Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Detective North

In this episode Anna gets Duke to admit the truth, Dante sees Nathan hugging Lulu and Sonny gives Morgan an ultimatum!

Here's What Happened - 

Sam and Dante talk about Silas at the station. Sam asks Dante to get Nathan to back off, but Dante says he can't interfere. Then Dante mentions that Lulu left him and that he misses her. Sam offers him some comforting words and says that Lulu will come around. Later, Dante finds a picture of he and Lulu in his desk and gets wistful. 

Nathan goes to The Floating Rib and runs into Lulu. She remembers him as "Detective North", but he corrects her and reminds us that it's really Nathan West. They briefly discuss Carly's disappearance and then Lulu agrees to stay and join him for a drink. She finally tells him that Dante is her husband and tells Nathan about the Connie situation. Nathan advises her to go home to Dante. Lulu says that she misses Dante, but she can't get over not being able to have a baby. Then she starts crying so Nathan hugs her. Right then Dante walks in and sees them embracing.

Rafe admits to TJ and Molly at Kelly's that he told Anna about the warehouse shooting. Molly and TJ aren't pleased and accuse him of trying to sabotage TJ to win Molly over. Rafe admits that it's true and asks for Molly's forgiveness. Molly says she can't trust him and says they can't be friends anymore. Rafe gets upset and storms out. At the end, TJ tells Molly that losing her will probably make Rafe realize the errors of his ways. Then Sam walks in looking for Rafe and tells them about Silas being in jail for two days.

Anna and Duke come to blows in Anna's office over Duke's involvement with Sonny. She confronts him about Julian's allegations so Duke finally admits that he's working for Sonny. He tries to explain that he thought he was protecting her and pleads with Anna to understand. Anna can't believe that Duke broke his word to her. Duke says the police weren't able to do anything about the Jerome's so he had to. Anna can't accept Duke's reasoning and asks how it came to this. Duke talks about how powerless he's been feeling between Faison's identity switch and being duped by Derek Wells/Julian. Duke says he wants to be the man he was before. Anna says she doesn't need him to be that man anymore, but Duke says that he does need to be. She asks him to stop working for Sonny, but he refuses and walks out.

Morgan goes to Sonny's place. Sonny asks how Morgan could betray him like this. Morgan asks if Sonny will give him a chance to explain. Sonny can't listen and starts listing of all Morgan's recent offenses, especially shooting Max. Morgan tells Sonny about Julian threatening to kill Carly and Michael if Morgan didn't do what he wanted. Sonny is skeptical, but says that he will deal with Julian from now on. He orders Morgan to stay away from Julian and officially break up with Ava. Morgan pleads with Sonny that Ava is different, but Sonny says no deal he needs to let Ava go!

Ava points a gun at Julian at her place. She's furious with him for threatening to kill Morgan's family if he stopped working for him. Julian says it won't matter for long, because Sonny will kill Morgan. Then Julian brings the conversation around to Silas. He asks Ava if she is framing Silas to get back at him for choosing Sam. Ava realizes that Julian is asking on behalf of Sam and refuses to answer. Then she tells Julian if he hurts Morgan, he'll have to answer to her. Julian says he understands and Ava lowers her gun. Then Julian tells her that Sonny will make Morgan dump her if he forgives him. Ava doesn't want to believe it, but then she gets a text from Morgan saying that he can't see her anymore.

End of show!

I guess Carly's disappearance is old news?

Enjoy the preview for tomorrow below!

Have a great night!

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