Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Other Woman

Don't make me the other woman!
Today's Highlights - 

At the Metro Court Scotty tells Lucy he's in love with her, Kevin advises Franco to keep his therapy appointments and Bobby joins Lulu and Luke for dinner.

Silas admits to Sam that he is indeed married, but explains that his wife "Nina" has been in a coma for twenty years.

Nathan and Dante are assigned to be partners at the PCPD. Then they start working on their first case, which is Silas!

Morgan tells Sonny he's out of the Jerome's business and that he broke up with Ava. Sonny has his doubts, but embraces him.

Julian informs Ava that her relationship with Morgan is over! Ava isn't pleased and threatens revenge.

Heather tells Carly about Franco "killing" her. Then she wants Carly to help cover her tracks, because Heather plans to murder her.

Enjoy today's episode below!

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