Friday, February 28, 2014

World's Best Grandpa

Who me?
In today's show Robin says goodbye to Anna, Britt worries about Liz and AJ remember's that he's innocent afterall!

Here's What Happened - 

Anna and Dante head over to the Quartermaine's to talk to AJ about the hit man who tried to kill him. They collect the gun that Luke found and try to get details. Then Anna gets called away and after AJ tells Dante that Sonny is the one who took a hit out on him. Dante jumps on AJ about Connie's death in response. AJ demands that Dante question Sonny. Later, AJ drinks alone and finally remembers that he didn't kill Connie. He recalls walking out of Crimson while Connie was still alive. AJ realizes that Ava must of killed Connie, not him.

Robin and Liz chat at the hospital about Liz's feelings for Nikolas. Liz tells her that Nik is marrying Britt anyway. Then Robin tells Liz that she's leaving Port Charles tonight. Liz is surprised, but Robin assures her that she's leaving for a good reason. Liz says she trusts Robin, but she'll miss her. Then Anna shows up upset with Robin for not telling her that she's leaving town. Liz gives them privacy and after Robin eludes to a mysterious yet important reason for her to leave. Anna asks if she is being threatened, but Robin says no she's doing what she believes in. At the end, they hug and says their goodbye. We get a flashback of when Anna reunited with Robin when she was little. Robin says it's not goodbye, it's see you later.

Britt, Ben and Nikolas have lunch at Kelly's together. Nik asks if Britt would like to have an engagement party at Windermere. She says yes, but worries that she'll have no friends or family to invite. Nikolas answers that his friends are her friends. Britt asks if that means, Elizabeth and asks why Liz stopped by yesterday. Then Elizabeth walks into Kelly's. Britt asks Liz what she came to talk to Nik about. Nik jumps in and says Liz came to congratulate them on their engagement. At the end, Britt takes Ben home to Windermere and runs into Lulu on the way. Nik and Liz chat about her confession of love. Nik tells her that she's he's best friend and not to sweat it. 

Nathan crashes the party at Ryan's pub in NYC. He informs Delia, Sam and Silas that it looks like Mr. Nakamura killed himself by over dosing on pills. Nathan thinks Silas killed Nakamura like he did his wife, Nina. Silas, Delia and Sam all insist that Nathan should look into Ava. Nathan isn't convinced and questions why Silas never visited Nina. Silas says because he was banned by her family. At the end, Silas asks Sam if she believes in him and she says yes. Then Silas says he needs to find a way to see Nina.

Lulu goes to visit Sonny at his office. They talk about baby Ben turning out to be Dante's kid. She gives Sonny a mug that says, "World's Best Grandpa" on it. Sonny asks Lulu how she's dealing with everything. Lulu admits it's awkward for her, but she's happy for everyone else. Sonny tells her that Ben will need her and he hopes she will learn to love him like he's her own. Lulu answers that she already does. Then Dante comes to see Sonny and asks Lulu to give them privacy. Lulu steps out and after Dante asks Sonny if he knows anything about a hit ordered on AJ. Sonny denies it. He says he'd like to hurt AJ, but it wasn't him.

Carlos fills Ava in on the botched hit he did on AJ at her apartment. He tells her that Luke took his gun. Ava isn't happy and worries that something could be traced back to her. Ava makes Carlos a martini and says AJ has to go. Carlos says he'll go back tonight, but Ava tells him to wait because she needs another alibi. Carlos leaves and later, AJ knocks on Ava's door!

End of show!

It was a bit of a filler episode for a Friday if you ask me. Could Robin's exit drag out any longer?

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

High and Dry

Self absorbed martyr!
In this episode Carly gives Robin a piece of her mind, Ric tells Sonny he means no harm, plus Tracy saves AJ!

Today's Show - 

Sonny pays Ric a visit in his hotel room at the Metro Court. Ric swears he no longer holds a grudge against Sonny and extends his hand for Sonny to shake. Sonny laughs it off and warns Ric that Julian Jerome is after him so he shouldn't get too close. Sonny gives Ric some of the history with Julian in recent days. Ric says he's not worried, because Julian won't go after him. Sonny asks why Ric thinks that. Ric answers that only the people close to Sonny are in danger and he doesn't even warrant a handshake. 

Shawn and Julian have a man to man talk at Alexis's place. Shawn aggressively warns Julian to stay from TJ or else. Alexis interrupts just as Shawn is about to punch Julian. Shawn takes the opportunity to tell Alexis that Julian threatened TJ. Julian says he encouraged TJ to tell the police what he really saw at the warehouse. Alexis asks what TJ saw and Julian answers, "Shawn and Sonny about to kill Carlos!" Alexis isn't happy to hear that and asks Shawn to leave. After Julian says Sonny and Shawn are bad, but he's good. Alexis gets suspicious and asks him to leave as well.

Delia tries to keep Ava at bay at Ryan's bar so she doesn't see Sam. She spills a drink on Ava so she has to go to the bathroom to clean up. When Ava steps away, Delia runs to Sam to tell her that she'll handle Ava. When Delia returns she's asks Ava for a loan. The request sends Ava running for the door. Later, Silas and Sam return to Ryan's to converse with Delia. They discuss their plan to use Delia to lure in Mr. Nakamura.

Tracy checks a beleaguered Luke out of the hospital. Carly runs into them before they check out. Luke oddly defends Carly when Tracy gives her the business for taking so long to remember he was missing. Nearby. Robin and Patrick run into Sabrina at the as they step off the hospital elevator. Robin quickly excuses herself and once alone Patrick tells Sabrina that Robin is leaving for Africa alone. Sabrina asks if Robin is leaving because of her and the baby. Patrick assures her that's not the case.

Carlos points a gun at AJ in the Q's living room. AJ begs for his life, but Carlos orders him to get on his knees. Right then Tracy and Luke walk in and Tracy hits Carlos over the head with a vase. Luke grabs Carlo's gun and chases him out. Later Luke returns without Carlos, but says he's feeling fit as a fiddle. AJ thinks Sonny must have put a hit out on him and he thanks Tracy for saving his life. Luke says he will go speak with Sonny. After Tracy asks AJ if anyone else might want him dead.

