Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Devil Dog!
In this episode Heather gets the kids on her side, Dante gets suspicious of Kiki and Dr. Obrecht lays down her law!

Today's Show - 

Brave little Spencer dares to enter the barn alone after hearing screams coming from it on Spoon Island. Outside Cameron and Emma worry about him and decide to go check. When they go inside, they find Spencer holding Heather at bay with a cane. Meanwhile, Carly is tied up and gagged in a basket nearby and can hear them talking. Spencer asks what the noises he heard were and Heather says it was a Chupacabra. Spencer tells Heather about Emma's struggle to chose between he and Cameron. Carly decides to try and get their attention and knocks the basket over. The kids ask what made the noise and Heather again says it's the Chupacabra. She convinces them to keep quiet about it and return to the house. After, Heather threatens Carly with a giant needle.

Dr. Obrecht chats on her cell phone at the hospital to an unknown person discussing how she's going to whip the GH staff into shape. Nearby, Robin and Patrick think that Liz wanted to tell them that Dr. Obrecht is the new Chief of Staff when they see her chatting with Felix and Sabrina in the hospital hallway. They get called away and after Sabrina wonders if Liz will keep quiet. Before she can answer they get into a conversation about Obrecht and Felix starts mocking her. However, Dr. O comes up behind him and overhears. Dr. Obrecht starts to lay the law down. She threatens to dock Liz's pay and tells Sabrina and Felix that she will be giving them a performance review. Felix says that Epiphany does the reviews, but Dr. Obrecht says everyone reports to her.

Britt tells Lulu and Nikolas at Windermere about Dr. O's new job. Nikolas is appalled and promises to see if there is anything he can do. Britt asks Lulu if Dante can help, which prompts Lulu to tell her that they separated because of their baby blues. Britt feels responsible and implores Lulu to work on her marriage. Lulu appreciates her interest, but decides to take off. After, Nikolas thanks Britt for trying to help Lulu. Later Elizabeth comes to Windermere to pick up Cameron and ends up getting into a fight with Britt. Then the kids return, but don't mention seeing Heather in the barn.

Kiki tries to throw Dante off by claiming a text she received was from Franco. Michael and Dante go to investigate leaving her alone. Once their gone, Kiki tells Franco that she believes he's being framed and wants to help him. They talk about who might want to frame him. Kiki brings up Heather. Franco says there's no way it could be Heather and he's certain of it. Over at Kelly's, Dante and Michael realize that the supposed text Kiki said was from Franco was a ruse. Michael is certain that Franco is up to his old tricks and is playing games. Dante tries to calm him down and tells Michael to text Franco back. When they don't get a response, Dante suspects that Kiki might be helping Franco. Michael decides to go home and check on her. When he does he finds that the door is locked.

Patrick and Robin go to the police station to talk to Anna about Dr. Obrecht. Anna apologizes to them for Dr. Obrecht getting released, because she feels responsible for her not being locked in a maximum security prison. Then they tell Anna that Dr. O is now the Chief of Staff. Anna isn't pleased to learn about this and worries that it will be hard for Robin. Robin says it will be hard, but she refuses to work for Dr. O and doesn't have a contract to bind her. Unfortunately, Patrick can't quit because he is on contract.

At the end, Dante and Lulu run into each other at Kelly's and he asks if she's ever coming home. Lulu doesn't answer and tells him to take care of himself. Dr. O tells Sabrina and Felix that only perfection will be accepted at the Nurses's station. Michael asks Kiki if Franco reached out to her or not. Nikolas warns the kids to be careful at the barn and Heather injects Carly with a mysterious substance.

End of show!

This nonsense with Heather and Carly is killing me! Not only is it dumb, it's beyond unbelievable! Bad writing, just bad, bad writing!

Have a great night!

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