Thursday, February 20, 2014

He's Toast!

Oops, don't peak!
Quick Recap -

Anna finds Luke and Scotty in a padded cell together at the Miscavige institute. Both of them are passed out and in straight jackets. Anna has them taken to GH for immediate treatment and arrests Heather's henchmen/orderly who locked them up.

Tracy and Lucy wait for news on Luke and Scott at the PCPD. Tracy notes that Lucy seems a little too worried about Scott. Lucy insists that she's happily married to Kevin. Then they get a call telling them that Scott and Luke are at the hospital.

Robin doesn't like Patrick's idea to involve her mother at their house. Then Victor drops by just as Patrick insists they speak with Anna. He warns them that if they tell Anna, Jason is "Toast!" Victor informs Patrick that Robin is the only doctor who can save Jason. DUH!

Liz goes to see Nik in his bedroom at Windermere and she finds him in a towel. He gets dressed and after Liz tells him that she's in love with him. Nik is shocked and tears up. He reminds her about choosing AJ over him. Liz answers that she made a big mistake.

Britt brings Ben over to Lulu and Dante's place for a visit. She gets called to work while she's there so Britt allows them to babysit for her. Later, Lulu gets called to the hospital to see Luke so she leaves Dante alone with Ben. At the end, Dante wishes Lulu was Ben's mom! OH VEY!

Epiphany realizes that Sabrina is carrying Drake junior's baby at GH. Later, Patrick skips a doctor's appt. with Sabrina and Britt ends up examining her. Britt apologizes for being awful in the past, Sabrina accepts and they share a bonding moment about babies and men.

At the end, Lucy hugs Scott at GH over-enthusiastically and Tracy sees. At the Drake's, Robin tells Patrick she's going to save Jason, period end of story. At Windermere, Nik tells Liz it's too late. Plus, Luke is very messed up from all the drugs he was given and seems quite confused!

End of show!

Enjoy the preview for tomorrow's show below!

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