Monday, January 6, 2014

Back from the Dead

Hello Son!
In this episode Carly tells Michael about dating Franco, Sonny orders TJ out of town and Heather isn't so dead after all!

Today's Show - 

Sonny wants to talk to TJ at Kelly's about keeping his mouth shut. When Sonny asks how TJ knew to look for Shawn at the warehouse, TJ tells him that Morgan told him. Sonny thinks Shawn should get TJ out of town, because Julian will be coming after him now. TJ isn't happy at all and doesn't want to go, but Shawn convinces him it's for the best. TJ asks for time to say goodbye to Molly before he goes.

Franco thinks he sees Heather returning from the dead at his hotel room door, but it turns out to be Olivia. Olivia wants to talk to Franco about Heather and her past with Steven Lars. She says that Steven is currently in jail for murder and that it must run in the family. Then Franco starts seeing visions of Heather again. Olivia knows the feeling and warns him that her visions always comes true. She also tells him that she plans to rid the Metro Court of murderers and his time staying there is limited. 

Ava asks Carly for help with Kiki at the Metro Court. Ava thinks Carly can use Michael to put in a good word, but Carly sees red over the Morgan situation and tells her to go to hell. Ava doesn't take kindly to Carly's tone and threatens her, but right then Kiki and Michael walk in and overhear. Kiki tells Ava to get lost. After Carly takes Kiki and Michael aside to tell them she's dating Franco. Michael isn't happy and says he wants nothing to do with Franco just as Franco arrives to join them. Carly pleads with Michael to give Franco a chance, but Michael thinks it's a horrible idea. Then Michael threatens Franco that if he hurts Carly, he'll make him pay. 

Morgan tells Julian he wants out of the "business" in Julian's hotel room. Julian tells Morgan that he knows too much to get out. Julian also tells Morgan that leaving the business means leaving Ava. Then Julian goes on to threaten all of Morgan's family. Ava walks in and asks what they're talking about. Morgan lies and tells her that he's decided to accept what happened to Max and everything is right as rain. Julian looks on with pleasure knowing he's got Morgan in his control. 

Molly and Sam talk about sex at Sam's apartment. Molly surmises that Sam slept with Silas and worries that it will make things stranger with her relationship with Rafe. Then Molly gets a call from TJ to come see him at Kelly's right away. Meanwhile at the police station, Rafe rats out TJ to Anna in her office. He tells her about hearing TJ talk about a big gun fight at the warehouse. Anna promises Rafe that she'll try to keep his name out of it and that she'll protect him. 

Nathan finally confronts Silas at the hospital. Silas isn't happy to see him and asks why Nathan's investigating a twenty year old case. Nathan says he was assigned to it as a cold case and that's he now part of the PCPD. Silas tells him to call his lawyer, Diane and then excuses himself to see patients. Later, Silas leaves a message for Ava about Nathan possibly coming to visit her. 

At the end, Nathan decides to go visit Sam to ask her about Silas. Rafe goes to talk to Silas about his big mouth at the hospital. TJ says goodbye to Molly at Kelly's, but Anna arrives to keep him from leaving. At the Metro Court, Carly assures Franco that she's proud to have him as a boyfriend and Michael is wrong for what he said. She decides to go after Michael and explain everything to him. When she steps on the elevator, we see Heather in disguise in the background! 

End of show!

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