Thursday, January 9, 2014

Carlos Is My Baby Daddy

All Hell's Breaking Loose!
Today's Highlights:

Carlos learns that Sabrina is pregnant at her apartment. They get to talking about her options and Sabrina says she thinks giving the child up for adoption is the best solution. However, Carlos thinks he has a better idea.

Patrick tells Robin that Monica got fired and he needs her back at work. Later, Patrick wants to talk to Felix about Sabrina at the hospital. Felix gets uncomfortable and tries to avoid talking with him, which makes Patrick suspicious.

Sonny and Robin run into each other at Kelly's and have a mini reunion. Sonny asks if Robin has spoken with Brenda. Robin says yes and that they had an interesting conversation! Then they discuss Jason's death and how much they miss him.

Ava goes to see Morgan at Sonny's restaurant. Morgan tries to explain why it's best that they stop seeing each other, but Ava doesn't want to end their relationship. Morgan says he wishes they could stay together, but he has to do want Julian wants. 

Michael goes to Carly's house looking for his mother. He runs into Bobby there and Michael tells Bobby about Carly's romance with Franco. Bobby isn't pleased. Later when Bobby is alone, Franco knocks on the door. After talking, they both realize something is wrong with Carly.

Heather holds a tied up Carly hostage in the Quartermaine boathouse. Unbeknownst to Heather, a drunken AJ is stumbling around outside leaving Elizabeth voice messages. Carly tries to make noise to get his attention, but Michael comes to take AJ out to breakfast.

Over at Kelly's, AJ and Michael arrive and run into Sonny and Robin. Sonny isn't happy to see AJ and starts to lay into him about killing Connie. Michael diffuses the situation and Sonny decides to leave. After, Robin and AJ hug and Michael introduces Robin to Kiki.

At the end, Michael thinks Franco is behind Carly's absence. Sonny finds Morgan and Ava together. Heather forces Carly to sign a goodbye note. Carlos suggests that Sabrina let him raise the baby with her and Patrick pressures Felix into telling him that Sabrina's pregnant.

End of show!

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  1. Please do not break up Scrubs for the Disney Princess. This storyline is just plain stupid. Patrick is a grown man and Sabrina is way too young for him. Let her find out that Carlos really is the father. TPTB really ought to try to get Kimberly Mc. to stay even if it is only on a part time basis. And where has our Prince been??? Missing his handsome face.

  2. Where is Nikolas? Loved him in scenes with Spencer. That little boy who plays Spencer is really a cute little character, fans would love to see more of him. Especially love his little crush on Emma Grace Drake. We get tired of seeing the Corinthos brothers and would love occasionally to see Spencer and Emma the two of them are really good little actors. They ought to be utilized more especially since Spencer is a Cassadine and a Corinthos and Emma is a Scorpio and a Drake.

  3. I agree that Nik's absence is problematic. It seems like tptb dropped his romance with Britt temporarily, but that plot should be ramping up for Feb sweeps.


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