Tuesday, January 7, 2014

GH January 2014 News, Rumors & Spoilers

According to General Hospital Happenings & Soaps In-Depth, here's whats coming up on GH! As always take with a grain a salt!

The News

Victor Cassadine Returns!

GH has confirmed the return of to Port Charles as Victor Cassadine, the role he originally played in 1981. The actor will be back on set early next year and his first air date is tentatively set for January 30, 2014.

Soap fans may also know him from his long running stint on DOOL as Tony and Andre DiMera. 

The Rumors

Britt is just about ready to come clean. Her mother uses secrets involving the Cassadine's to dissuade her. 

Carlos claims paternity of Sabrina's child but it comes with a few requirements. 

Someone's drinking could land Michael in the hospital and attempts at a cover up. His hospitalization could lead to a new love interest for one of the Corinthos sons.

Kiki may become a threat to the Jerome operation when she stumbles upon some information (which could be related to Connie's murder). Just how deep will Kiki dig and how far will Julian go? Look for more rivalry between Ava and Julian.

The Spoilers

Will Scott be forced to issue a warrant for Franco's arrest?

Shawn questions Morgan's loyalty to Sonny.

Ava is shaken when Nathan implies she was involved in the attempted murder of Silas' wife.

Robin confides in Liz that Patrick may have reason to regret having chosen her over Sabrina now that Sabrina is pregnant.

Sonny opens up to Olivia about his fears concerning Morgan.

Franco and Bobbie both pressure Scott to get moving with the investigation of Carly's disappearance, but for different reasons.

Blood is found in the parking garage of the Metro Court.

Nathan's discovery of the source of Carly's goodbye letter and the DNA on a blood-covered knife, is bad news for Franco.

Lucy tells Felicia about sleeping with Scotty 

Lucas hurries to Port Charles to support Bobbie after learning of Carly's disappearance.

Sabrina's pregnancy and other issues (including different secrets being kept by Sabrina, Patrick and Robin) hold potential ramifications for Felix, Carlos, Emma, and Anna as well.

Will Olivia go up against Ava, as she continues to support Sonny? Executive Producer, Frank Valentini, according to Soaps In Depth, would like to see that happen. 

Morgan will have to deal with his love for Sonny and family ties, juxtaposed with what he thinks is his love for Ava.

Julian continues to be attracted to Alexis. He has a lot coming his way, mob related, sister-related and via Lucas and Sam.

The reveal of Ben as the child of Lulu and Dante will eventually involve the need for attorneys. Britt is not going to give Ben up without a fight.

With the arrival of Detective Nathan West, we will finally learn why Silas displays such hostility towards Ava.

Heather poses an immediate threat to Carly and Franco, as does the disapproval of Carly's significant others. Will there by anyone for them when they need support?

Down the road, Maxie will return having changed in some surprising ways that may or may not help her get her daughter back.

What's your favorite GH storyline right now?

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  1. I'm really hoping that GH develops the Asian Quarter revamp along with more Cassadine stuff! I'm over mob wars, whose the daddy stories and anything to do with McSilas & Frodd! I also could do without vet returns that go nowhere!


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