Friday, January 17, 2014

It's Not My Best, I'm Just Having Fun!

Ryan Carnes - See his Wiki here --> Lucas Returns!
In today's episode Heather's antics are beyond ridiculous, Lucas comes home and Luke makes a discovery in the boathouse!

Here's What Happened -

AJ starts his day with a screwdriver at the Quartermaine's. Tracy runs in and they start talking about the odd sounds he heard at the boathouse. Tracy tells him to make himself useful and get rid of whatever vermin is living in there. AJ refuses and then Michael shows up. Tracy assures Michael that his mother is a fighter and then asks him to help with the rodent problem in the boathouse. AJ tells her to take a hike so she goes to get help. Once alone, Michael confronts AJ about his drinking.

Heather tells Carly that there hasn't been any arrests in her disappearance yet at the boathouse. She's not pleased and thinks the PCPD must have dropped the ball. Carly says her plans are not working and Heather should let her go. Heather agrees and decides to make a phony phone call to Michael regarding his mother. She disguises her voice and tells him that the police found a knife with his mother's blood on it. The call sends Michael running off to the station.

Scotty and Anna discuss whether to arrest Franco or not at the PCPD. Scotty is still bitter about losing AJ's trial and says the police department didn't have enough evidence. He claims he doesn't want the same thing to happen again in Franco's case, so Anna runs down the list of evidence they do have. She feels it's enough for an arrest, but Scotty asks for a body. Anna thinks that a body isn't needed to convict and decides to take it to the mayor. Later, Michael arrives and demands to know why Scotty is sitting on evidence. Scotty thinks it was Anna who told him about the knife.

Franco leaves Kiki a thank you voice mail outside of Kelly's. Inside, Sam and Silas enjoy breakfast and talk about his comatose wife. Sam has some ideas on how to find out what really happened. Silas is taken back by her willingness to help him. Then Franco walks in and approaches them. He asks Sam for help finding Carly. Sam is appalled at the thought of helping Franco, but Silas suggests that she should give Franco a chance. After listening to Franco's story, Sam decides not to give her aid. Franco isn't pleased and storms out.

Julian asks Ava to visit him at Crimson to tell her that he's leaving town. He says he going to Seattle to find Lucas. When they walk into the Crimson office, Sonny is waiting there in Julian's chair. Sonny tells them their lease has been terminated. Julian asks by whom. Olivia walks in and says that she made the decision. Apparently she has power of attorney over Connie's part of the Metro Court. Olivia also tells Julian that he can no longer reside in the hotel either. Sonny teases Julian and tells him to stay with Ava or at Kelly's. Julian asks if this is the best Sonny can do. He answers, "It's not my best, I'm just having fun!"

Bobby looks at a picture of Lucas and Carly together at Carly's house in tears. Luke comes in and tries to comfort her. Then someone knocks on the door. Bobby runs to answer it and it's Lucas! He hugs them both and tells them he took time off of work to help search for Carly. The news makes Bobby nervous. Lucas goes to get his bags and Luke advises Bobby to tell him the truth about Julian. Then Lucas comes back in and asks what they're talking about. Luke decides to give them privacy. Once alone, Bobby chickens out.

At the end, AJ has flashbacks of the night Connie was murdered and remembers another person was there. Julian tries to talk to Sam at Kelly's about Lucas, but she refuses to discuss it with him. Then Lucas runs into Sam as she's leaving Kelly's. Scotty finally caves under pressure and issues a warrant for Franco's arrest. Tracy enlists Luke's help to get rid of the problem in the boathouse and when he gets there Luke finds Carly!

End of show!

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