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I'm Victor Cassadine

Meet Victor Cassadine! Read his Wiki here --> Thaao Penghlis
In this episode the word "Chupacabra" is used ad nauseam, Victor Cassadine makes his debut and we finally learn where Luke has been!

Here's What Happened - 

Kiki goes to the psychiatric institute to see Heather. She says that she's Heather's granddaughter, but the nurse remembers the, "Kiki's Not a Q" newspaper headline. Kiki says that the newspaper is a lying tabloid and the nurse takes pity on her. The nurse has a creepy Mr. Strunk, an orderly, show Kiki to Heather. He takes Kiki to a padded cell where a blonde woman is sitting with her back to Kiki. Mr. Strunk says that Heather has been catatonic and hasn't said a word. Kiki is convinced and decides not to try to speak with her.

Anna and Dante question Franco in the PCPD interrogation room. They show him a bloody knife and inform him that his finger prints are on it. Franco instantly realizes that it must be the knife he used to "kill" Heather with. Franco denies any knowledge of the knife, so Anna leaves Dante alone with him to talk in private. Outside, Tracy shows up and tells Anna that Luke is missing. Then Kiki shows up to talk to Franco and tells him that Heather is locked safely away in her cell.

Heather prepares to murder Carly in the stables on Spoon Island. Outside, Spencer and Cameron get ready to defeat the Chupacabra. The boys burst in and Heather throws a blanket over a gagged Carly. Then Heather tells Spencer and Cameron that the Chupacabra is under the blanket. The boys tell Heather that they want to kill the Chupacabra to impress Emma. A light bulb goes off in Heather's head and she advises them to use a knife to kill the beast. Meanwhile, Carly moans and whimpers from under the blanket. The kids get scared, chicken out and run away.

Inside Windermere, Nikolas researches the Chupacabra on the internet. Lulu sneaks up behind him and startles him. She says she wanted to see Britt, but Nikolas informs her that Britt's at work. Then little Ben starts crying. Nikolas brings him down and once Lulu holds him, he instantly stops crying. Then Spencer and Cameron run in and tell Nik about the Chupacabra in the stables. Over at the hospital, Liz and Britt return from taking the launch together from Windermere. Britt is soaking wet and accuses Liz of pushing her in the water. They ride the elevator together and Elizabeth tells Britt that she's can't stand her and Nikolas being together. Then Liz tells Britt that sooner or later, she'll destroy her relationship with Nikolas.

Patrick brings Emma to the hospital and they run into Dr. Obrecht. Emma finds her scary so Patrick warns Dr. O to stay away from his daughter. Then Sabrina shows up and Emma runs to her. Dr. Obrecht brings up the bun in Sabrina's oven and says that Patrick must be the father. Emma looks shocked so Sabrina takes Emma aside to explain the situation. After Patrick scolds Dr. O for having a big mouth and being insensitive toward Emma. He asks how it's even possible that she was made Chief of Staff. Dr. O replies that she possesses information that gives her power. Then Britt and Liz show up and interrupt them. Dr. O informs Britt about Sabrina being pregnant and Liz hears Patrick say that he's not the father. Nearby, Sabrina and Emma chat about her baby's father in one of the hospital exam rooms. Sabrina explains that Carlos is the dad. Then Emma says she wanted to talk to Sabrina about the Chupacabra since both she and it are originally from Puerto Rico.

Robin gets dragged into her house by armed henchman. She's terrified and asks who they are. Then a stranger walks in and answers that they work for him. He sits down and introduces himself as Victor Cassadine. Robin doesn't know who he is. Victor knows about Robin's friendship with Nikolas and tells her that he has WSB business to discuss with her. Then Victor says that he's the director of the WSB unbeknownst to Robert and the great Frisco Jones! (I loved that line!) Robin realizes that he must have appointed Dr. O the new Chief of Staff at GH. Victor admits it and then starts talking about what he wants with Robin. He says he is interested in what she might know about the Cassadine Lab where Jerry and Dr. O kept her. Then he puts a picture of Helena down on the table and after a picture of Stavros.

At the end, Liz runs into the exam room where Sabrina and Emma are and blurts out that Patrick is the father. Victor tells Robin that Stavros and Helena are on "ice" and he wants her to bring them back to life. Britt and Dr. Obrecht have a tense conversation about baby Ben at the nurse's station. Nikolas goes to investigate the stables on the boys behalf. Tracy insists that Anna investigate Luke's disappearance. After hearing about Kiki's visit to see "Heather" Franco is more confused then ever. Back at the institute, we see that it's really Luke in the padded cell with a blonde wig on!

End of Show!

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