Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Chief Obrecht

"Joan Crawford was woefully misunderstood!"
Quick Recap - 

 Kiki covers for Franco so Michael won't find him at their apartment. Later Dante shows up and asks Kiki if she's seen Franco.

Lulu goes to visit Nik while he babysits Ben, Spencer and Cameron at Windermere. They talk about her marriage and baby trouble.

Spencer and Cameron play in the living room and argue over who should be Emma's boyfriend. Then they request that Nikolas ask Emma over to play.

Robert and Mac take Emma to Kelly's and she confides in them that she likes both Spencer and Cameron. Later Mac takes Emma to Windermere for a play date.

Liz confronts Sabrina about her baby's true father at GH. Felix gets involved and Sabrina pleads with Elizabeth to keep quiet. 

Heather moves Carly to the barn at Windermere and eludes to "getting rid" of Luke. Carly manages to get free and charges her.

Everyone is shocked that Dr. Obrecht is the new Chief of Staff in the hospital board room. She explains that the WSB released her and her record was cleared. 

Anna seeks Robert out at Kelly's. They discuss Dr. Obrecht being released from the WSB and wonder if she knows what they did to Faison.

At the end, Robin and Patrick see Liz talking with Sabrina and Dr. O begins her stint as the Chief. At Windermere, the kids decide to go play at the barn and hear Carly screaming for help!

End of show!

Weren't the kids adorable today? That little Spencer is a gem!

Have a great night!

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  1. Little Spencer is a real character!!! We must have a Scorpio-Cassadine pairing. I say Spencer and Emma that would be sooo cute. The little boy who plays Spencer is a real little actor he goes great with the little girl who plays Emma. Cameron is too meek and boring for Emma. Emma is the granddaughter of Robert and Anna she needs someone with personality!!!! That someone is little Spencer Cassadine. Besides the fact that Robin and Nikolas are very close friends. Come on GH give us something to have fun with.


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