Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Fish or Cut Bait

Who killed you, really?
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Alexis tells Anna that she's going to have to, "Fish or cut bait" regarding holding Silas at the PCPD. Anna decides to releases Silas, much to Nathan's dismay. Later, Anna calls the asylum to follow up on Heather. Then Nikolas goes to the police station to tell Anna about the kids seeing Heather on Spoon Island. 

Scotty finds Luke in Heather's place at the asylum. Heather's henchmen lock them in a padded cell together. Luke is very drugged up, but Scotty punches him to revive him. Scotty torments Luke and Tweets a picture of him with the blonde wig on. Later, Scott bangs on the door to be released, but no one can hear him.

Sam goes to visit Silas in his jail cell. Sam tells him that she doesn't think that Ava is framing him. Then Alexis comes to tell Silas that he's a free man. Later, Alexis and Nikolas chat about Heather and all the misfits on Spoon Island.

Morgan tells Sonny about Ava's switching sides at his old office. Sonny doesn't like what he hears and doesn't buy it. Morgan pleads with Sonny to talk to Ava himself to determine if he believes her or not. Sonny decides to go speak with Ava alone.

AJ confronts Ava in Sonny's new office. Ava admits to being there the night Connie was killed, but tells AJ that Connie was already dead when she arrived. She also claims to have taken the hotel video footage and murder weapon to protect Julian and him. Ava says she watched the footage and AJ definitely killed Connie.

Franco finds Carly under the rubble in the catacombs at Windermere, but Heather returns before he can rescue her. He goes to stab her, but Heather pulls a gun out and shoots Franco. He takes a bullet in the chest, but manages to stab Heather in the foot. Heather tries to shoot Franco again, but Anna and Nathan arrive and arrest her. 

At the end, Franco tells Carly he loves her right before passing out. Sam and Silas decide to go to his place to have a shower together. Over at the Metro Court, AJ asks to see the video footage, but Ava tells him she burned it. Then Sonny walks in and demands to know what AJ is doing there.

End of Show!

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