Friday, February 21, 2014

Mommy Skype

I have to save Jason!
In this episode TJ and Molly are ready for a night of passion, Julian tries to make nice with Sam and Alexis. Plus, Robin fails to ease Emma's feelings about her mother leaving again!

Friday's Recap - 

Julian goes to see Sam as she's preparing to leave town with Silas at her penthouse. Julian remembers that Sam's brother Danny died 8 years ago today. He tells her that they were both raised by criminals; Sam a con-artist and he a mob boss. Then he tells Sam that Lucas is willing to give him a chance and he hopes she will to. Sam says she'll consider it. Then Julian gives her some research he did on Danny's illness and shows her a donation he made in Danny's name. Sam is touched and hugs him as thanks. Julian gets choked up and then makes a graceful exit.

Kiki shares her relationship angst with Silas at GH. Silas tells her to make an overture to win back Michael's trust. Kiki thinks that Michael should apologize to her not the other way around. Then Sam arrives to meet Silas for their trip to NYC. Sam and Kiki have a moment to chat privately. Sam tells Kiki that Julian just did something wonderful for her, but she doesn't know if she can trust him. Then Rafe shows up and Silas tells him about going to NYC. Silas gives Rafe money to take cousin Kiki to dinner and they take off. At the end, Sam looks at the donation/research information that Julian gave her and is clearly thinking of him. After, her and Silas leave for their trip.

Molly and TJ attempt to plan a sexcapade at the Metro Court. However, Molly gets interceded by Alexis who wants her to help babysit Danny at home. They get to talking about how Molly is nearly ready for college. Alexis gets slightly emotional and tells Molly that she's an amazing daughter. Molly feels guilty, but manages to slip away by lying and telling Alexis she's going to study with a friend. Later, Julian shows up when Alexis is alone with Danny and he asks to come in to spend time with them.

TJ runs into problems at the Metro Court while trying to secure a hotel room. Olivia realizes that TJ must be there to get a room for he and Molly. Olivia gives him a safe sex talk, but then takes pity on him and gives TJ the room for a discount. Right then Shawn walks in and sees TJ. Olivia covers for him and tells Shawn that he was applying for job to help out with college expenses. Shawn likes what he hears and tells TJ how proud of him he is. Then Shawn takes off to see Sonny. Later, Molly arrives to meet TJ and Olivia gives her a safe sex talk as well. 

Mac and Emma come home just as Robin and Patrick are arguing about her leaving. Patrick advises her to give Mac and Emma a plausible explanation for her upcoming departure. Robin asks Patrick to help her sell a believable story. Robin sits Emma on her lap and tells her about going to Africa to help AID's patients. Emma asks when Robin will be back and asks if Robin will be back for her dance recital next week. When Robin says she'll be gone for awhile, Emma gets upset. Patrick says she can Skype with mommy, but Emma doesn't like that idea. She says it's not enough and she needs her mommy. Then Emma runs out of the room so Patrick goes to talk with her. Once alone, Mac asks Robin what really going on because this doesn't make sense. Robin tells him that she and Patrick are having marriage problems and she needs time to figure things out. She asks Mac to accept her decision and wish her will. Mac gets emotional, but says he's on her side even if he doesn't understand it. They say goodbye and Mac leaves. 

Michael vents about his problems with Kiki to Sonny at his new office. Sonny advises him to forgive Kiki and reminds him that Franco did save Carly. Michael says he doesn't think he can trust Kiki. Sonny tells him to basically shit or get off the pot. Then Shawn arrives to talk business and Michael takes off. On Michael's way out of the Metro Court he runs into Kiki and Rafe. Kiki asks for a moment alone with Michael so Rafe excuses himself. As he steps away, Rafe sees TJ and Molly kissing in the lobby. Back in Sonny's office, Shawn tells Sonny that he found out who Julian's money man is. 

End of show!

I really think Robin's departure could have been written plausibly without this dumbness. I feel like she's being written into Frisco and Felicia land. Robin will disappear in and out of her daughter's life, which sets the stage for Emma to have serious abandonment issues in the future. UGH! 

Wouldn't having her HIV kill her before the Nurse's Ball be gut wrenching soapy goodness? Or even have her take off with Emma to spend time with Robert, while she sorts out her feelings about Sabrina being pregnant? 

How would you write Robin off?

Enjoy Monday's Preview Below!

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  1. Just kill the bitch off for real and be done with it!

  2. Not a huge fan of Robin or KMcC, but I can't stand St. Sabrina with Patrick, and this will obviously open the door for her to run back into his arms, in which case I will be running *away* from this show. It's finally reached a point where I don't care enough about the characters for me to continue on with it if St. Sabrina will be taking center stage again.

    Have to say that little Brooklyn hit it out of the park with her reaction to the bad news. She's really growing as a young actress. It physically hurt me when she teared up and said, "But *I* need you, Mommy!" It really highlights how ridiculous this plotline is. At this point, I'd rather Robin had actually died in that fire. It would have been easier on everyone, including us fans!

    Also not happy about Molly having sex already. Why is it that soaps think everyone has to lose their virginity at 16? In the real world, about 50% of kids are still virgins when they graduate from high school. Why can't Molly be one of them? GH has already proven that it can create plenty of drama between Molly and TJ without sex entering into it. And I *really* don't like how they both lied to the adults in their lives about it and how Olivia, the only "responsible" grown-up in the picture, helped them pull it off! No one should *ever* help kids disobey their parents, especially when it comes to something as important as sex. And, yes, if a kid still lives under his/her parent or guardian's roof, then that parent or guardian *does* have the authority to tell them they have to wait for sex. I hate it when TV shows send the message that it's perfectly fine for underage kids to engage in this behavior! It *does* affect how young fans think.

  3. You know I didn't think of that, but it is irresponsible of Olivia to aid TJ/Molly is having sex when she got knocked up at 15! You'd think she'd give Alexis a call at least.


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