Robin runs into Carly on her crutches in the hallway at GH. Carly extends an olive branch to Robin so Robin tells her about her leaving Port Charles. Carly doesn't like what she hears and gives Robin a lecture about how wrong it is to leave her family. Carly says she's leaving Patrick high and dry. Robin responds by saying Carly would worship her if she knew the truth. Carly asks what truth, but then Patrick interrupts them and tells Carly to back off. Carly tells Patrick that he deserves better and then hobbles off annoyed. After Patrick gives Robin the cold shoulder.

At the end, Carlos goes to see Sabrina for medical help at the hospital. While he's there he calls Ava and tells her that he hit a snag while trying to kill AJ. On his way out of Alexis's house, Julian leaves a message for an unknown person saying it's time for them to meet. At Kelly's, Shawn recounts to Sonny about his frustrating encounter with Julian and Alexis. Sonny tells Shawn he thinks Ric is banking rolling Julian. Over at Ryan's Rub in NYC, Sam, Silas and Delia are disappointed to learn that Mr. Nakamura was found dead.

End of show!

I loved Carly ripping into Robin today! Did you notice Luke's new hair? What about AJ's armpit sweat....gross! I think Luke is experiencing a personality switch or something from the drugs.

Enjoy tomorrow's preview below!

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

We're Gonna Make It

Delia's Crystal Palace
Today's Show - 

Carly visits Franco's hospital room on her new crutches at GH. They talk about Michael's anger toward him. Franco is understanding about Michael's feelings. He tells Carly he doesn't want to create problems in her family. Carly assures Franco nothing will come between them. She says, "We're gonna make it!" At the end, Franco reminds Carly that she told him she loved him when he was shot. He tells her that he loves her too and promises to be the man she needs.

A shirtless Nathan gets a visit from Kiki at his place. She says she was inquiring about the sublet, but isn't interested now that she knows he's the renter. Nathan uses the visit to probe Kiki about Silas and tells her to read the file he has on Silas. After she reads through it Kiki says it doesn't change a thing. Then she lets it slip that Silas is in New York. After Kiki leaves, Nathan calls in a favor to have Silas tracked.

Sam and Silas hope to prove Ava is setting Silas up in their NYC hotel room. They discuss their plan with Delia and use the private time to fool around. Meanwhile, Ava goes to visit Delia at Ryan's pub nearby. Delia is shocked to see her and leaves a message for Sam to call off their plan. Later, Ava reminisces with Delia about a business she wanted to start years ago called, Delia's Crystal Palace. Delia tries to rush her out, which makes Ava suspicious. Then Sam walks in, but Ava's back is to her so she doesn't see Sam. 

Carlos calls Ava from outside the Quartermaine mansion as he waits to kill AJ. She tells him to make it look like a robbery gone bad. Inside, Michael goes to visit AJ and they talk about Kiki and AJ's drinking. Ava tells Carlos to wait until Michael leaves to kill AJ. Meanwhile, Michael reminds AJ that Ava helped take care of him the night Connie was killed. AJ tells Michael he loves him and Michael heads out.

Sonny goes to Kelly's to discuss Barrett Enterprises with Shawn. TJ interrupts and tells them about Julian's threat/request for him to tell the police about the warehouse shooting. Sonny tells TJ not to worry, because he's going to take care of it. Later when Shawn and TJ are alone, TJ tells Shawn about what happened with Alexis and Molly at the hotel. Shawn says he'll talk to Alexis and smooth things over. 

Julian goes to Alexis's place to check on her after Molly's attempt to have hotel sex. Alexis tells him about Ric's surprise visit. Julian gets a funny look on his face at the mention of Ric's name, but doesn't reveal it to Alexis. Later, Julian flirts with Alexis and she asks him to babysit Danny for her while she steps out. At the end, Shawn stops by and isn't pleased to see Julian answer Alexis's door.

Ric gets a visit from Olivia in his Metro Court hotel room. Olivia recounts Ric's many past offenses and implies he's in town to make trouble. Then Olivia remembers her conversation with Sonny about Julian's money man. She quickly excuses herself and calls Sonny to tell him. At the end, Sonny comes over to Ric's hotel room and let's himself in.

End of show!

If you missed yesterday's show you can view it here --> GH 02/25/14

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Yesterday's Show

Unfortunately I got food poisoning and won't be recapping yesterday's show. 

Enjoy the full episode of yesterday's show below!

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Ask Brenda

Hello Stranger!
General Hospital celebrated it's 13000th episode today with an episode full of romantic fun, heartbreak and a few surprises!

Today's Show - 

Shawn tells Sonny at his office that he found out who Julian's money man is. Shawn advises Sonny to brace himself, because he's not going to like it. Shawn says he tracked the money to Barrett Enterprises. Sonny recognizes it as Brenda's father company and says her older sister Julia had taken over the company years ago. Shawn tells Sonny to ask Brenda if Julia is still in charge. Sonny thinks that Brenda is sensitive about her family history and says after Brenda's last visit for the Nurse's Ball things got pretty complicated. Sonny brings up the pretend sex Brenda had with Michael. Regardless, Shawn still thinks it's the best option and convinces Sonny to call her. Shawn steps out and Sonny dials Brenda's number. 

Rafe wants to know what Molly and TJ are up to at the Metro Court. Molly claims that they're planning on studying, but TJ tells Rafe to get a life and stay out of their business. Then TJ and Molly head up to their room and prepare for their night together. They have dinner and after Molly changes into something sexy. When she returns she's wearing a little red baby doll chemise. TJ tells Molly that she's beautiful and asks if she's sure she wants to do this. Molly answers that she's ready and that she loves him.

Michael and Kiki talk about their relationship issues in the Metro Court lobby. Rafe interrupts and tells Kiki that he needs to be alone and isn't up for dinner. After he leaves, Michael tells Kiki that he wants her to apologize. Kiki says she was just doing what she thought was right. Michael asks if Kiki will come home with him, but Kiki says she needs to look after Rafe. Then she also says maybe things are moving to quick and it might not be a good idea for her to move back in right now. Michael asks if she's breaking up with him. Kiki says no, it's just a chance for them to slow down and do things right.

