Monday, February 24, 2014

Ask Brenda

Hello Stranger!
General Hospital celebrated it's 13000th episode today with an episode full of romantic fun, heartbreak and a few surprises!

Today's Show - 

Shawn tells Sonny at his office that he found out who Julian's money man is. Shawn advises Sonny to brace himself, because he's not going to like it. Shawn says he tracked the money to Barrett Enterprises. Sonny recognizes it as Brenda's father company and says her older sister Julia had taken over the company years ago. Shawn tells Sonny to ask Brenda if Julia is still in charge. Sonny thinks that Brenda is sensitive about her family history and says after Brenda's last visit for the Nurse's Ball things got pretty complicated. Sonny brings up the pretend sex Brenda had with Michael. Regardless, Shawn still thinks it's the best option and convinces Sonny to call her. Shawn steps out and Sonny dials Brenda's number. 

Rafe wants to know what Molly and TJ are up to at the Metro Court. Molly claims that they're planning on studying, but TJ tells Rafe to get a life and stay out of their business. Then TJ and Molly head up to their room and prepare for their night together. They have dinner and after Molly changes into something sexy. When she returns she's wearing a little red baby doll chemise. TJ tells Molly that she's beautiful and asks if she's sure she wants to do this. Molly answers that she's ready and that she loves him.

Michael and Kiki talk about their relationship issues in the Metro Court lobby. Rafe interrupts and tells Kiki that he needs to be alone and isn't up for dinner. After he leaves, Michael tells Kiki that he wants her to apologize. Kiki says she was just doing what she thought was right. Michael asks if Kiki will come home with him, but Kiki says she needs to look after Rafe. Then she also says maybe things are moving to quick and it might not be a good idea for her to move back in right now. Michael asks if she's breaking up with him. Kiki says no, it's just a chance for them to slow down and do things right.

AJ drinks at Connie's gravestone and then "sees" her again. He asks Connie to tell him if he really killed her or not. She replies that the answers are in his head, because she's only in his imagination. Connie does tell him that he if he truly believed what Ava told him, AJ wouldn't see her at all. Connie advises AJ to retrace his steps that night. Meanwhile, Carlos goes to The Floating Rib to meet Ava for a drink. Carlos is worried for his life and asks Ava if she is setting him up for Julian to kill him. Ava assures him that's not what she called him to discuss. She tells Carlos that Julian's days as mob boss are numbered. Then AJ stumbles in and demands Ava tell him about what happened to Connie. Ava asks Carlos to let her speak with drunken AJ alone. After, AJ insists there is something Ava's not telling him. Ava gets nasty and tells AJ to deal with what happened. She says he fought the law and won. Then Ava threatens to tell Michael about her seeing AJ murder Connie in cold blood. AJ grabs Ava and screams at her to stay away from his son. Carlos jumps in and drags AJ out, but Ava is clearly shaken.

Alexis allows Julian to spend time with her and Danny at her place. He talks about how he wishes he would have been around for Sam and Lucas's childhoods. Then Alexis asks about his troubles with Ava and Julian says it will work itself out. Later he goes to leave, but the attraction between he and Alexis can't be denied and Julian goes in for a passionate kiss. He suggests they take things to the bedroom and picks Alexis up to straddle him. Right then someone knocks on the door and interrupts. Alexis answers flushed and sees it's Rafe. He tells Alexis that he just saw Molly and TJ getting a room together at the Metro Court. Alexis decides to go and stop Molly before it's too late. Julian says he'll come with her and they leave Rafe to babysit for Danny.

After Robin gets Emma to sleep at the Drakes, she tells Patrick that Emma won't accept her leaving. Patrick says, "That makes two of us!" Then he offers to help her pack, knowing that he's not going to see or hear from her for a long time. Robin tells Patrick that she doesn't want to pack, she wants to make love. Patrick gets emotional and recounts how hard it was for him when she was gone before and says he can't pretend everything is fine. Robin asks if he still loves her. Patrick says of course, but all of this could be avoided if she would stay. Robin says she can't go over her reasons for leaving again, but wants to show him how much she loves him with her body. Patrick gives in and they head to the bedroom. They end of having some tender lovin' and after they hold each other. Robin promises Patrick that she'll be back someday. 

At the end, Ava has a flashback about seeing Connie alive after AJ had already left the night she was murdered. Over at the Metro Court, TJ and Molly's passion gets interrupted by Alexis and Julian. Kiki tells Michael that she'll call him. Sonny gets Brenda on the phone, but we don't hear her. After he tells Shawn that Brenda said Julia sold her shares in Barrett Enterprises a long time ago. It makes Sonny curious about why someone is trying to cover their tracks. Back at Alexis's house, Rafe gets a visit from Ric Lansing!

End of show!

Enjoy my favorite scene from today below!

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