Monday, January 13, 2014

Two of a Kind

Carly's comparison today reminded me this awful movie. Does anyone remember the ill-fated Two of a Kind
In this episode Nathan finally gets to question Silas, Carlos takes ownership of Sabrina's womb and Heather puts her evil plan into motion!

Today's Show - 

Dante and Nathan discuss Silas's case at the PCPD. Shortly after an enraged Silas storms in and grabs Nathan by the collar. Silas is livid about Nathan going to see Sam. Dante breaks it up, but warns Silas he can either answer a few questions or get arrested for assaulting a police officer. Silas decides to answers questions, so Nathan takes him into interrogation. Once alone, Nathan asks Silas to explain what happened to his wife Nina. Silas admits that he was having an affair with Ava when he found his wife unconscious from taking pills. Then Nathan shows Silas a prescription of liquid anti-depressant from that time that was issued to Silas. Nathan says that Silas wrote the prescription himself, but Silas says he never wrote the prescription. Nathan implies that Silas planned to murder his wife for Ava, but Silas says he loved his wife. Then he tells Nathan he's leaving and to call his lawyer next time. Silas walks out, but leaves his cell phone behind and Nathan notices that Ava has called him recently.

Alexis goes to visit Sam at her place to catch up and Sam tells her about Silas's wife. Sam explains how Nathan showed up which lead to Silas confessing that his wife has been in a coma for twenty years. Sam tells Alexis that Silas was suspected of foul play in his wife's overdose. Sam also shares that at the time Silas was having an affair with Ava. Alexis is skeptical, but tries to remain supportive of Sam. Alexis gets called to court and has to leave, but tells Sam she doesn't want her to get hurt before exiting.

Patrick shows up at Sabrina's doorstep in the middle of her conversation with Carlos about the baby. She asks Carlos to hide and then opens the door for Patrick. Patrick comes in and tells her that Felix told him she was pregnant. Sabrina admits that it's true. Patrick says he'll support her in whatever she decides. Carlos eavesdrops and decides to interrupt them. He strolls in and tells Patrick that he's the baby's father, not Patrick. Sabrina isn't pleased and Patrick assumes he's lying.

Michael goes to visit Dante at the police station to see if he can help find Carly. Michael tells Dante about his concerns regarding Franco possibly hurting Carly. Meanwhile, Morgan attacks Julian in the Metro Court parking garage assuming that Julian did something to Carly. Then they get to talking about Ava and Morgan tells Julian about Ava coming to see him at Sonny's restaurant. Later Dante and Michael show up and see them together. Julian pretends to be warning Morgan to stay away from him and leaves.

Kiki thinks Ava did something to Carly outside of Franco's hotel room and questions her about it. Ava is insulted that Kiki would jump to that conclusion. Kiki looks Ava in the eye and says she doesn't trust her or believe anything she says. Ava says she's sorry Kiki feels that way and walks away solemnly. Meanwhile, Franco finds the note Heather left him "from Carly" inside his hotel room. It reads like a Dear John letter and says that she's dumping him and needs to get out of town for a few days. Later, Kiki comes to check on him and he shows her the note. After running it over with Kiki, Franco starts to wonder what would have made Carly change her mind about him.

Heather wants to stab Carly in the boathouse. Carly tries to buy time by saying that she and Heather are two of a kind. However, it doesn't help her and we see Heather go to stab her. In the next scene, we see Heather leaving the boathouse with a bloody knife. Later we see Heather drive Carly's car into the Metro Court parking garage and it appears that Carly could be in the trunk. Later, Heather overhears Dante, Morgan and Michael talking about Carly in the parking garage and she hides beside the car.

At the end, Ava and Julian meet up in his hotel room and compare notes on Carly's disappearance. They wonder who is responsible since they weren't involved. Carlos tells Patrick he got Sabrina pregnant the night she sleep at his place after the wedding debacle. Patrick asks Sabrina if it's true, but she doesn't say anything. Silas goes to see Sam and tells her about the prescription issue. Sam suggests Ava could be involved, meanwhile Nathan calls Ava in for questioning. Franco cries to Kiki that he doesn't know where to being looking for Carly. In the parking garage, Heather makes a run for it before Dante, Michael and Morgan see her. Then the boys notice Carly's vehicle and see blood on the door. Dante pops the trunk, but we don't get to see if Carly's inside or not.

End of show!

I guess Heather is smarter then everyone in Port Charles. I hope this plot wraps up quickly. Where do you think Carly really is?  

Have a great night!

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  1. Carly's probably knocked out in the boathouse waiting for AJ to come back for his booze!! lol


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