AJ drinks at Connie's gravestone and then "sees" her again. He asks Connie to tell him if he really killed her or not. She replies that the answers are in his head, because she's only in his imagination. Connie does tell him that he if he truly believed what Ava told him, AJ wouldn't see her at all. Connie advises AJ to retrace his steps that night. Meanwhile, Carlos goes to The Floating Rib to meet Ava for a drink. Carlos is worried for his life and asks Ava if she is setting him up for Julian to kill him. Ava assures him that's not what she called him to discuss. She tells Carlos that Julian's days as mob boss are numbered. Then AJ stumbles in and demands Ava tell him about what happened to Connie. Ava asks Carlos to let her speak with drunken AJ alone. After, AJ insists there is something Ava's not telling him. Ava gets nasty and tells AJ to deal with what happened. She says he fought the law and won. Then Ava threatens to tell Michael about her seeing AJ murder Connie in cold blood. AJ grabs Ava and screams at her to stay away from his son. Carlos jumps in and drags AJ out, but Ava is clearly shaken.

Alexis allows Julian to spend time with her and Danny at her place. He talks about how he wishes he would have been around for Sam and Lucas's childhoods. Then Alexis asks about his troubles with Ava and Julian says it will work itself out. Later he goes to leave, but the attraction between he and Alexis can't be denied and Julian goes in for a passionate kiss. He suggests they take things to the bedroom and picks Alexis up to straddle him. Right then someone knocks on the door and interrupts. Alexis answers flushed and sees it's Rafe. He tells Alexis that he just saw Molly and TJ getting a room together at the Metro Court. Alexis decides to go and stop Molly before it's too late. Julian says he'll come with her and they leave Rafe to babysit for Danny.

After Robin gets Emma to sleep at the Drakes, she tells Patrick that Emma won't accept her leaving. Patrick says, "That makes two of us!" Then he offers to help her pack, knowing that he's not going to see or hear from her for a long time. Robin tells Patrick that she doesn't want to pack, she wants to make love. Patrick gets emotional and recounts how hard it was for him when she was gone before and says he can't pretend everything is fine. Robin asks if he still loves her. Patrick says of course, but all of this could be avoided if she would stay. Robin says she can't go over her reasons for leaving again, but wants to show him how much she loves him with her body. Patrick gives in and they head to the bedroom. They end of having some tender lovin' and after they hold each other. Robin promises Patrick that she'll be back someday. 

At the end, Ava has a flashback about seeing Connie alive after AJ had already left the night she was murdered. Over at the Metro Court, TJ and Molly's passion gets interrupted by Alexis and Julian. Kiki tells Michael that she'll call him. Sonny gets Brenda on the phone, but we don't hear her. After he tells Shawn that Brenda said Julia sold her shares in Barrett Enterprises a long time ago. It makes Sonny curious about why someone is trying to cover their tracks. Back at Alexis's house, Rafe gets a visit from Ric Lansing!

End of show!

Enjoy my favorite scene from today below!

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Friday, February 21, 2014

Mommy Skype

I have to save Jason!
In this episode TJ and Molly are ready for a night of passion, Julian tries to make nice with Sam and Alexis. Plus, Robin fails to ease Emma's feelings about her mother leaving again!

Friday's Recap - 

Julian goes to see Sam as she's preparing to leave town with Silas at her penthouse. Julian remembers that Sam's brother Danny died 8 years ago today. He tells her that they were both raised by criminals; Sam a con-artist and he a mob boss. Then he tells Sam that Lucas is willing to give him a chance and he hopes she will to. Sam says she'll consider it. Then Julian gives her some research he did on Danny's illness and shows her a donation he made in Danny's name. Sam is touched and hugs him as thanks. Julian gets choked up and then makes a graceful exit.

Kiki shares her relationship angst with Silas at GH. Silas tells her to make an overture to win back Michael's trust. Kiki thinks that Michael should apologize to her not the other way around. Then Sam arrives to meet Silas for their trip to NYC. Sam and Kiki have a moment to chat privately. Sam tells Kiki that Julian just did something wonderful for her, but she doesn't know if she can trust him. Then Rafe shows up and Silas tells him about going to NYC. Silas gives Rafe money to take cousin Kiki to dinner and they take off. At the end, Sam looks at the donation/research information that Julian gave her and is clearly thinking of him. After, her and Silas leave for their trip.

Molly and TJ attempt to plan a sexcapade at the Metro Court. However, Molly gets interceded by Alexis who wants her to help babysit Danny at home. They get to talking about how Molly is nearly ready for college. Alexis gets slightly emotional and tells Molly that she's an amazing daughter. Molly feels guilty, but manages to slip away by lying and telling Alexis she's going to study with a friend. Later, Julian shows up when Alexis is alone with Danny and he asks to come in to spend time with them.

TJ runs into problems at the Metro Court while trying to secure a hotel room. Olivia realizes that TJ must be there to get a room for he and Molly. Olivia gives him a safe sex talk, but then takes pity on him and gives TJ the room for a discount. Right then Shawn walks in and sees TJ. Olivia covers for him and tells Shawn that he was applying for job to help out with college expenses. Shawn likes what he hears and tells TJ how proud of him he is. Then Shawn takes off to see Sonny. Later, Molly arrives to meet TJ and Olivia gives her a safe sex talk as well. 

Mac and Emma come home just as Robin and Patrick are arguing about her leaving. Patrick advises her to give Mac and Emma a plausible explanation for her upcoming departure. Robin asks Patrick to help her sell a believable story. Robin sits Emma on her lap and tells her about going to Africa to help AID's patients. Emma asks when Robin will be back and asks if Robin will be back for her dance recital next week. When Robin says she'll be gone for awhile, Emma gets upset. Patrick says she can Skype with mommy, but Emma doesn't like that idea. She says it's not enough and she needs her mommy. Then Emma runs out of the room so Patrick goes to talk with her. Once alone, Mac asks Robin what really going on because this doesn't make sense. Robin tells him that she and Patrick are having marriage problems and she needs time to figure things out. She asks Mac to accept her decision and wish her will. Mac gets emotional, but says he's on her side even if he doesn't understand it. They say goodbye and Mac leaves. 

Michael vents about his problems with Kiki to Sonny at his new office. Sonny advises him to forgive Kiki and reminds him that Franco did save Carly. Michael says he doesn't think he can trust Kiki. Sonny tells him to basically shit or get off the pot. Then Shawn arrives to talk business and Michael takes off. On Michael's way out of the Metro Court he runs into Kiki and Rafe. Kiki asks for a moment alone with Michael so Rafe excuses himself. As he steps away, Rafe sees TJ and Molly kissing in the lobby. Back in Sonny's office, Shawn tells Sonny that he found out who Julian's money man is. 

