Thursday, January 16, 2014

Cuckoo for Carly

True Detective
In today's show Julian wears a snazzy turtleneck, Nikolas and Elizabeth flirt and Heather lays out her plans to Carly!

Today's Highlights - 

Nathan and Lulu continue their conversation at Carly's house. He tells Lulu that the police found a packed suitcase in Carly's trunk, which upsets her. Nathan says he'll give Dante her regards and then he leaves for station.

Bobby returns to Carly's house and her and Lulu talk about Lucas. Bobby wants to tell Lucas about Carly's disappearance, but worries it could lead to him running into Julian. Lulu never realized that Julian was Lucas's father and urges Bobby to call him. So Bobby agrees and leaves Lucas a voice message.

Anna and Dante think Franco is responsible for Carly's disappearance at the PCPD. They confirm that it was his prints on the knife and Carly's blood. Shortly after Nathan arrives and all three of them run through Carly's potential steps before going off the radar. At the end, they conclude that without a body they can't be sure Franco's guilty.

Franco finds Sonny in his hotel room reading Julian's latest newspaper headline that says, "Cuckoo for Carly!" Sonny questions him about Carly, but Franco insists he was framed. Franco explains his case, but Sonny isn't buying it. At the end, Sonny gives him a violent warning that he'll kill Franco if he hurt Carly.

Ava and Julian discuss Bobby and Lucas in his hotel room. Julian figured out that Lucas is his son and share's this with Ava. She asks him what he intends to do now that he knows he has a son. Julian answers that he wants to get to know Lucas and have a relationship. Ava tells Julian to leave it alone, but he says he can't.

Nikolas goes to the hospital for a board meeting and runs into Elizabeth. He says that he missed her during the holiday's. Liz replies that she felt uncomfortable around Britt, but realizes it was silly. To make up for it, Liz asks him to go ice skating with her. Nikolas strongly considers it, but then Britt calls him to come home and he decides to return to Windermere.

Carly lays unconscious in the Quartermaine boathouse when Heather wakes her with coffee and Kelly's BLT's. We see Carly's arm is wrapped in bandages and Heather tells her that she needed her blood to frame Franco for her murder. Carly tries to convince Heather it's not too late to make peace with Franco, but Heather is determined to see her plan to fruition. 

End of show!

In case you missed it, enjoy today's show below!

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