Thursday, January 30, 2014

Scorpio Out!

Leaving for Y&R...BOO!
Today's Show - 

Emma asks how to spell Chupacabra at the Drake house so she can Wiki research it. Then Robert stops by to tell them he's leaving PC. He explains that Holly and Ethan need his help. Robert says a nice goodbye Emma and advises her to chose wisely in the boy department. Mac arrives to take Robert to the airport and Robert says goodbye to Robin, Patrick and Emma. He promises that he'll be back soon or later.

Spencer tells Nikolas and Britt about the Chupacabra in the stables. He tells Nik that Alfred told him about the beast. Nik assures him that it's mythological. Later, Cameron tricks Elizabeth into bringing him over to Windermere to defeat the Chupacabra. While Liz is there she hugs Nik and Britt sees. Britt gets jealous, but offers to share the launch to the mainland with Liz.

Heather shows Carly a newspaper reporting Franco's arrest in the stables. Then Heather talks about her BLT fixation and explains that her dad used to make them for her until he abandoned her. Carly uses the information to plead with Heather to release her. 

Silas and Franco chat in jail in side by side cells. Franco wonders who would set him up. Then Michael shows up enraged demanding to know where Carly is. The cops drag Michael out and after Franco tells Silas why Michael hates him so much. They also talk about how great Kiki is.

Ava pines over Morgan at her place and sends him an I miss you text message. Then Sam knocks on the door and wants to talk about Silas. Ava tells Sam that she's over Silas. Then she suggests that Silas drugged Nina for her money. Sam doesn't believe it, but Ava tells her that Nina had a will and she should ask Silas about it.

Morgan misses Ava at Sonny's place and responds to her text with an I miss you back. Kiki comes over and they get into a debate about Franco. Then they talk about Morgan's feelings for Ava and how real they've become. Later Michael shows up and both Morgan and Michael warn Kiki against Franco. Michael also tells Kiki that Silas has been arrested. 

At the end, Sam goes to the PCPD and asks Silas about Nina's will. Silas confirms it and Sam storms off in anger. Ava goes to Sonny's house to see Morgan and he tells her to leave for her own good. Kiki makes arrangements to see Heather at the institute. Over on Spoon Island, Spencer and Cameron return to the stables to face the Chupacabra. Inside the stables, Carly offers to break up with Franco if Heather lets her go. Heather replies no way, she needs to die. Plus, Robin finds her door open and then is grabbed by a mysterious gloved hand!

End of show!

So today was Robert's official exit. I'm glad he said goodbye to Emma and Robin, but I can't help but feel like this was another wasted return. As for Heather and Carly...I can't emphasis enough how annoying this plot is...awful, awful, awful!!!!!!!!!!! I will say that despite being kidnapped for days, Carly's hair still looks great! Oh Vey!

Okay enough venting!

Have a great night!

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