End of show!

I really think Robin's departure could have been written plausibly without this dumbness. I feel like she's being written into Frisco and Felicia land. Robin will disappear in and out of her daughter's life, which sets the stage for Emma to have serious abandonment issues in the future. UGH! 

Wouldn't having her HIV kill her before the Nurse's Ball be gut wrenching soapy goodness? Or even have her take off with Emma to spend time with Robert, while she sorts out her feelings about Sabrina being pregnant? 

How would you write Robin off?

Enjoy Monday's Preview Below!

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

He's Toast!

Oops, don't peak!
Quick Recap -

Anna finds Luke and Scotty in a padded cell together at the Miscavige institute. Both of them are passed out and in straight jackets. Anna has them taken to GH for immediate treatment and arrests Heather's henchmen/orderly who locked them up.

Tracy and Lucy wait for news on Luke and Scott at the PCPD. Tracy notes that Lucy seems a little too worried about Scott. Lucy insists that she's happily married to Kevin. Then they get a call telling them that Scott and Luke are at the hospital.

Robin doesn't like Patrick's idea to involve her mother at their house. Then Victor drops by just as Patrick insists they speak with Anna. He warns them that if they tell Anna, Jason is "Toast!" Victor informs Patrick that Robin is the only doctor who can save Jason. DUH!

Liz goes to see Nik in his bedroom at Windermere and she finds him in a towel. He gets dressed and after Liz tells him that she's in love with him. Nik is shocked and tears up. He reminds her about choosing AJ over him. Liz answers that she made a big mistake.

Britt brings Ben over to Lulu and Dante's place for a visit. She gets called to work while she's there so Britt allows them to babysit for her. Later, Lulu gets called to the hospital to see Luke so she leaves Dante alone with Ben. At the end, Dante wishes Lulu was Ben's mom! OH VEY!

Epiphany realizes that Sabrina is carrying Drake junior's baby at GH. Later, Patrick skips a doctor's appt. with Sabrina and Britt ends up examining her. Britt apologizes for being awful in the past, Sabrina accepts and they share a bonding moment about babies and men.

At the end, Lucy hugs Scott at GH over-enthusiastically and Tracy sees. At the Drake's, Robin tells Patrick she's going to save Jason, period end of story. At Windermere, Nik tells Liz it's too late. Plus, Luke is very messed up from all the drugs he was given and seems quite confused!

End of show!

Enjoy the preview for tomorrow's show below!

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Orphans and Interlopers

Could these ladies perform at the Nurse's Ball this year? Let's hope so!
Today's Show -

Kevin promises that he'll help Lucy with this year's Nurse's Ball at the hospital. He even offers to resurrect Norma & Eve for the event. They run into Franco and Kevin escorts him into one of the exams rooms to talk privately. They squash any awkwardness over Kevin having him arrested. Later, Franco tells Kevin and Lucy that he thinks Scott might have gone missing. Lucy takes off to look for him and at the end, Franco tells Kevin that Lucy has more then a casual interest in Scott. 

Robin leaves messages for Patrick on his cell phone from their house when Liz drops by. Liz wants to talk about Nikolas and Britt. Robin asks if Liz is still in love with Nik. Liz answers that yes she is still in love with him. Robin advises her to tell Nikolas about her feelings and take the chance that he still feels the same. Later, Liz decides to head over to Windermere.

Patrick listens to Robin's voice messages at the hospital. Lucy approaches him to discuss Nurse's Ball plans and asks where Robin is. Patrick tells her that Robin won't be at the ball this year either. Lucy starts to ramble and attempts to give him marriage advice, assuming that Robin is upset over Sabrina being pregnant. Later, Patrick returns home and tells Robin that he wants to get Anna involved in the Cassadine/Jason situation. 

Tracy drops by Lulu's place to rant about Luke being missing. They get into a conversation about how baby Ben came to be Dante's kid. Tracy tells her that growing up a Q means putting up with a cavalcade of orphans and interlopers and if she could deal with that, Lulu can deal with Britt being Ben's mother. Lulu agrees and says she also excited about having Ben in their lives.

Dante goes to see Sonny at his new office to tell him about the Ben situation. He gives Sonny the details on how Britt got pregnant. Dante says he's worried about Lulu and says he wishes Lulu was Ben's mother. Sonny advises him that Lulu will come around and to be happy about the baby.

Anna questions Heather at the PCPD about where Luke is. Heather won't reveal anything so Anna teases her by eating a BLT from Kelly's in front of her. Anna hopes the temptation of the BLT will make Heather want to open up. Her guess is right and Heather confesses all to have a taste of the BLT. At the end, Tracy and Lucy come to talk to Anna about finding Luke and Scott.

Britt and Nik tell Spencer that they're getting married at Windermere and he does a little happy dance. Later, Spencer is anxious to start planning the wedding and says it will be cool to have a mom since he never had one before. Then Britt and Nik discuss Dante and how he'll react. Nikolas suggests that Britt take Ben to visit with Dante and discuss shared custody. Britt agrees and decides to take Ben to see Dante.

End of show!

Enjoy today's show below!

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Jason is Alive!

What did you say?
In today's show Dante gets some surprising news, Robin tells Patrick the unfortunate truth and Sonny discovers a secret partner in Julian's organization.

Here's What Happened - 

Patrick insists that Robin tell him the truth about why she's leaving at their house. He thinks all her excuses don't add up and wonders if her HIV is effecting her again. Robin caves and tells him that she's doing this because of Jason. She says, "Jason is alive!" Patrick is shocked and hurt. Robin explains who Victor is and what he wants from her. Patrick says it could be a ruse and can't believe that she's doing this. He also can't believe that she'd leave Emma again. Robin tries to explain her reasoning in wanting to bring Danny's father back to him. Patrick says he doesn't care and accuses her of caring more about Jason than him. Robin says that's not true, but Patrick reminds her of how she ended up in the lab explosion because she needed Jason's protocol 2 years ago. He asks how long she'll be gone this time. Robin tries to explain why it's important for her to save Jason. She assures him that she loves he and Emma very much. Patrick tells her to say no to Victor Cassadine if that's true. However, she won't so he storms out.

