Monday, January 20, 2014

It's Heather & She's Crazy!

Thank god for Luke!
Today's Show - 

Patrick and Robin run into Felix and Sabrina at the hospital. They make small talk and Sabrina mentions Carlos being the father. Patrick and Robin excuse themselves for a board meeting and after, Sabrina explains to Felix how Carlos elected himself the dad. Felix isn't pleased and calls her a liar like Britt.

Scotty issues a warrant for Franco at the PCPD and Franco overhears it. Anna tells Michael that she appreciates the pressure he put on Scott. Later, Scotty accuses Anna of leaking information to Michael and Anna can't find Franco to make the arrest.

Lucas asks to get to know Sam now that they're siblings outside of Kelly's. Then Julian walks out and arrogantly announces that he's Sam's father. Lucas is shocked and informs Julian that he's his son. Julian is delighted and thinks they can have a relationship now, but it's too much for Lucas and he walks away.

Silas goes to speak with Kiki at her apartment about his comatose wife. He also tells her that she was a result of an affair he had with Ava during that marriage. Silas gets called to the hospital and after Franco shows up and asks Kiki to hide him. Michael returns home so Kiki puts Franco in the closet to conceal him.

Luke discovers Carly tied up in the boathouse and asks who did this to her. Carly answers, "It's Heather and she's crazy!" Then Heather walks in with her gun and Luke knocks the gun from her hand. He quickly picks it up and points it at her. Luke goes to call the police, but then Heather's henchmen arrive and knock Luke out.

Tracy and Monica discuss the "raccoon" in the boathouse in the Q's living room. Monica shares that she's going to the hospital for a meeting to determine the next Chief of Staff. Then Monica leaves for the hospital and Tracy decides to go check on things at the boathouse.

Britt and Silas run into each other at the hospital and discuss the upcoming Chief of Staff meeting. Both have their names on the contention list and they wonder how Monica will react. Later, Robin and Patrick join them in the board room and are surprised that Britt nominated herself.  

Alexis brings Sonny contracts to sign at his house. They get into a conversation about Julian and children of mob bosses. Alexis tells him that of all of her children's fathers, Sonny isn't that bad. Then Sonny promises her that he will make Julian pay sooner or later.

At the end, Sabrina makes Felix promise to keep her baby secret, but Liz overhears. Anna receives a mysterious phone call at the police station. Franco overhears Michael talking about the evidence against him to Kiki. Tracy finds the boathouse empty and wonders where Luke is. Sam tells Julian off and it's announced at the board meeting that Dr. Obrecht will be the new Chief of Staff! 

End of show!

P.S. In case you haven't heard, Robin is OUT at GH. Read here --->KM Leaving

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  1. Why do they keep bringing Heather back? That gets on my nerve. Just when you think
    that Heather is dead or locked up for good they bring her back I know GH has to keep the fans watching but the writers need to use someone else other than Heather all the time.


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