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Friday's Recap: Bleached Blonde Bimbo

End of Cougar love?
I got a little behind on GH this week, but I'm all caught up now. Yesterday was an interesting episode. Morgan insults Ava for Sonny's benefit, Patrick and Robin's reunion gets tested and poor Carly has to fend off a crazed knife wheedling Heather Webber!

Here's What Happened - 

Julian gets an unfriendly visit from Shawn in his hotel room. Shawn holds a gun on him and tells him to stay away from TJ. Julian threatens to tell the police about Morgan shooting Max if Shawn doesn't back off, but Shawn doesn't buy it. He knows that Julian won't incriminate himself. Shawn reminds him again to stay away from TJ or else. Julian says he has no interest in TJ and then takes off.

Michael attacks Franco at Carly's house thinking he had something to do with Carly's disappearance. Kiki tries to calm Michael down and then Franco tries to reason with Michael. However, Michael doesn't believe that Franco is innocent. He leaves Kiki with Franco at Carly's house to search for his mother. Later, Franco and Kiki get to talking and Kiki wonders if Ava had something to do with what happened to Carly.

Sonny isn't pleased to find Morgan with Ava at his restaurant. Morgan pretends he was just trying to break up with Ava and calls her a bleached blonde bimbo. He tells Ava that sleeping with a cougar was too much for him and she needs to get lost. Ava leaves, but warns him that he'll never find another woman like her. Later, Morgan sends Ava an apology text and then Michael shows up to tell them that Carly is missing. Morgan thinks Julian might have done something to Carly and takes off looking for her.

Carlos tries to convince Sabrina that he would make the best father for her baby at her apartment. He tells her that they can leave town so Patrick never finds out and he can stay alive. Carlos think Puerto Rico is the best place for them. Meanwhile at the hospital, Felix can't keep a secret and blabs to Patrick that Sabrina's pregnant. Robin overhears and thinks her happy homecoming is doomed.

Heather is happy that she got Carly to sign a goodbye note at the Quartermaine boathouse, but AJ and Monica end up having an argument outside keeping Heather from delivering it. Monica knows that AJ has been drinking and they discuss how Connie's murder got him on the sauce again. Meanwhile, Heather slips out without them noticing to bring the note to Franco. Carly tries to make noise and AJ wants to check it out, but Monica convinces him that it's just a raccoon. Monica wants AJ to go to an AA meeting, but he says it's hopeless and won't work. Monica invokes Michael's name, which inspires AJ to get to a meeting and they take off together leaving Carly stuck.

Heather makes her way to Franco's hotel room and thinks about when he stabbed her. She slips Carly's note under some papers on his desk and tries to leave. In the hallway, Ava walks by Franco's room but doesn't see Heather. Ava is too busy responding to Morgan's text to notice. Shortly after, Franco and Kiki show up and interrogate Ava about Carly. Kiki asks to speak with her mother alone. Once in private, Kiki asks what Ava knows about Carly's disappearance.

At the end, Felix tells Robin he's sorry that he was the barer of bad news. Sabrina tells Carlos thanks, but no thanks because he's more trouble then she needs. Carlos promises he'll get his life together for her, but then Patrick knocks on the door. Michael has doubts about Morgan's loyalty that he shares with Sonny. Plus, Sonny assures Michael that he'd do anything for Carly. In the Metro Court parking lot, Morgan attacks Julian thinking he hurt his mother. Franco finds the note Heather left for him in his room. At the boathouse, Heather returns and continues to torment Carly with a knife!

End of show!

Enjoy Monday's preview below!

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