At Sonny's office, Sonny asks Shawn if the information Ava delivered was good. They review the files on Sonny's laptop together and they seem legit. Then Sonny stumbles across a file on Jason and realizes that Julian's been tracking his people for a long time. Sonny sees something else that upsets him, but we don't get to see what. He has Shawn summon Ava to come to the office immediately.

In Ava's hotel room, Morgan wonders when they can be together in the open. She tells him as soon as Sonny verifies her flash drive. Meanwhile, Julian thinks about his last conversation with Lucas while having a drink in his hotel room. Ava shows up a awhile later and he asks her what she was doing with his computer. Julian tells her about what Alexis saw, but Ava denies it. Julian accepts her denial, but warns her that he'll kill her if she betrays him. Ava tells him she'd kill him or even his grandson Danny if he hurts her.

Lucas sends Brad a V-day text from the hospital. Morgan shows up, because their both there for Carly. They start talking about Julian and Lucas asks for Morgan's opinion on him. Morgan tells Lucas that Julian is really, really bad news. He tells Lucas about how Julian threatened to killed his family when he tried to quit the business. Later, Morgan asks if Lucas is seeing anyone and says Bobby told him that Lucas is like a Don Juan. Lucas laughs and says there is one person.

Brad discloses his involvement in Britt's baby drama to Felix at his place. Felix gets him a drink and notices Lucas's text on Brad's phone. Felix asks Brad who Lucas is. Brad says he's a non gay friend, but then Felix sees Lucas's topless selfie. Felix says he's not mad, but it's important for them to be upfront. Brad explains that they slept together a few weeks ago when he and Felix were fighting, Felix asks if that was the only time so Brad admits there was a second time more recently. Felix is disappointed and tells Brad to leave. Brad tries to apologize, but Felix tells him he'll see him at work and shuts the door.

Nikolas and Britt arrive at Lulu and Dante's place. Nik is eager to come to Britt's rescue. He blurts out that Dante is Ben's father, despite Liz's attempt to give him a knowing look of caution. Dante is stunned and asks them to explain. Liz jumps in and explains how Britt stole Dante's sperm sample. Dante asks Britt if it's true and she admits it. She explains how her mother talked her into it, but she she didn't know it was Dante's sperm. Liz doesn't believe that Britt didn't know, but Britt and Nik insist it's true. Dante says he wants to see his son. Nikolas suggests that they wait until the morning for Ben's sake and Dante agrees. Then Nik leaves with Britt. After Britt assumes that Nikolas won't want her, but he says that's not true he still wants to marry her. He gets down on one knee and asks her again. Unbeknownst to Nik and Britt, Liz sees them on her way out of Dante's place and it makes her cry.

At the end, Lulu assures Dante that she's okay with him having a baby with Britt, but when they hug she looks upset. Ava goes to Sonny's office. Sonny asks her who Julian's money man is, because he found some interesting files. Ava says she didn't know about this and Sonny deducts that someone has has been funding Julian for years. Back at Julian's hotel room, he receives a mysterious Skype call.

End of show!

Who do you think the money man is?

Have a great night!

Monday, February 17, 2014

I'm Faking It!

 Leaving Again!?!
In today's episode Valentine's Day continues with Robin breaking Patrick's heart, Victor and Dr. Obrecht strike a deal and Britt tells Nikolas most of the truth!

Monday's Recap - 

Dr. Obrecht desperately tries to connect with Faison on the telephone, when Victor arrives at her door. He brings chocolates along with an emerald and diamond broach for her. She's not impressed so he asks what he can do to please her. Dr. O replies that he can help her connect with Faison. Victor wonders why she cares so much about Faison and it leads to a conversation about Robin. Victor shares his plan to have Robin restore Helena and Stavros. At the end, Victor agrees to look into the Faison situation for her. After they enjoy the chocolates he brought for her together.

Brad brings Felix wine, music and kisses at his apartment. His kindness makes Felix feel guilty for lying so he confesses that the DNA test Brad interceded wasn't for the cops. Felix explains that the test was to determine whether or not Dante is Ben's father. Then Felix asks if Brad knew. Brad decides to come clean and admits he always knew Dante was Ben's father. 

Nikolas tells Britt to get ready for V-Day at Windermere. When she returns in a cocktail dress, Britt finds Nikolas dressed up with a table prepared for them to dine at. On Britt's plate is a black ring box. Nik takes it, gets on one knee and asks Britt to marry him. Britt tears up at the sight of the ring, but tells him that she can't marry him. Britt explains about the DNA test Liz ran on Ben's hairbrush. Then she tells Nikolas that Dante is Ben's father. Nikolas asks if Britt knew that Dr. O used Dante's sperm to get her preggers. Britt says that she had no idea, but that she's panicked Dante and Lulu will try to take Ben away from her.

Elizabeth goes to Dante and Lulu's place. Lulu thinks that Liz is there to discuss Nik proposing to Britt. That news surprises Liz, but she says that's not what she came to talk about. Dante gets called away on police business and after Lulu and Liz discuss Britt. Lulu says that Britt tried to help her and Dante get pregnant again, but she didn't like the idea of Dante having a baby with another woman. Hearing that makes Liz doubt her decision to spill the beans about baby Ben.

Carly waits at Franco's bedside in the hospital. She yells at him to open his eyes and wake up. Right then Franco's eyes open wide. They discuss what Heather did and Carly promises him that she's on his side...always! Then she remembers that Luke is missing and calls Dante to tell him. Dante comes to the hospital and Carly fills him in on when she last saw Luke. At the end, Carly assures Franco that he's nothing like Heather, but he seems unsure.

At the Drake's, Robin tells Patrick that she's leaving Port Charles to continue her AIDS work in Africa. Patrick is confused and pushes her to explain what's going on. Robin says she's leaving because of the WSB releasing Dr. Obrecht and she needs to protect he and Emma. Patrick says that they'll come with her. Robin tells him that won't work, because he's having a baby with Sabrina. Then she tells him that she doesn't want to continue their family because of Sabrina's baby.

At the end, Dante comes home just as Nikolas and Britt arrive to discuss Ben. Victor warns Dr. Obrecht that if she finds Faison, she may also find more rejection from him. Patrick is crushed by Robin saying she doesn't want to be a family anymore. Robin says it doesn't feel the same between them and she's been faking it with him. Patrick knows something is off. He says her reasoning doesn't make sense and demands to know what's really going on! 

End of show!

Enjoy the preview for tomorrow's show below!

Have a great night!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day - GH Style!

