Monday, February 17, 2014

I'm Faking It!

 Leaving Again!?!
In today's episode Valentine's Day continues with Robin breaking Patrick's heart, Victor and Dr. Obrecht strike a deal and Britt tells Nikolas most of the truth!

Monday's Recap - 

Dr. Obrecht desperately tries to connect with Faison on the telephone, when Victor arrives at her door. He brings chocolates along with an emerald and diamond broach for her. She's not impressed so he asks what he can do to please her. Dr. O replies that he can help her connect with Faison. Victor wonders why she cares so much about Faison and it leads to a conversation about Robin. Victor shares his plan to have Robin restore Helena and Stavros. At the end, Victor agrees to look into the Faison situation for her. After they enjoy the chocolates he brought for her together.

Brad brings Felix wine, music and kisses at his apartment. His kindness makes Felix feel guilty for lying so he confesses that the DNA test Brad interceded wasn't for the cops. Felix explains that the test was to determine whether or not Dante is Ben's father. Then Felix asks if Brad knew. Brad decides to come clean and admits he always knew Dante was Ben's father. 

Nikolas tells Britt to get ready for V-Day at Windermere. When she returns in a cocktail dress, Britt finds Nikolas dressed up with a table prepared for them to dine at. On Britt's plate is a black ring box. Nik takes it, gets on one knee and asks Britt to marry him. Britt tears up at the sight of the ring, but tells him that she can't marry him. Britt explains about the DNA test Liz ran on Ben's hairbrush. Then she tells Nikolas that Dante is Ben's father. Nikolas asks if Britt knew that Dr. O used Dante's sperm to get her preggers. Britt says that she had no idea, but that she's panicked Dante and Lulu will try to take Ben away from her.

Elizabeth goes to Dante and Lulu's place. Lulu thinks that Liz is there to discuss Nik proposing to Britt. That news surprises Liz, but she says that's not what she came to talk about. Dante gets called away on police business and after Lulu and Liz discuss Britt. Lulu says that Britt tried to help her and Dante get pregnant again, but she didn't like the idea of Dante having a baby with another woman. Hearing that makes Liz doubt her decision to spill the beans about baby Ben.

Carly waits at Franco's bedside in the hospital. She yells at him to open his eyes and wake up. Right then Franco's eyes open wide. They discuss what Heather did and Carly promises him that she's on his side...always! Then she remembers that Luke is missing and calls Dante to tell him. Dante comes to the hospital and Carly fills him in on when she last saw Luke. At the end, Carly assures Franco that he's nothing like Heather, but he seems unsure.

At the Drake's, Robin tells Patrick that she's leaving Port Charles to continue her AIDS work in Africa. Patrick is confused and pushes her to explain what's going on. Robin says she's leaving because of the WSB releasing Dr. Obrecht and she needs to protect he and Emma. Patrick says that they'll come with her. Robin tells him that won't work, because he's having a baby with Sabrina. Then she tells him that she doesn't want to continue their family because of Sabrina's baby.

At the end, Dante comes home just as Nikolas and Britt arrive to discuss Ben. Victor warns Dr. Obrecht that if she finds Faison, she may also find more rejection from him. Patrick is crushed by Robin saying she doesn't want to be a family anymore. Robin says it doesn't feel the same between them and she's been faking it with him. Patrick knows something is off. He says her reasoning doesn't make sense and demands to know what's really going on! 

End of show!

Enjoy the preview for tomorrow's show below!

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