't want her, but he says that's not true he still wants to marry her. He gets down on one knee and asks her again. Unbeknownst to Nik and Britt, Liz sees them on her way out of Dante's place and it makes her cry.

At the end, Lulu assures Dante that she's okay with him having a baby with Britt, but when they hug she looks upset. Ava goes to Sonny's office. Sonny asks her who Julian's money man is, because he found some interesting files. Ava says she didn't know about this and Sonny deducts that someone has has been funding Julian for years. Back at Julian's hotel room, he receives a mysterious Skype call.

End of show!

Who do you think the money man is?

Have a great night!


  1. My guess is that Rick is the money man and finally wants his revenge against Sonny!

  2. Hope all this with Ben turns out ok for everyone. I like Britt and Nikolas together but I don't want to see him hurt. And Liz needs to keep her nose out of other people's business she certainly wasn't doing any of this for altruistic motives, it was so that Nik would break up with Britt. Liz had her chance and she turned the Prince away (stupid girl) . Love little Spencer and Nik they are so cute together.


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