Love is in the air...sort of!
In this episode we get horny teens, bitch fights and over zealous cougar's for V-Day, but the most romantic part was definitely Nikolas talking about his love for Britt! 

Today's Show - 

Anna finds Duke at her doorway with a dozen roses. Anna accepts the flowers, but is still angry about him working for Sonny. Duke tries again to explain why he's choosing to work for Sonny and tells Anna that he's not going to give her up. He says that he'll quit working for Sonny once Julian is out of the picture. Anna wonders how long that will take and Duke says he thinks their war will end soon. Anna tells him that she loves him, but she's not sure she can keep doing this. Duke says that if they were truly over he wouldn't even been sitting with her now. Duke suggests that maybe she should get out of police work. Anna says she's not in it for the money and her ethics mean a lot to her. Duke says if Faison couldn't break them up, this shouldn't either. He asks Anna to stick it out with him. She agrees and says that she can't turn him away and they kiss.

TJ and Molly exchange Valentine's candy and make out at her place. TJ is ready to take things to the next level and peels off his shirt, but Molly panics and tells him to stop. They start to talk about sex and what he did with Taylor. TJ says it was nothing like what he feels for Molly, but it's okay if Molly wants to wait. However, Molly says she doesn't want to wait. She tells TJ that she loves him and she's ready. At the end, they decide plan a special night together that's both romantic and safe.

Ava brings Sonny and Morgan a flash drive full of Julian's confidential files at his new office. Sonny tells Ava that he'll keep in touch with her and then asks to speak with Morgan alone. Once alone, he tells Morgan that for the time being he still needs to treat Ava as the enemy. Morgan isn't happy, but reluctantly agrees. Then he walks out of the office and sees that he received a text from Ava asking him to meet her in a hotel room. He responds that he can't and then runs into Olivia on her way off the elevator. Olivia walks into Sonny's office and they chat about the file's Ava got from Julian's computer. 

Later, Olivia and Sonny have a romantic dinner alone in his office. She tells him that she wishes they could have some quiet time together without mob wars. Sonny promises her it's almost over and says she's his rock. Then he pulls out a jewelry box and it's a gold chain with a clear pearl on it? I honestly wasn't sure what the stone was, does anyone know? Meanwhile, Morgan heads over to Ava's room afterall. Ava is ready for sex the moment she sees Morgan and seduces him into staying with her. She tells Morgan she loves him and they shouldn't wait so they end up getting it on.

Lulu finds one of Connie's baby shoes under her bed. She shows Dante and they share a moment of grief over not having a baby. Then Nikolas and Spencer stop by to bring Valentine's day gifts to them. Spencer gives Dante Yankee tickets and Lulu a lovely silver tennis bracelet. Spencer mentions Nikolas buying a ring for Britt. Lulu asks if it's for what she thinks and Nik tells her about his plans to propose to Britt. He talks about what Britt means to him and all the things he's grown to love about her. Lulu says it will take her awhile to be fond of Britt. Nik asks if she'll offer her blessing at least. Lulu brings up Emily and Nik tears up thinking about her. However, he says that he's ready to move forward with Britt. Hearing that makes Lulu happy so she offers her blessing and hugs Nik.

At Windermere, Liz arrives to speak with Britt. She returns Ben's hairbrush and tells Britt about how she managed to get DNA that proves Dante is Ben's father. Britt asks what Liz wants now that she knows this information. Liz tells Britt that she wants to tell Dante the truth. Britt accuses her of doing this to sabotage her relationship with Nikolas. Britt brings up the ugly history with Liz, Lucky and Nik and she calls Liz a whore. Liz responds by slapping her across the face. Britt dares Liz to try it again so Liz slaps her again. However, Britt being a foot taller than Liz immediately slaps her back and squeezes Liz's wrist into submission. Liz doesn't give up though. She charges at Britt and knocks Britt down. Then Liz runs off telling Britt she's going straight to Dante's place. 

At the end, Liz shows up at Dante and Lulu's door. Back at Windermere Britt tells Ben how much she loves him and frets about what she's going to do. Nikolas returns and sees that she's upset. He asks what's wrong and Brit replies that she has something to tell him.

End of Show!

Enjoy the preview for Monday's show below!

Have a great weekend and enjoy Valentine's Day!

P.S If you missed Thursday's show you can view it here -  02/13/14 GH - Full Episode

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Winter Storm Break!

I'm taking a snow day from blogging GH today. We're getting hammered with snow and rain by me, so I hope everyone is safe! 

Take care GHer's, I'll be back tomorrow!

Enjoy the full episode of today's GH below!

Nik and Spencer were precious in this episode!

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Pineapple Pizza

Nice to see you!
In this episode Julian explains why he's homophobic, Franco fights to stay alive and Connie comes to visit AJ!

Here's What Happened - 

Sam and Silas talk about the "Nina" situation at his place. He explains to Sam that he loved Nina and never cared about her wealth. Silas also shares that Nina's parents never liked him and that she paid for his education. Later Sam gets pizza for them to share and Silas teases her for liking pineapple on her pizza. She forces him to try it and that leads to them having sex. After they eat pizza nude (covered by sheets of course, but yuck!) in bed. Sam speculates that Nathan might have a connection to Nina. Silas still thinks Ava is framing him and they decide to go to NYC to further investigate. At the end, they have sex again.

Alexis finds Julian on her porch. He tells her about his issue with Lucas. Alexis thinks he wants to make a move on her, but Julian assures her it's not the case. She lets him inside and they have a drink. Julian says that he's not happy that Lucas is gay. Alexis advises him to accept his son for who he is and asks why it bothers him. Julian explains that he was raised by a hard intolerant father. Alexis tells him to forget the past so he can have a relationship with his son. At the end, he thanks Alexis for her advice and leaves.

Sonny sees AJ at Crimson with Ava. Sonny isn't pleased so Ava says AJ came looking for a job. AJ confirms that it's true and he and Sonny have a mild argument. Ava tells AJ to leave and after she and Sonny discuss her decision to switch sides. Ava explains that her and Julian weren't raised together and she's not as loyal to him as Sonny thinks. Sonny questions how Julian used Morgan and Ava says she hated that. She asks Sonny to give her a chance to prove herself. She promises to deliver Julian. Sonny says he'll believe it when he sees it. At the end, Ava tells Sonny that AJ brought up Connie and doesn't seem remorseful about her death.

