Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Dreaming of Richard Simmons

Are you cheating on me?
In today's show Lucy is torn between her feelings for Kevin and Scotty. Bobby and Michael are convinced that Franco is guilty and Lulu meets Nathan West!

Here's What Happened - 

Lucy has kinky dreams about Scotty and wakes up screaming next to Kevin. He asks her to tell him about her dream. Lucy's lies and says it was about Richard Simmons's boom box debacle from the Nurses's Ball. Kevin makes a joke about it, gives her a kiss and heads off to work. Over at Kevin's office, Franco storms in and wants to discuss Carly. Kevin tells Franco that if he did hurt Carly, he'd have to turn him into the police. Franco swears he's innocent and brings up the note Carly left him. Kevin wonders if Carly's note brought up Franco's fears of being to crazy for love. Franco doesn't want to be analyzed and walks out.

Scotty and Anna chat on the phone about Carly's disappearance and the shoot out at Sonny's warehouse. Scotty warns Anna to find Carly or else her job could in jeopardy. After feeling the pressure from Scott, Anna wants Dante to get hopping on Carly's disappearance. Then they start talking about Nathan and his eager police work. Bobby shows up and begs Anna for information on what happened to Carly. Bobby is convinced that Franco hurt Carly and says if Anna can't stop him, she will.

Lulu waits at Carly's house when someone knocks on the door. She opens it and Nathan West is standing there. Lulu let's him and he introduces himself as the new detective who's working with Dante. Nathan asks to look at Carly's computer and Lulu gets him to tell her about some of the details of the case. They start talking about Franco's extensive list of misdeeds and Nathan realizes that she must know Dante. Lulu confirms, but never says that he's her husband. Then Dante calls Nathan to discuss his progress and Nathan says he's looking for anything what will connect Franco.

Scotty finds Franco in the parking garage and asks him for the truth about whatever he did to Carly. Franco says he's barking up the wrong tree and the police should be looking into Ava. Scotty says he'll try to point the police in Ava's direction. Later, Scotty runs into Bobby at the police station. Bobby pleads with Scotty to put pressure on Anna to arrest Franco. Scotty takes Bobby into the interrogation room to chat privately. Scotty tries to suggest that there could be other suspects, but Bobby thinks he's just protecting his son and walks out. After Scotty suggests that Dante and Anna look into Ava and orders Anna to do her job!

Felicia and Duke chat at Kelly's about Carly's disappearance and the Jerome's. Felicia reads the latest newspaper headlines and recalls the Jerome's reign of terror from the 80's. The conversation makes Duke a little uncomfortable when Felicia calls him one of the good guys. Then Duke leaves and later Lucy comes into Kelly's and joins Felicia. Lucy confides in Felicia about her sexy dream about Scott. Felicia says it's just a dream and that she has the occasional dream/nightmare about Frisco. Lucy finally admits that she really did sleep with Scotty and explains how it all came to pass. At the end, Lucy says Scott got to her and wonders how long before Kevin figures it out. Then Kevin walks in and shortly after Scotty does to.

Michael goes to the hospital asking if anyone has seen his mother. He starts pressuring one poor nurse and Kiki has to intervene to calm him down. Michael is still convinced that Franco is behind what happened to his mother. Kiki isn't convinced and manages to get him to relax. At the end, Franco approaches Michael and Kiki and swears he had nothing to do with what happened to Carly. Michael replies that he'll give him the benefit of the doubt.

Shawn comes to talk to Sonny at the warehouse. Morgan eavesdrops and hears Shawn tell Sonny that he's suspicions about Morgan's loyalty. Sonny says he believes that deep down Morgan loves him. Then Morgan walks in and starts talking about his worries regarding Carly. Shawn heads out to do some recon and after Sonny and Morgan hug. Later, Duke comes to the warehouse and Sonny clues Morgan into Duke's involvement in their plan to take Julian down. They tell Morgan that no one can know that Duke in working with them.

At the end, Anna tells Dante at the police station that Franco's fingerprints were found on the knife. 

End of show!
Enjoy tomorrow preview below!

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