Thursday, February 27, 2014

High and Dry

Self absorbed martyr!
In this episode Carly gives Robin a piece of her mind, Ric tells Sonny he means no harm, plus Tracy saves AJ!

Today's Show - 

Sonny pays Ric a visit in his hotel room at the Metro Court. Ric swears he no longer holds a grudge against Sonny and extends his hand for Sonny to shake. Sonny laughs it off and warns Ric that Julian Jerome is after him so he shouldn't get too close. Sonny gives Ric some of the history with Julian in recent days. Ric says he's not worried, because Julian won't go after him. Sonny asks why Ric thinks that. Ric answers that only the people close to Sonny are in danger and he doesn't even warrant a handshake. 

Shawn and Julian have a man to man talk at Alexis's place. Shawn aggressively warns Julian to stay from TJ or else. Alexis interrupts just as Shawn is about to punch Julian. Shawn takes the opportunity to tell Alexis that Julian threatened TJ. Julian says he encouraged TJ to tell the police what he really saw at the warehouse. Alexis asks what TJ saw and Julian answers, "Shawn and Sonny about to kill Carlos!" Alexis isn't happy to hear that and asks Shawn to leave. After Julian says Sonny and Shawn are bad, but he's good. Alexis gets suspicious and asks him to leave as well.

Delia tries to keep Ava at bay at Ryan's bar so she doesn't see Sam. She spills a drink on Ava so she has to go to the bathroom to clean up. When Ava steps away, Delia runs to Sam to tell her that she'll handle Ava. When Delia returns she's asks Ava for a loan. The request sends Ava running for the door. Later, Silas and Sam return to Ryan's to converse with Delia. They discuss their plan to use Delia to lure in Mr. Nakamura.

Tracy checks a beleaguered Luke out of the hospital. Carly runs into them before they check out. Luke oddly defends Carly when Tracy gives her the business for taking so long to remember he was missing. Nearby. Robin and Patrick run into Sabrina at the as they step off the hospital elevator. Robin quickly excuses herself and once alone Patrick tells Sabrina that Robin is leaving for Africa alone. Sabrina asks if Robin is leaving because of her and the baby. Patrick assures her that's not the case.

Carlos points a gun at AJ in the Q's living room. AJ begs for his life, but Carlos orders him to get on his knees. Right then Tracy and Luke walk in and Tracy hits Carlos over the head with a vase. Luke grabs Carlo's gun and chases him out. Later Luke returns without Carlos, but says he's feeling fit as a fiddle. AJ thinks Sonny must have put a hit out on him and he thanks Tracy for saving his life. Luke says he will go speak with Sonny. After Tracy asks AJ if anyone else might want him dead.

Robin runs into Carly on her crutches in the hallway at GH. Carly extends an olive branch to Robin so Robin tells her about her leaving Port Charles. Carly doesn't like what she hears and gives Robin a lecture about how wrong it is to leave her family. Carly says she's leaving Patrick high and dry. Robin responds by saying Carly would worship her if she knew the truth. Carly asks what truth, but then Patrick interrupts them and tells Carly to back off. Carly tells Patrick that he deserves better and then hobbles off annoyed. After Patrick gives Robin the cold shoulder.

At the end, Carlos goes to see Sabrina for medical help at the hospital. While he's there he calls Ava and tells her that he hit a snag while trying to kill AJ. On his way out of Alexis's house, Julian leaves a message for an unknown person saying it's time for them to meet. At Kelly's, Shawn recounts to Sonny about his frustrating encounter with Julian and Alexis. Sonny tells Shawn he thinks Ric is banking rolling Julian. Over at Ryan's Rub in NYC, Sam, Silas and Delia are disappointed to learn that Mr. Nakamura was found dead.

End of show!

I loved Carly ripping into Robin today! Did you notice Luke's new hair? What about AJ's armpit sweat....gross! I think Luke is experiencing a personality switch or something from the drugs.

Enjoy tomorrow's preview below!

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  1. I did notice Luke's hair and AJ's armpits yesterday. I think Luke's look is on purpose, but AJ's armpits were more about SK being even a little extra robust lately! I like him, but he's looking bigger then ever.


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