Over at the cemetery, AJ goes to Connie's grave and talks to it. He says he wishes he could talk to her and then suddenly she appears. AJ asks if he killed her or if Ava did. Connie runs through the his theories about Ava with him, but never confirms who killed her. AJ pleads with her to just tell him the truth. Connie tells him she's not a ghost, just a figment of his imagination. She advises him to remember on his own and then fades away.

Michael finds Morgan in Sonny's old office. Morgan tells Michael about Ava switching to Sonny's team. Michael questions Ava's motives. Later they start talking about Kiki's loyalty toward Franco. Then Bobby calls Michael to tell him that Carly was found. The news makes Michael and Morgan hug in relief and then they rush off to the hospital.

Carly and Franco are taken to General Hospital together. The doctors expect Carly to make a full recovery. Bobby and Lucas come to visit her. Carly tells them how Franco saved her. Nearby, Franco is in bad shape and passes out from blood loss. He starts to crush and the doctor's work furiously to save him. Lucas checks in on Franco and then returns to tell Carly the news. Michael and Morgan are there and Lucas tells them that the doctor's stabilized Franco for now. At the end, Lucas and Bobby have a moment alone and he tells her about his run-in with Julian. Then Franco is rushed into emergency surgery!

End of show!

I feel like Silas and Sam have no chemistry. When he was McBain they did, but now something is just so off. What do you think?

Have a great night!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Fish or Cut Bait

Who killed you, really?
Today's Show - 

Alexis tells Anna that she's going to have to, "Fish or cut bait" regarding holding Silas at the PCPD. Anna decides to releases Silas, much to Nathan's dismay. Later, Anna calls the asylum to follow up on Heather. Then Nikolas goes to the police station to tell Anna about the kids seeing Heather on Spoon Island. 

Scotty finds Luke in Heather's place at the asylum. Heather's henchmen lock them in a padded cell together. Luke is very drugged up, but Scotty punches him to revive him. Scotty torments Luke and Tweets a picture of him with the blonde wig on. Later, Scott bangs on the door to be released, but no one can hear him.

Sam goes to visit Silas in his jail cell. Sam tells him that she doesn't think that Ava is framing him. Then Alexis comes to tell Silas that he's a free man. Later, Alexis and Nikolas chat about Heather and all the misfits on Spoon Island.

Morgan tells Sonny about Ava's switching sides at his old office. Sonny doesn't like what he hears and doesn't buy it. Morgan pleads with Sonny to talk to Ava himself to determine if he believes her or not. Sonny decides to go speak with Ava alone.

AJ confronts Ava in Sonny's new office. Ava admits to being there the night Connie was killed, but tells AJ that Connie was already dead when she arrived. She also claims to have taken the hotel video footage and murder weapon to protect Julian and him. Ava says she watched the footage and AJ definitely killed Connie.

Franco finds Carly under the rubble in the catacombs at Windermere, but Heather returns before he can rescue her. He goes to stab her, but Heather pulls a gun out and shoots Franco. He takes a bullet in the chest, but manages to stab Heather in the foot. Heather tries to shoot Franco again, but Anna and Nathan arrive and arrest her. 

At the end, Franco tells Carly he loves her right before passing out. Sam and Silas decide to go to his place to have a shower together. Over at the Metro Court, AJ asks to see the video footage, but Ava tells him she burned it. Then Sonny walks in and demands to know what AJ is doing there.

End of Show!

Enjoy the GH 2014 Valentine's Day Promo below!

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Monday, February 10, 2014

I'm in!

Windermere or Wyndermere?
Quick Recap - 

Nikolas hires a handyman to investigate the noises in the catacombs. The handyman finds Heather about to stab Carly. He tries to help her, but Heather stabs him for his trouble. After, Carly stalls for time by pointing out holes in Heather's murder plans.

Spencer asks Victor why he was at Emma's house and Victor tells him never to repeat that. Later Victor, Nikolas, Britt, Ben and Spencer all go to the park together. While there, Victor reads all about Heather and Franco in the newspaper.

Nathan goes to discuss Silas with Scotty at his hotel room while Franco is there. He doesn't see Franco, but shortly after the police order a search of the hotel. Scotty decides to escort Franco out of the building and Franco heads over to the park.

Emma and Cameron play in the park, while Robin and Liz chat nearby. Then TJ and Molly run into Robin while babysitting Danny and Robin finally meets Jason's son. Meanwhile, Spencer meets up with Emma and Cameron and they end up revealing to Victor and then later Franco about seeing Heather on Spoon Island.

AJ recalls seeing Ava the night Connie was murdered at the park. He runs into Liz and tells her about his memory. However Liz thinks he's been drinking and Nik warns AJ to leave her alone. After Britt and Liz have a moment alone and Britt accuse's Liz of stealing Ben's hairbrush.

Ava goes to visit Morgan at Sonny's new office and they discuss their relationship. Morgan suggests that she join Sonny's side so they can be together. Ava reluctantly agrees and Morgan goes to get Sonny to tell him. After, AJ strolls in and finds Ava alone.

At the end, Robin tells Victor, "I'm in!" after meeting little Danny. Scotty goes to the mental institution to see Heather and finds Luke! Over on Spoon Island, Franco finally gets to Carly in the catacombs!

End of show!

Enjoy today's episode below!

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Friday, February 7, 2014

Next Time, Wooden Stake!

In today's show we learn that Julian is uncomfortable with Lucas's sexuality, AJ remembers more about the night Connie died and Heather saves Carly!?!

Here's What Happened - 

Ava goes to see Kiki in jail. Kiki tells her that she wanted to help Franco and she thinks he's innocent. Kiki also talks about how angry Michael is with her. Then Kiki asks Ava about Morgan breaking up with her. Ava says that Sonny made him do it. Later, Ava offers to hire Diane to help Kiki, but Kiki says she doesn't want her help. Ava gets angry about Kiki's stubbornness and insists that she allow her to help. Kiki finally agrees and thanks Ava for coming to her aid.

Lucas tells Julian that he's gay at the cemetery. Julian is a little surprised, because he assumed Lucas was straight. Lucas asks if he has a problem with that. Julian wonders if maybe Lucas is just going through a phase. Lucas says that Tony taught him about girls, sports and treating people with respect and it's definitely not a phase. Then he tells Julian that DNA or not, he's not his father. Lucas goes to walk off, but Julian asks him to wait. Julian says finding out about having kids is an adjustment. Then Lucas says he has trouble accepting that Julian is a mobster. After Lucas asks him again if he can accept a gay son, but Julian can't bring himself to answer.

