Thursday, January 23, 2014

My Mother Is My New Boss

Ta-Ta Lavery!
Today's Show - 

Nathan and Anna talk about Silas at the PCPD. Anna doesn't think there is enough evidence to proceed and threatens to shut the investigation down. However, Nathan talks her into giving him another week on the case.

Sam and Silas discuss finding out if Ava tried kill his comatose wife at Kelly's over breakfast. Later when Sam's alone, Bobby comes to Kelly's. Sam tells her about Lucas meeting Julian. Then Lucas arrives and wants to know why Bobby lied to him. Bobby tries to explain that Julian is dangerous, but Lucas walks off angry.

Brad runs into Dr. O and she tells him that she's his new boss at GH. She warns him to take the secret about the stolen embryo to his grave. Later, Felix apologizes to Brad at the hospital for judging him on his past actions. Then Felix suggests they go on a date and Brad says yes.

Nathan seeks Silas out at the hospital and traps him in the elevator. Nathan wants to use the time to discuss Nina. Silas isn't pleased and tells him to look into Ava Jerome. Then Dr. Obrecht has the elevator door opened. She tells Nathan she won't allow Anna Devane's detectives to badger her doctor's.

Britt wakes up and realizes it's time to go to work at Windermere. She says to Nik, "My mother is my new boss!" Nikolas tries to make her feel better and promises to get to the bottom of Dr. Obrecht's new employment.

Ava sends Morgan a text message and Julian sees her at Ava's apartment. He orders her to stop sending Morgan love notes. Then they talk about Lucas and the disappointment over their failed relationships with their children.

Sonny sees Morgan on the docks while he's returning Ava's text. Duke joins them and they all discuss the next phase of their plan to get Julian. Sonny wants to use Carlos as bait to draw Julian out so they can kill him. 

Morgan takes the information he got from Sonny to Julian and Ava and tells them that Duke is working for Sonny. Back at the docks, Duke and Sonny continue to talk about their plan and Anna sees them. Duke tells her that he just ran into Sonny by coincidence. Then he pretends to leave, but stays nearby to eavesdrop.

At the end, Anna gives Sonny a piece of her mind about the warehouse shooting. Lucas comes to the hospital to see Brad and it's apparent they had sex last night. Sam interviews a man about the prescription written for Nina Clay years ago. Nikolas goes to talk to Anna at the PCPD and he unintentionally reveals a lie Duke told her. On the docks, Julian confronts Duke with a gun!

End of show!

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