Monday, January 27, 2014

Ignore Me When I'm Like This

Who do I choose?
Monday's Show - 

Lucy ices Scott's jaw in his hotel room after Mac's punch. He tells Lucy that no one, not even Mac will keep him from seeing her again. Meanwhile, Mac returns to the Floating Rib and tells Felicia about assaulting Scotty. Lucy shows up to ask Felicia why she told Mac about her and Scott. Felicia apologies and says she's not good at keeping secrets.

Anna confronts Duke about his lies at the PCPD. Duke tells her that he lied, because he's embarrassed about his unemployed status. Later, Duke goes to the Floating Rib to pick up lunch for Anna and chats with Mac. Plus Lucy assures Felicia and Mac that she's going to fix her marriage. At the end, Lucy returns to Scott's room and tells him it's over, but then kisses him again.

Over at Ava's place, Julian and Ava debate whether or not Sonny would kill Morgan in front of poor Morgan. Julian also reels about Duke and wants him to pay. Later when alone, Morgan tells Ava about Julian forcing him to continue working for him. Ava gives Morgan a gun and tells him that she loves him. He tells her that he loves her too, but then leaves to go see Sonny without bringing the gun.

Silas gets arrested by Nathan at Kelly's and taken to the police station. Rafe sees Silas being taken from Kelly's and shares it with Molly and TJ. Rafe and TJ end up getting in a fight about Shawn and Silas and who is more dangerous. Rafe brings up the warehouse shooting and TJ realizes he's the one who told Anna.

Sam goes to the PCPD to keep Silas company. She tells Silas to hire Alexis to defend him. Nearby, Nathan explains to Anna and Scotty the evidence that he believes proofs Silas is guilty. Scotty decides there isn't enough evidence to convict, but allows Nathan to hold Silas for 48 hours. Then Julian arrives beaten up and tells Anna that Duke did this to him. He also tells her that Duke is working for Sonny. After, Sam asks Julian to find out if Ava is framing Silas.

Sonny vents to Olivia about Morgan's betrayal at his house. He's moody, breaks a glass and tells her, "Ignore me when I'm like this!"  Olivia asks what he's going to do. Sonny answers that what Morgan did is unforgivable. Olivia implores him to sleep on it and not take action. Later Morgan shows up at Sonny's place to talk. Meanwhile back at Ava's place, Julian returns and Ava pulls the gun on him.

End of show!

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  1. Is it me or does it look like Kristina Wagner did something to her eyes? Botox, fillers...not sure? She is so beautiful and seemed to age naturally, which I love! I hope it's not true.

  2. They all get at least some fillers or botox!


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