AJ takes a drink at the cemetery and starts to remember more about the night Connie was killed. Michael finds him there and they get to talking about Franco. Michael rants to AJ about how Kiki helped Franco, because she thinks Heather is truly responsible for Carly's kidnapping. Later, AJ tells Michael about the memories he's been having. AJ thinks that someone walked off the elevator that night, but he can't remember who it was. Michael tells AJ that he loves him and he thinks it's possible someone else is responsible for Connie's murder. At the end, AJ remembers seeing Ava in the elevator!

Alexis and Sam discuss Silas and Julian at the PCPD. Alexis tells Sam that she thinks Julian will help Silas for her, but then Nathan comes up to them and says he has new evidence. Nathan shows them a copy of Silas's wife's will, which shows that Silas would have inherited everything. Alexis doesn't think there is enough evidence to convict and insists that Nathan get Scotty involved. Later, Ava runs into them after visiting Kiki and they accuse her of giving Nathan Nina's will. Ava strongly denies it and tells Sam that Julian tried to get her to confess. At the end, Alexis ignores a voice message from Julian where he asks for her help.

Morgan helps Sonny move into his new office at Crimson. They discuss Julian and Ava. Sonny asks if Ava has tried to reach out to him. Morgan tells him about how he dumped Ava with a text message. The topic upsets Morgan and he says that Ava is everything to him. Sonny says he understands, because of what happened to Connie. Sonny says the only reason that AJ is breathing is because of Michael. At the end, Sonny tells Morgan that it means a lot that Morgan is with him now. Morgan replies that it means a lot that Sonny took him back into the fold. Then Sonny leaves and Ava comes to see Morgan.

Franco poses as a room service worker at the Metro Court and goes to visit Scotty. He pushes his way into Scott's room and asks for his help. Franco insists that Heather Webber is behind Carly's disappearance. He also shares that he thought he killed Heather, but now it seems she's alive afterall. Franco says next time he'll use a wooden stake to get the job done. Franco mentions the bloody note and pleads with Scotty to help find Carly. At the end, Nathan knocks on Scotty's door while Franco is there.

Heather wakes up under the rubble in the catacombs. She searches for Carly and finds her under pieces of the ceiling. Heather believes Carly is dead. She rants about how Carly needs to die by a knife like the way Franco tried to killed her. Heather decides that she needs to save Carly so she can kill her properly. She starts to perform CPR and screams at Carly to breathe. Then Carly suddenly wakes up gasping for air. Carly asks why Heather saved her, so Heather explains her thinking about stabbing her to death. At the end, Carly screams for help and Heather finally finds her knife!

End of show!

Enjoy today's episode below!

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

What's So Great About You?

Love this behind the scene photo!
In this episode Michael scolds Kiki, Lulu and Dante get a little closer and Liz plays DNA baby detective!

Today's Show - 

Victor discusses Robin over the phone with a mysterious person at Windermere. Spencer overhears him and introduces himself. Victor says that he's his great uncle so Spencer asks what's so great about him. Victor gives him a special Faberge Egg. In the living room, Britt and Nik discuss Ben's rash. Nikolas mentions that he had Elizabeth fill Ben's prescription. Then Victor and Spencer join them and show off the Faberge Egg. Victor gets a text that Robin is alone and he's heads off. Later, Nikolas looks through a Cassadine photo album and Britt shows him a baby hairbrush Victor gave her for Ben.

Robin wonders if Jason could really be alive at her place. Patrick approaches her and asks her if she's doing okay with the Sabrina situation. Robin says it's overwhelming. Then Patrick takes Emma to school and Robin thinks about Jason again. Later Victor arrives with his henchmen to provide her with proof. He plays a DVD of Jason that we don't get to see. Victor tells her that if she agrees to help him, she'll need to leave Port Charles and her family. Robin asks what she could say to justify leaving. Victor encourages her to use whatever family drama she can. Outside, Spencer has his driver bring him to Emma's house and he's sees Robin talking with Victor through the window.

Dante finds Lulu asleep on a bench at the PCPD. They talk about Carly and Franco's whereabouts. Dante tells Lulu about the bloody note. Then the crime lab tells Dante that they found blonde hair on the note. Later, Lulu and Dante talk a little about losing Connie, but agree that they still have each other. In the interrogation room, Michael comes to visit Kiki. At first Michael is calm, but then he gets very angry at her for aiding Franco. He accuses her of turning her back on him. Kiki tells Michael that she thinks Heather is behind what happened to Carly.

Felix calls Brad to apologize for blowing off their date at the hospital. Meanwhile, Brad wakes up in bed with Lucas. They can't resist their passion and go at it again. After, Brad feels guilty and hurries off to work. Lucas stays in bed and takes a selfie, which he later sends to Brad. Over at the cemetery, Julian and Carlos have a chat about kids. Carlos tells Julian about Sabrina telling Patrick the truth about her baby. Then Julian starts talking about Lucas. While they're talking, Lucas stumbles upon them. Carlos excuses himself and Lucas says he is there to visit Tony Jones, his real father. Julian hopes they can get to know other and asks Lucas about his interests. He also asks if Lucas has a girlfriend. 

Over at the hospital, Patrick runs into Sabrina. She feels a little wobbly and he notes it's probably because of the baby. Then Sabrina tells him that she told Carlos he won't be raising her child. Patrick tells her that he told Robin the truth. Nearby, Liz continues to have suspicions about Ben. Felix sees her with the same allergy cream for Dante and Ben, so Liz shares her suspicions. Liz tells him that she wants to run a DNA test on Ben. Later, she heads to Windermere to drop off Ben's prescription and pretends to make amends with Britt. However, she actually takes Ben's new hairbrush. 

At the end, Dante brings some police lab work to Brad and Felix manages to get a hold of Dante's water bottle. Michael asks Kiki to explain why she thinks Franco is being framed and she refuses. At the cemetery, Lucas tells Julian that he's gay. Over at the PCPD, Dante and Lulu decide to go home together. At the hospital, Felix and Liz have enough to run a DNA test on Ben.

End of show!

Enjoy the preview for tomorrow's show below!

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