Friday, January 3, 2014

You can run, but you can't hide!

Trust me!?!
In today's episode Nathan joins the PCPD, Silas worries about his past and Rafe creates trouble for TJ & Molly!

Here's What Happened -

Nathan waits for Silas to return his many call while being shirtless in Maxie's apartment. He decides to get dressed and then he takes his badge and gun and to heads out. Meanwhile, Sam and Silas wake up in their Metro Court hotel room glowing in the aftermath of their love making. Silas rubs Sam's feet and legs and she asks if he has any regrets about their night together. Silas answers that he only regrets that they didn't spend the night together sooner. Then they go at it again. After Sam goes to get dressed and Silas gets a restricted text saying, "You can run, but you can't hide!" Later he walks Sam out and Ava arrives in time to see them kissing. Sam doesn't see her and walks off. Then Silas grabs Ava, pulls her into the room and they start discussing the cop who keeps calling them. Ava suggests that he call Diane for help, but Silas says he can't trust Diane or her. Ava gets offended, warns him that Sam won't like him if she finds out his secret and then storms out.

Rafe approaches Molly outside of Kelly's while she babysits Danny. Rafe wants to chat about a potential relationship between them. He's convinced that TJ is bad for Molly, but she tells him that's not true. She warns him that if he can't acccept her relationship with TJ, she can't be friends with him anymore. Rafe says he doesn't want to lose her friendship and will try to accept TJ. Inside, Shawn wants to chat with TJ about the warehouse debacle. TJ is outraged that Shawn is a hit man for Sonny. Shawn tells TJ that doesn't matter, because TJ needs to be concerned about Julian Jerome coming after him and Molly. Later, TJ goes outside and chats with Molly. Rafe eavesdrops and hears TJ talking about the warehouse incident. Then Sam shows up to get Danny and Molly notes how happy she looks.

Ava goes to see Julian at his hotel room. Julian is worried about Morgan feeling guilty over shooting Max. Julian thinks Morgan could end up talking, which could get them killed or put in jail. Julian weights the benefits of killing Morgan and he talks about TJ being a concern since he was also a witness. Ava tells him that TJ is Sam's sister's boyfriend and that he can't kill everyone. She advises him to sit tight and ride it out. Julian tells her to get out and after he calls one of his henchman to follow TJ and Morgan.

Morgan goes to the hospital to get an update on Max and runs into Sonny there. Sonny brings Morgan into one of the hospital exam rooms to talk privately. Sonny angrily questions Morgan's motives and is very upset that he now has to explain his "business" to him. Sonny hands Morgan a gun and dares Morgan to shoot him. Sonny says that way Morgan can get rid of the father he hates so much. Morgan starts to cry and refuses. Sonny gets choked up and tells Morgan to leave the Jerome's and come home to him. Morgan isn't sure what to do. Sonny tells him even if he doesn't come home, he needs to get away from the Jerome's.

Sonny and Duke discuss their plans for Julian Jerome on the phone. After Duke goes to see Anna in her office. Anna is reeling from the latest newspaper headline regarding Sonny's warehouse shooting. It read's "DOH!" Anna reads Duke the article. It mocks the idea that Sonny shot Max whiling cleaning his gun. Anna thinks Sonny is covering for someone. Then they're interrupted by Nathan. Duke excuses himself and once in private Anna questions Nathan on his interest in joining the PCPD. Anna says he's young with a great record and assumes Nathan has nefarious reasons for wanting to come work in Port Charles. Nathan responds that he goes where the action is, re: the mob war heating up between the Jerome's and Sonny. Anna doesn't believe him, so Nathan gets more specific. He tells Anna that he's interested in Ava and Silas. Nathan shows Anna a file on the incident that Silas and Ava were involved in and asks if Anna will let him pursue it. Anna gives him a lecture on the best methods of investigating and then agrees to bring him on board.

At the end, Silas goes to the hospital. He chats with one of the nurse's and compliments her smile. She wonders why he's so happy and gather's that he had a good New Year. Nathan interrupts and introduces himself as the guy Silas has been dodging. Sonny meets up with Duke at Kelly's and Duke tells Sonny about Anna's concerns about what really happened at the warehouse. Sonny says he hopes that Morgan has finally wised up and will get away from the Jerome's. Then Sonny goes into the kitchen and asks Shawn if TJ can keep his mouth shut. Outside, TJ tells Molly that he knows he needs to stay quiet about what happened. Over at the Metro Court, Morgan goes to see Julian and says he wants out. At the police station, Rafe goes to Anna's office and tells her that he knows what really happened at Sonny's warehouse. End of show!

Enjoy the preview for Monday below!

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  1. Rafe is a giant tool!! Let's hope he's killed off soon.


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