Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Pathological Buttinski

What's in there?
In this episode Ava comes under fire, Sabrina lies to Patrick about her baby and everyone wonders where Carly is!

Today's Recap- 

Morgan, Dante & Michael find Carly's car in the Metro Court garage. They find blood on the door and a suitcase in the trunk. Michael wonders if Carly's body could be chopped up in the suitcase, but it turns out to be just clothes. Shortly after, Kiki and Franco find Morgan, Dante and Michael in the garage by Carly's car and want to know what's going on. Morgan and Michael think Franco is responsible, so Kiki tells them about the letter from Carly.

Olivia and Sonny kiss and talk in his bedroom. She tells him that Max is coming home soon, but senses something else is bothering Sonny. They talk about Carly, then Morgan and Sonny tells Olivia that she's his rock. Then they hit the sheets and after have pillow talk about Olivia using her visions to see if Morgan is truly done with Ava or not. She says it doesn't work that way. Sonny confides in her that he has his doubts about Morgan being able to just walk away from the Jerome's.

Robin and Elizabeth chat at the hospital about Robin possibly returning to GH as Chief of Staff. Then Robin tells Liz about Sabrina's pregnancy. Liz wonders if Robin is worried that this will effect her relationship with Patrick. Robin replies that she's not sure, especially since Patrick had asked her to have another baby and she said no. Meanwhile, Patrick asks Sabrina if Carlos is her baby daddy at her apartment. Sabrina answers that yes Carlos is the father. Patrick isn't pleased to hear that she slept with Carlos the night of their would be wedding and asks how she can be sure it's not his. Sabrina says she's certain because of the timing. Patrick unhappily accepts her answer and leaves. Once alone, Sabrina is upset about her lie. Carlos hugs her and says it's the best solution for everyone. At the end, Patrick goes to the hospital and tells Robin that the baby isn't his afterall. Robin hugs him in relief and says everything will be okay, but Patrick looks uncertain.

Ava goes to the police station to speak with Nathan. Ava thinks he wanted to talk to her about Carly being missing, but Nathan informs her that he wants to discuss Silas Clay. He starts to get into his suspicions that Silas killed his wife when Dante calls him to come to the Metro Court garage. He tells Ava to wait until he returns and she says she's going to call her lawyer Diane. Meanwhile, Silas and Sam discuss the possibility of Ava trying to murder his wife, Nina, back in the day at Sam's place. Silas isn't sure that Ava is responsible, but Sam asks if he thinks Ava is capable of murder. As their chatting, Ava calls Silas to discuss Nathan's questions. At the end, Sam tells Silas he needs to find out what Ava did in order to prove his innocence.

Felix confides in Brad at the hospital about his guilt over blabbing Sabrina's business to Patrick. It leads into a conversation about Britt's baby and Brad blurts out that he's not the father. Felix asks why he lied and Brad asks why he cares so much. Brad tells Felix he's a "pathological buttinski" and what he and Britt do is their business not his. Then Brad tells Felix to get a life of his own and storms off.

Over at the Metro Court garage, Nathan arrives and tells Dante about Ava thinking he wanted to talk to her about Carly's disappearance. However, Nathan says he doesn't think Ava did anything to Carly. Back at the police station, Morgan sees Ava and tells her about the search for his mother. Morgan also apologizes to Ava and she tells him she'll always have his back. Then Kiki and Michael arrive and see them holding hands. Before they can question what they're seeing, Franco arrives in handcuffs and accuses Ava of hurting Carly. Kiki wants to know if Ava did anything or not. At the end, Dante and Nathan find Heather's bloody knife in the garage!

End of show!

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