Monday, February 3, 2014

GH February 2014 News, Rumors & Spoilers

According to General Hospital Happenings, here's what coming up for Feb Sweeps!
As always, take with a grain of salt...

Some News - 

Donna Mills Join GH

"Mills, best known for playing villainess Abby Ewing on Knot’s Landing — is joining the cast of General Hospital. Mills was the only choice to play a new big character — particularly because the writers are major fans of her old primetime soap."

No word on the details of her character. She is expected to begin airing in late February. 

Nathan Parsons to True Blood

Parsons (Ethan Lovett, GH) has landed a role as a series regular in the final season of True Bloodon HBO. He will be taking over the role of James, from the departing Luke Grimes. Expect his vampire character to be involved in a love triangle involving female vamp Jessica Hamby, played by Deborah Ann Woll.

Parsons also has a new recurring role in CW's The Originals, debuting Feb. 4 as Jackson, one of Haley's werewolf acquaintances -- the natural trusted leader of his pack.

Maybe he'll return to GH one day?

Introducing Kirsten Storm's and Brandon Barash's newborn daughter: Harper Rose Barash!

Some Rumors - 

Lulu may begin turn to Nathan more and more for support, much to Dante's distress. By the time Lulu learns she is Ben's mother, she may have already made a move that could destroy her marriage for good.

Dr. Obrecht may try to finagle her way back into Windermere, by threatening Britt to reveal the entire truth.

Needless to say, Sonny is not happy to see his half-brother, Ric, return.

Victor Cassadine may attempt to romance Lesley Webber.

It appears that Sean Kanan is not going anywhere in the immediate future according to his manager. In addition, apparently AJ and Sonny will make some kind of deal that will help extract AJ from his upcoming troubles.

Olivia and Tracy get friendly.

Liz gets blamed, thanks to Dr. Obrecht and Britt, for something that goes wrong at GH. Liz will reach out to Nikolas for help.

Supposedly, Frank Valentini and Brandon Barash have spoken about Johnny Z. returning to GH.

Nina's family name may be familiar to some viewers.

Donna Mills' character may have a connection to Elizabeth, of sorts, via someone she cares about.

How does Robin leave? Let’s just say Victor Cassadine has something to do with it and he insists Robin do some work bringing back his dear departed mother and brother. She demands to know why she’d even consider his proposal and he informs Robin that the reason she’s going to agree to bring his relatives back from the dead is because they’re not the only people she’d be helping. When she questions him he shows her a photo of...Jason. (via Loose Lips)

Robin, sworn to secrecy by Victor, announces to Patrick that him she can not accept Sabrina's baby in their lives. She says she is leaving Port Charles to take a job with the WSB. She leaves Anna with the same impression.

The Spoilers - 

Someone connected to Alexis seems awfully familiar to Nikolas.

Kevin doesn't want Lucy to know about Christina's numerous troubles.

The lack of trust between Ava and Julian is evident. 

Lucy demands that Kevin tell her where he is going all the time and who is taking up so much of his time. This is when Kevin confesses that he has been keeping in touch with their daughter, Christina. Lucy is relieved but wonders why Kevin didn't tell her in the first place. Before Kevin has a chance to explain, Christina arrives in Port Charles.

Christina and Lucy's initial encounter does not go well. After Kevin tries to reason with Christina, she agrees to apologize but just so happens to misinterpret a close moment between Lucy and Scott. She immediately becomes highly suspicious. Later on, Christina witnesses Scott involved in some dirty dealings and decides to use it against him.

A jealous Ava still wants Silas back.

Nikolas becomes more protective of Britt as her deception sends ripples of anger for many in Port Charles. 

Things for ELQ are not going as well as Tracy would hope.

On Thursday, February 13, Friday, February 14 and Monday, February 17, it’s Valentine’s Day in Port Charles and along with the romantic holiday, there will be joy as well as pain. There is joy for the reconciled Dante and Lulu as well as for Felix, when Lucas accepts his invitation to go out on Valentine’s Day. 

Britt is delighted when the young Spencer gives her a Valentine and Nikolas tells a curious Britt they’re going on a Valentine's mission. But the day brings pain to a suspicious Liz as she awaits Baby Ben’s paternity results. 

Julian is thrown by Ava’s sneaky actions, and Michael and Kiki end up in a bruising argument.

As Valentine’s Day continues, Duke’s attempt to reconcile with Anna over their conflicting work ethics leads to a passionate solution. 

Things heat up during Molly and TJ’s study-date, but she wants to make their first time together a special moment. 

After Sonny warns Ava she had better not be double-crossing him, she and Morgan have planned a clandestine evening together. 

Meanwhile, Britt’s fairy tale romance may be about to crumble into pieces when Liz threatens her. That night, Nikolas has the ultimate Valentine’s Day surprise for Britt, despite the confession she knows she must make. Liz grapples with her feelings for her true love. 

Meanwhile, as Franco fights for his life, will he wake up and be reunited with the love of his life? 

Are you looking forward to GH this month?

Sleeping on the job; but their both so hot we don't care!


  1. It looks like it might be a good month! Let's hope for the best. :)

  2. I think this will be a good month!..I am looking forward to Robin leaving February 24th!

    I am anxious to see what Patrick does when Robin leaves him and Emma!


  3. I am hearing that Laura will return in March to help Kailey Cassadine can you give us a heads up on that.

    1. Cindy I've heard rumors about Genie returning as well, but I don't think it's been officially confirmed yet.


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