Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Bon Voyage Robert Scorpio!

Hot Stuff!
In today's show Dante and Lulu get back together, Robert says goodbye to Anna and Franco finally gets caught by the police.

Wednesday's Recap - 

Alexis goes to see Ava at her apartment, but finds a semi-dressed Julian instead. She asks who beat him up so he tells her about the beat down on the docks. Alexis gets nervous and tries to leave, but Julian asks her to stay. Alexis agrees and they discuss Sam and Silas's situation. Julian tells her that he'd do anything for his kids to let him in their lives as well as Alexis. Julian starts talking about his attraction to her and tells Alexis he's wanted her since the first time they met. Alexis gets nervous again and reminds him about his flirtation with Carly. Julian says he doesn't want anyone other then Alexis. She finally gives in, melts in his arms and they start making out.

Duke goes to Sonny's house to tell him about Anna finding out about their partnership. He explains how Julian went to the police station and spoke with Anna. Sonny thinks Julian is a punk for going to the police and says that's a no no in the mob world. Duke expresses that despite Anna's disappointment in him, he still believes taking Julian down is for the best. Sonny fells bad that it might cost Duke his relationship and asks him to be sure. 

Robert goes to see Anna in her office to discuss the lack of WSB help he received and he can see that she's upset. Anna tells Robert about Duke working for Sonny, which doesn't surprise Robert in the least. She tells him that she knows as the commissioner she needs to keep law abiding company, but since what happened with Fiason she doesn't feel she should judge. Robert hugs her and says he's sorry she's going through this. Then he tells her that he's leaving Port Charles to go help Ethan and Holly.

Chandra Wilson Guest Stars on GH
Franco disguises himself as a orderly and sneaks into Kevin's office at the hospital. Kevin urges him to turn himself into the police, but Franco begs Kevin to believe he's innocent. Kevin thinks for a second and then tells Franco to stay put. Then he leaves to get help. Shortly after a woman walks in saying she's a patient of Kevin's and starts ranting about her life. Franco realizes that she has OCD and starts talking about some of his own issues. Then he tells her that Dr. Collins has to cancel her appointment. She asks what his name is and Franco says that he's Kevin's assistant, Steven Lars. She leaves, but once she gets to the elevator she says out loud that Kevin's assistant is crazier then his patients.

Lucy feels guilty after sex with Scott in his hotel room....again! Scotty tells her to ask Kevin for a divorce. Lucy says no way and then gets dressed and tries to leave. Before she can, Kevin shows up. Lucy hides and Scott opens the door. Kevin tells him about Franco coming to him for help. He says that Lucy would have wanted him to help Scott's son. Scott thanks him and then shows Kevin the door. Then Scotty calls the police on Franco. Later, Lucy has compassion for Scott because of the situation with Franco. Scott tells her that he loves her again, but she still waffles back and forth. 

Dante sees Nathan and Lulu hugging at The Floating Rib and freaks out. They explain to him that Nathan was just comforting her. Dante asks what was upsetting her so much. Nathan says she was upset about him, suggests they talk and then leaves to give them privacy. After they talk about what went wrong between them and Lulu says she realizes that she was wrong. She asks if he can forgive her. Dante says of course he can forgive her and they make up. Then Nathan returns and tells Dante that they got a lead on Franco and have to go. They head over to Kevin's office at the hospital. Kevin goes into his office and apologizes to Franco. Then he opens the door so Nathan and Dante can arrest him.

At the end, Franco is livid with Kevin for leading the police to him. Robert and Anna say a final goodbye and he leaves the police station. Sonny offers Duke an out of the business, but Duke doesn't want it. Alexis comes to her senses and runs away from Julian before things to far. Plus Nathan and Dante take Franco away in handcuffs. End of Show!

Will you miss Robert? I hope they have him say goodbye to Robin and Emma!

Have a great night!

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