Tuesday, January 7, 2014

From Quartermaine to Baldwin

Quick Recap - 

Nathan goes to talk with Sam about Silas at her apartment. He asks if Sam is sleeping with Silas and she freaks out at the question. Nathan responds that he's just curious if she knows she's sleeping with a married man. At first Sam doesn't believe him and thinks he was just trying to rattle her. However, after he leaves Sam thinks about Ava's many warnings about Silas.

Rafe confides in Silas at the hospital about his big mouth. Meanwhile, Anna questions TJ with Shawn standing guard in her office. She asks TJ to tell her about what happened at the warehouse. Shawn says they'll need a lawyer before she asks more questions, so Anna warns TJ not to leave town. After, Silas calls Anna to make sure she keeps Rafe's name out of it. 

After Morgan lies to Ava about his loyalty toward the Jerome's, Julian asks to talk with him privately. Once alone, Julian attempts to explain his employee incentive plan, re: Morgan stays loyal and Julian doesn't kill his family. Then Julian suggests that Morgan go undercover in Sonny's organization on his behalf. He also orders him to dump Ava.

Franco gets a visit from Ava in the Metro Court restaurant. She teases him and says he had quite a fall going from Quartermaine to Baldwin. They get to talking about his relationship with Carly and it leads to an argument about Kiki, Morgan and Carly. Franco warns Ava not to mess with Carly or he'll deal with her. 

Sonny gets a visit from Carly at his restaurant. Meanwhile a disguised Heather Webber stalks her holding a gun. Carly tells Sonny that she's seeing Franco. The news shocks Sonny. He recounts Franco's many offensives and thinks it's a mistake. Then they get to talking about Morgan and his involvement in Max's shooting. Later, Sonny reminds Carly how dangerous Franco is and she walks out annoyed.

At the end, Nathan goes to update Anna on his progress with Sam. Silas goes to visit Sam at her apartment and she wants to discuss his wife. Morgan tells Sonny that he's out of the Jerome's business and Carly comes face to face with Heather!

End of show!

Enjoy the preview for tomorrow below!

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