Thursday, January 2, 2014

I'm Pregnant with Patrick's Baby!

Meet Nathan West, our sexy new detective! Read about him here --> Ryan Paevey
In this episode Dante and Lulu receive more bad news, Emma gets to marry her parents and Sam finally gets close to Silas!

Today's Show - 

Silas prepares for his NYE date with Sam and leaves Ava a message regarding the phones calls he keeps receiving at the hospital. Over at the Metro Court, Sam runs into her cousin Nikolas. They have a toast and both wait for their dates, Silas and Britt. They start to talk about their mutual relationship status, but then Silas arrives and interrupts. Nikolas gives him a friendly warning and tells Silas to treat Sam well or he'll have to answer to him. Sam gets a little embarrassed and they excuse themselves to start their date. Sam and Silas enjoy their dinner together and then discuss where to go next. Silas asks Sam if she wants to get a hotel room. Sam agrees and they take off. At the end, they make it to the hotel room and have a private toast to his potential new job as chief of staff. Sam strips down and they finally have their night of passion.

Emma is ready to party at the Drake's with her parents for New Year's. She talks about how she couldn't stay up until midnight last year with Sabrina and is determined to stay awake tonight. Patrick tells her that he and Robin plan on renewing their vows tonight. They say everyone is busy, so they let Emma perform the ceremony for fun. Then we get flashbacks of Robin and Patrick's wedding. After, Emma gives them their rings, pronounces them husband and wife and tells Patrick to kiss the bride. At the end, Emma does fall asleep before midnight while Patrick shares a toast with Robin.

Britt sees a problem on Lulu's ultrasound at the hospital. She tells Dante and Lulu that she can't harvest new eggs for them, because Lulu no longer has viable eggs. Later, Dante and Lulu head home and talk about adopting or using a donor egg. Lulu shocks Dante when she says she no longer wants to have a baby. Lulu says that maybe their not meant to be parents and she can't take anymore heartbreak or baby related disappointment. Then Lulu drops another bomb on poor Dante and tells him that she can't stay with him and wants to leave. Dante gets upset and says he needs her to help him through this tough time. Lulu says that she resents him for not lying in court for her so they could have kept Connie. At the end, Lulu packs a bag and takes off just as the new year arrives. That's cold if you ask me. Nulu sucks!

Britt finally arrives at the Metro Court to meet Nikolas. She breaks doctor patient confidentiality and tells him about what happened with Lulu. Britt says she wanted to help them and feels terrible. At the end, Nikolas holds Britt as they watch the NYE fireworks. Nikolas tells her that she means so much to him and they kiss. However, Britt can't help her terrible feelings of guilt over Lulu and Dante.

Sabrina panics over the positive result of her pregnancy test at her apartment. She tells Felix, "I'm pregnant; I'm pregnant with Patrick's baby!" Felix tells her to tell Patrick about the baby asap, but Sabrina says that's the last thing she's gonna do. She's afraid that she'll come off like Britt did and refuses to make Patrick feel obligated to her. Felix threatens to tell Patrick if she won't, but Sabrina convinces him to keep quiet. At the end, they quietly ring in the New Year on the couch together.

Maxie gets a visit from Nathan West. He tells her that he's subletting her apartment while she's away. Maxie shows him around the place and over shares with him about her personal situation with Spinelli and the baby. Maxie tears up, so he hands her a handkerchief. Maxie is surprised that Nathan carries one around and is impressed by his good manners. She tells him about her Eat, Prey, Love adventure and he shares that he is also looking for a new start. Nathan suggests that she stay and they become roommates. Maxie thinks he's sweet, but says she can't. He wishes her luck and then Maxie leaves. At the end, we see that it's been Nathan who has been trying to reach Silas all this time. He leaves another message for Silas saying he's a detective from NYC and that Silas can't avoid him forever. End of show!

Sam looked hot today, didn't she? Where the hell is Elizabeth??

Enjoy the preview for tomorrow below!

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  1. I hate Nulu she is a selfish beeatch! Nathan is such a him already!!!!!!!!!

  2. lol, I agree she's acting like an ass! We'll see, I know people that have gone through a lot trying to get pregnant and in Lulu's defense, I know it takes a heavy toll! I just pray she doesn't hook up with the new guy...ugh!

  3. Nathan is hottie and his acting was good - very natural. I do NOT want NuNuLu involved with him in any way though.....


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